Majesty of Malice, Domination of the Repented, Partisan of the Pecuniary Demented

Lowering the Bar, Maximizing the Reckoning

People that have a way to “scam” a dollar, or have ways to manipulate someone to do something for nothing are in great demand in commercial corporate North America. Cons, grifters, thieves, are all welcome to apply. These skill-sets are in demand in any corporation and will hire people of this integrity in a New York second. As long as they do not rip off the corporation directly, these individuals will enjoy a long prosperous career. Until, however, a better liar and cheat comes along and shams them out of their seat of unctuous procurement. Yes, finally an era for the unscrupulous. Commercial Corporate North America is wistfully seeking these counterparts to be in their employ. The greatest examples of this is insurance companies. They have a gaggle of these individuals working for them and will, without hesitation, rip you off for any reason. IE: “Oh your house burned down? Well that is too bad, and I understand you have paid 15 years of premiums, but if you would of read the fine print on the last 3 policies, you would of realized that we  will not cover people that do not have smoke alarms in every floor of the home.” How would they even know this? Especially when the house burned to the ground? They don’t. But they are trained to play with half truths, all in order to deny payment of any policy. But, we all work for corporations everyday and we do not get paid. We wear corporate advertisements on hats, shirts, pants. Their corporate displays are on our, food, drinks, household products, cars, trucks, and we advertise for them during conversations by using “sloganized metaphors” to describe a common tool, cleaner or some covet level possession. And the hilarious part about this, is we pay for the packaging and print, labeling of every product, right down to the penny. You may say that this is not a big deal. But that is because you are brainwashed to think that. Just ask yourself a question. Describe the word comet? How many people thought of the cleaner instead of a celestial body first? Most likely 90%. That is the power of brainwashing. Some people say, “that is advertising, not brainwashing”. Then, if you say that, you are thoroughly brainwashed.

A Sandwich Board, One Size Brands All

But it is the lower and middle class (if a middle class still exists) that are walking bill boards of advertisements. Powerful. And they don’t have to pay you to do it because you think you are “cool” looking! In fact, to add insult to injury, you are paying them to be their walking billboard when you buy clothes and products! But in the end, you are just a corporate advertising “fop”. Do you think for on second that the upper crust of society wear those clothes? They wear $1000.00 to $2000.00 suits and outfits. Your car is probably worth less then their shoes. But we do not want to think about that because, hey, we look cool walking around like corporate billboards of advertising. We are making a statement. A corporate “fop” statement of ballyhoo. So as we hold our “fop” beer in our hand, with the label showing, wearing our favorite “fop” tee-shirt displaying our favorite “fop” product or “fop” rap/rock band or some other “fop” jettison in strong colorful lettering, or impacting display, wearing our favorite “fop” ball cap, displaying our favorite “fop” sports team,  vehicle, or some other “fop” product or corporate philosophy, listening to music  or entertainment perforated  with commercial advertising, surrounded by nothing but monarch styled corporate buildings with their corporate logos illuminated strongly in silver or gold, peppered with billboard signs and computerised electronic displays and monitors featuring more advertising, in case you missed something, we can put our heads between or legs, and kiss our freedoms and our individualities, cheerio. How may people instantly thought of the breakfast cereal?

Chapeau of Regress

Cheerio is an ancient British word of unknown origin meaning hello or goodbye, but has nothing to do with the over-advertised product in it’s association. I recently looked at some of my own ball caps, and every one had some sort of advertisement, business logo or name patched or embroidered into the cap.  Then, I was in a corporate super-mart looking for a new ball cap. Most of them had some sort of advertising, a few with “native pride” (which is designed for natives of North America) and one with no logo at all, which by the way, was the cheapest of the lot. Just a grey colored cap. Living in a corporate dominant world, I was drawn, by brainwashing, to the other ball caps that had a fancy logo or advertisement featuring some product. Possibly because of the artistically drawn logo or commercial advertisement that stood out, making a statement. But it had nothing to do with my personal statement or individuality. It was a “fop” statement of advertising. So I came to my senses and purchased the plain grey hat with no logo. Funny, I get weird looks when wearing this cap. Not sure why, but who cares. I am thinking that particular super-mart chain store carried this unbranded hat in the chance that someone like me who hates advertising, would come along and purchase this hat. Or, more likely, they sold this hat for the possibility of a business looking for unstamped hats to place their own business logos on the hat, possibly buying up the whole inventory that they were carrying. Either way, the hat looks incomplete, but it is perfect for me because I really do not want to spend my hard earned money for the privilege of advertising for a corporation. If that corporation wants me to advertise for them, then they should be paying me a wage every time I wear their stamped hat. Or at least give me the hat for free. It is a social engineering that scholars of commercialism created a long time ago. We, as corporate slaves, do not realise the implications of this brainwashing, because it goes way beyond free advertising. We are being “branded” like cattle or sheep. These corporations own our individuality and we are paying those clowns for the privilege.

Sponsored By C-u-l-p-r-I-t, The Enslaver of the Indigent

Television, tele-vision, means far-vision. It enables us to see things across the world, visit other cultures by a flick of a switch. The invention of the TV was a great thing. But it has been perverted into a tool of commercial attic-ism. With the TV, commercialism has dominated whole cultures like they have dominated individual communities. Selling it off, just to get a glimpse of each other, for a price of course. We pay to see each other, between commercialised brain washing of corporate branding. “Brought to you by” or “Made possible by” some greedy corporate entity, when it was you who paid for it in the first place, being pumped into your home via your over priced twisted pair telephone line or coaxial fed cable line or satellite feed that you paid for to install and you pay per month to have, but have to pay more for some corporate subscription, only to pay more for being subjected to their branded advertising.  Who is ultimately making this all possible? You are. Your best combative defence from the sewer driven, fop scribed, saliva dribbling, remedial psych ward path towards refuse author-ism is to shut the swill slurry generator off.

The Corporate’s Third Reich

I have a personal conflict with companies and corporations that enforce their employees to wear uniforms. And the uniforms are usually the color of their “fop” styled logos. Company colors. It is usually the lowest paying jobs that enforce this dress code. I will not list these corporate mini-monarchs because I think they are fairly obvious to everyone. The employee may think, “hey, at least the uniform is free”. Some companies may provide the branded shirt for free and enforce the colors of the other clothing worn with the “fop” shirt. Full uniforms are purchased via deduction off first pay check. What a fop-wich. But people have to eat it up because in communities bought and purchased by commercial, corporate North America, these are the only employment opportunities left. Other then the gangs, crime, or the sex trade. Whom are also equal opportunity employers. Just say goodbye to your chaste and dignity. Equal opportunity is what the government defines and enforces as politically correct. They keep changing the definition of “equal opportunity” and leave the people that are born to North America at the rear of the employment bus. Selected refugees groups and immigrants now seem to get preference over anybody born to this country by means of “employment subsidy”. This attracts employers to hire these individuals because they save 30 to 40 % off the employees wage for the first 9 to 12 months of employment. Most of these low paying jobs now are filled with these refugees and immigrants that carry these subsidies. That is not equal opportunity employment. It is “pecuniary demented” employment. Has nothing to do with skills, experience, education or integrity. It has all to do with saving 30 to 40 % off each employee’s wage. Now that is a savings for the corporate mini-monarchs whom lobbied (dictated) the government to implement this hiring scheme via congress and parliament. I feel sorry for these individuals that come into commercial corporate North America because now they will be resented by the people that are usurped from this employment, get hooked on credit and the “fop” corporate mentality, and finally, wake up and figure out that they are immigrating to be slaves to the corporation.  This further creates more separatism, alcoholism, credit abuse, drug use, medical care, and destitution, keeping the masses under the 1 percenter’s thumb. Thus, if it is the government and police you fear, then you are definitely sound asleep.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Fornicated Education for the Duration of the Wistful

Alone? We are not Alone, Just Separated

To be in a lonesome state is very vulnerable. To reject the status-quo and brainwashing is to be alone because everyone else is chasing the carrot of compliance. You may find yourself looking for interaction in the strangest of places. Or may be not. I have been finding that these places are not so strange or seedy anymore. It is anywhere. You can be solicited now by just driving down any street. A woman waves, and then runs to you car and hops in uninvited, then solicits sexual favors. Or you get solicited standing in a sports bar, by a gay male prostitute, a place where you would not even think a gay male prostitute would even spend his time. Or you go to a bar and grill, and notice couples, but all of the same sex, male or female. Now you feel more awkward and lonelier. Sure, you can succumb to that female woman offering her services. Or you could succumb to a same sex solicitation. Wait a minute. How about just meeting a decent girl looking to interact with a decent healthy male? Bingo! That is what I am looking for. But, where is it? Is there a secret place to go? Is being a regular heterosexual that does not want to solicit the services from a bisexual female prostitute that rare? Some may argue that that some of these prostitutes are straight. But in reality, most prostitutes will solicit their services to anyone, male or female, whoever has the money. The scary thought is that being bisexual is being solicited by the government as a normal mode of behavior. No big deal. But I by nature cannot get my head around bisexuality being normal behavior. But that is the confusion the main con-stream media is trying to sell to the public.

Living with the Conventionally Unconventional

Picture this: Joey and Bobby, two males, just start a new relationship and decide to live together. It starts off great, plenty of love and happiness. But, suddenly, Joey’s X-wife, Sue, calls demanding support. Bobby, who knew already, is not surprised but is jealous of the interaction Joey is having with his X-wife Sue. Bobby, who’s X-partner, George, keeps calling, asking Bobby to step out. This makes Joey, even though he does not show it, very angry. But to have an open relationship means interaction with other mates. So they both agree to not see anyone else to avoid arguments.  But the open relationship helped not to put pressure on each other to be too conventional in relationship matters. Now, Joey and Bobby fall right into this conventionality, a place that now starts feeling like a marriage.  Joey starts arguing with Bobby now every time Joey’s x-wife calls. Joey says that he has to talk to Sue from time to time because of the settlement. But Bobby does not understand and applies more pressure on Joey. Bobby then decides he will go on a date with George. When Bobby returns late that night, Joey is waiting up. They have a bad argument. Joey punches Bobby to the floor and kicks him a couple of times, Bobby, in pain, curls up on the floor in a fetal position. Bobby, being his apartment, winces out to Joey to please pack his things and leave. Joey, now apologetic, seen Bobby was not accepting the apology, went and packed his things then left.

Anarchy, The Essential Tool for any Corporate Mini-Monarch 

The point being, a relationship is a relationship. Conventionality is the key word here. To have a relationship means conventionality. No matter what sexual preference in a relationship may be, you have to be faithful and understanding. But this is not what the 1 percenters, and serfdom drivers want at all. They want chaos and confusion. They do not want anyone in the sanctity of a relationship. They want to destroy this conventional institution whether it is marriage, common law or otherwise. That is why the 1 percenters, via the main con-stream media, promote open relationships and marriages subliminally by brainwashing. They want separatism. surrogates, replacements, temporary. This achieves faithlessness and destitution, promoting derelict behavior and non spirituality. This guarantees that 90% of the masses’ money gets recirculated back to the 1 percenters pockets.  This divides and conquers to make it easier for the 1 percenters to control the masses, curbing them into a life of slavery. That is exactly what the 1 percenters have planned for us, so be prepared. This in reality should not surprise anyone. You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to be aware of the downgrade of humanity that has taken place in the last 25 years. It has changed for the absolute worse and is on course to enforced confinement because of the lawlessness that accompanies this mode of division and vanquishing. And we all are playing right into the imprisonment. But the 1 percenters need the anarchy to justify the confinement they want to apply. The solution is simple. Show some restraint and faith. Do not succumb to the impulses and urges that the main con-stream media is spoon feeding us on a day to day basis in your living room or whatever room. Reject this cesspool sewer-scribed brainwashed excrement that is being conveyed via TV or some other form of multi-media device specially designed to shrink your brain.  It is easy. Do things that do not require you to watch their plague invested, maggot filled vomit media that the 1 percenter’s main con-stream media barfs up for us to eat.

Rapists of our Prosperity, Pillagers of our Dignity, The Corporation

We all have to swim in the same waters, thus we all have moments of fallback to temptations we have rejected.  We need to come together and win the battle for our mind. Because once you lose control of your mind, it is game over. Capitalism is based on open environments for commerce.  But it is a system that is not sound because it depends greatly, to be fair and just, on the integrity of the people that possess the wealth. Thus creating a monarch environment, or mini-monarchs. Commercial Branded Kings and Queens. Large corporations wanting to own everything that a community has, by infiltrating, undercutting, overthrowing, consuming, then jacking up the prices right back to what they were in the first place. They create minimum wage jobs with weak benefits and no pensions. People work from pay check to pay check, paying for what was theirs in the first place before these greedy corporations came along. So as you drive by in your 10 year old vehicle (if you have one) ready for the junkyard perforated with rust holes, you see the large corporation’s displays of oversized, monarch type buildings, towering over the streets and soon to be re-mortgaged homes in great need of maintenance and paint occupied by people with little or no money being mesmerized by the main con-stream media of what they do not have and cannot afford, but can borrow for and fall further into the credit abyss by enslaving themselves to the very corporations that stole their prosperity and is selling it back to the masses with interest.

I Told Them I Said, I Said, But I told Them

Ergo if you remember, as a child,  hearing your Granddaddy’s ranting and raving in the background about how greedy corporations and millionaires are raping and pillaging our lands and resources, stealing our future economics, whilst being drowned out by some over-exasperating main con-stream media’s nauseating TV commercial,  you can rest assured that your Granddaddy was right. Because we are living that nightmare right now. Northern Ontario is the best example of this rape and pillaging right now, desecrating native tribal lands, buying up and consuming everything that is not nailed down so the can mine for gold and other minerals, leaving the communities that live there and natives that own most of these lands in the dust because Canada has a vey interesting mineral rights law. You can own the surface of the land, but the government has the rights to the minerals. So Jed Clampett, while you shooting for some food, and come across a bungling crew of prospectors, don’t shoot them for trespassing because they are not trespassing if they have to dig for what they want to steal. And Granny, you cannot shoot them either, because the dance they are dancing is not the “Potato Digger” dance. It is the “We are Stealing your Resources” dance. So, “Old Jed, you will not be a millionaire, so no, you will not get away from there, because choking on mine dust is the place you will still be, as they will load up their trucks with your minerals, and ship it to Beverly. Shills that is, what a rip-off. Y’all don’t come back now, ya hear!”

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Duress from The Sumptuous and Inculcation


We are inclined everyday to not achieve. From the first day at school we are taught that we are definitely under control. They give you impression that you are free to do what you like, act the way you like, dress the way you like, but in the end, we are enforced into fop-ness. How do they achieve this? Well, it is certainly not the teacher who’s income barely impresses anyone to become a teacher. People that become teachers are naively drawn to this profession in hopes to “change the world”, or to “inspire youths to greatness or happiness”, but the teachers learn very quickly that they are far from being in control to inspire any such thing. They are there to “brainwash”. Even if they do not know it, but learn soon enough. Out of all the teachers I have had as a youth, I can count on one to two fingers, maybe three of the teachers that made any sort of freedom impression on me. But those teachers are few and far between. Most teachers develop themselves into “serfdom procurers”. They start following the Principal’s agenda and streamlining. In one word, “control”. They say that education today has evolved into a more free forum but it is the same “slave-driven’ environment it has always been. Just a few more study periods. What were me and my friends doing during study period? Anything but studying. But if caught, off to the MLC (Modified Learning Class)”. Now you are thinking, they actively do something in this class to convince you that you should follow the school’s policies and agendas, but in reality, the teachers that were assigned this burdensome duty just sat there and read a book, or caught up on their class’s assignment corrections and grading. You come in the morning, and sit in this class, you cannot leave until first break, where you and your inmates take all your breaks at alternate times when no one else breaks, so you cannot socialize with anyone other then your MLC inmates. On the most part, it was very boring. When school was out, you were free to go until the next day depending on your sentencing. During the time in the MLC, you could do what ever you wanted, in the confines of your assigned desk. If you had to have a washroom break, you had to be escorted there and back. I took advantage of this time and did all my assignments and future assignments. By the time I was released, I was ahead of the whole class. Most people however, just sat their and read books or newspapers, did crossword puzzles, slept, anything but school work.

Rebellion Hall Pass

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing. But if you consider prison, it is about the same thing. Once you are in prison, no one really cares what you do while you are confined. Because, you are imprisoned, out of sight, out of mind. This either induces the individual to be more productive and stay out of prison, be a good serf, or it enables them to continue to rebel in a foolish manner, always getting caught and sent right back to prison. You expect this to happen, subconsciously, because of school. You are conditioned, brainwashed into thinking that is where people belong when breaking the law or not following the rules, policies, narrow-ism.  Control. Like in school, as long as you follow the rules and policies, even if you are a total dunce, or an over-achiever, society has use for you because you are brainwashed in the basics of serfdom-ism. You will be a good slave. Once out in society, you will work, then come home and get further brainwashed by the main con-stream media that you will crave on a daily basis to validate that “you are still a good little serf”. If you did not follow this pattern, then the brainwashing would wear off in time, and you will be lost for a short period. Alone. Ergo, you will either jump right back into the brainwashed bandwagon, or progress as a free individual. Like falling back to heroin, or morphine. The key to stay off is to eliminate it from your life. Because it is not needed to survive. If a person spent a year and did not watch any commercialized media or TV, then suddenly watched it again, they would be amazed they were ever drawn to watch such sewer-scribble-scribed televised nonsense in the first place. It would, I guarantee, insult your intelligence.

One Flew Over The Conformity Nest

Rebellion starts not by force. It starts in the mind. The only force you will experience is the counter-force that everyone around you will apply to your seemingly derailment of thought. They will think that you have lost your mind. They will not understand and attempt to pull you back to the aneurism infiltrated excrement that you have rejected from your thought process. You will look at them as the crazy ones. But they are not ready for this enlightenment, therefore will label you as the “looney tunes”. The best way to handle this counter-force is to play the game, and slowly draw them out of their “comfort zone of compliance”. Before they know it, they will start to experience freedom of thought and individuality without the fear because you are with them. Something that they were always afraid to do because of the status quo of thought enforcement. Remember, you are not forcing them to do this because it is a natural response to a taste of an unrestricted beginning. Freedom is a natural emotion, but like all emotions, they can be controlled, or even, nearly, eliminated. Buried. That is what brainwashing of our North American Society does. Eliminates the desire for freedom. Ridiculing the need and desire, thus discouraging, beating people into compliance. Beating you ask? Yes. Have you ever seen a demonstration or protest broken up by force? I think everyone has. The main con-stream media makes sure you see this force applied to ensure you will forget your little rebellion or protest and go back to sleep. Be a good serf and go back to your slave driven job and existence. But to protest to the government on any level, municipal, state or provincial or federal is a total waste of time. Yes we have the right to protest, but that is all. Don’t think they will succumb to your protest. That is the last thing on there mind. Mostly, it aggravates them into being more evasive to the issue at hand and you can bet, your last covet level favorite possession that you have managed not to pawn yet, that the police and riot squads, possibly even the army reserve will be present or on standby in full riot gear. Hoping for an excuse to slap all of the protesters down witnessed by all to see the government’s display of forceful resolve. Our attitudes and thoughts are the power. If we consecrate our mindful will and take back our individuality, then the rest will follow.

Society Does Not Need Control. It is Control That Needs Society.

The biggest nightmare that the 1 percenters and their serf driving corporations have, waking, rolling in sweat, is that society, you and I will realize how simple it is and we simply do not need them. That we do not have to raise a fist, gun, club, stick, canon, tank, missile, or any other death device or war machine. All we have to do is let our individualism take control of our own paths and destinies. All one has to do is remove these chains voluntarily, face the ridicule and seize control of their own existence. Prisons keep filling up with people rebelling in a childhood induced mannerism, brainwashed to think that to rebel is to raise your fist.  Take what you want by force, and as long as you do not get caught, keep taking until you do get caught. But that is the biggest con of them all because they have convinced people that open rebellion by force is the only thing that could work. But, it is the least likely to work because it is in the open and stupid. No smart military commander would ever lead their army into a predictable battle. School is where we all go to take classes on different essential subjects. But it is the forum where these classes define the classes. A “stained class” (Judas Priest) if you will. It starts with the clothes that your parents can afford, labeling you into a class that will be imbued into your psyche for a lifetime, ultimately carving the path you will follow. Break that path. It is not the correct path to follow because you as an individual did not choose that path. So for those still in school, rebel the silent rebellion that will illuminate your true individuality. After that, you will not be in their control.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Travail Diurnal Course

Labour Reins

Labour Day is suppose to be a celebration of our forefathers whom possessed the balls to retaliate against the large corporations, 1 percenters, and their surf drivers. The fights that took place were brutal and bloody. The Corporations involved hired endless goons to attempt to “slap” the workers down that retaliated from their “whips of mastery”.  It was obvious, at the turn of the 20th century, that something had to be done about these greedy corporations, owned by ruthless 1 percenters. They had children between 8 and 12 years of age that were old enough to hold a shovel, or some other serfdom tool, in the mines 12 to 14 hrs a day, along with their own parents, slaving and breathing in coal dust or whatever else the particular mine produced for 10 to 12 cents a day. Yes, you heard correctly, children. How do you think rich families of that time, families that dominated the commonwealth remained so rich and powerful? By paying their employees pennies while they made millions. And it was legal. What a fopsicle. But it was sucked up because people needed to live, survive.

Safe Moat, Guaranteed to Repel Barbarians and Crusaders 

I am sure people heard of Jimmy Hoffa. The main con-stream media of that day, and still today if the topic was presented, brainwashed the public that he was nothing but a communist, back-stabbing, ruthless, Mafioso, crook, extortionist and murderer. At one time, this man was associated to the devil himself, only worse. Why? Because he had the balls and the brains to stand up and confront the greedy corporations and employers of the day that were abusing their power over their employees. He helped form the Teamsters, who were the largest and most powerful union in North America. They represented mainly the truckers, but started a trend of labour organization that lasted for decades. Jimmy Hoffa’s integrity was attacked by Robert Kennedy. The tragic assassinations  of these Kennedys is another story. But they were part of the 1 percenters because of their wealth. Ultimately, they were against unions. They saw unions as communistic behaviors and for that, they were definitely on the side of the 1 percenters. When Kennedy brought down Hoffa which ultimately led to Jimmy being severed from the teamsters, it was the beginning of the end to unions. Or at least unions with some power. When unions were at their peak, between the 60’s and 80’s, they were actually declining the minute Hoffa was replaced as the Teamsters President. At that point, the Teamsters, in their peak, were very strong, but slowly but surely, was being bought and divided up between corporations and the 1 percenters.  Now unions, if one exists, is owned by the company. Every year they reduce your rights, money, benefits, and pensions. I am old enough to know the difference. There are some companies that you have to pay an entrance fee to get into the union, between $600.00 to $1500.00 to become a full fledged member and you are eligible for that after one full year’s service. Some companies put you on part time permanently, waiving the “union carrot” in your face to continue. Once you get close to the time mark, they fire you because of failure too meet some stupid performance benchmark. I personally have been victim of that policy more then once.

Propagandist, A Brainwashed Tale…

But as we all know, there are companies, most of them, that have no unions. Some companies have strict policies that no unions are allowed. Some companies have internal courses that encourage people that work there to take, that cover the reasons unions are not good for any company. PPE. Propaganda Propriety Education. You know? Like the films trucker and shipper companies force their employees and potential employees to watch about how terrorists were responsible for the World Trade Tower’s disaster caused by aeroplanes crashing into the buildings and how a terrorist could be sitting right next to you in your classroom and how it is your patriotic duty to “rat him out” if you see any suspicious behavior. If you believe that or the main con-stream media’s version of 911, then I have some permafrost reality you may be interested in purchasing. Disappearing fast so don’t wait, buy yours now, while it has not melted yet! We are heading in the direction that leads to slavery. What does it mean to be a slave? Being a slave means to have little or no rights. To work for little or next to nothing. Getting rid of unions and labour laws is exactly what the corporations and the 1 percenters want. Once that is achieved, and they have dismantled the legislation that govern labour laws of each state and province, then you will know what it means to be a slave. They are lobbying for that as we speak. As we drink our fop beer or fop drink, celebrating Labour Day, that our forefathers bled and died for, so we can allow our current employers (if you are lucky enough to have one), to slowly but surely  strip away our rights to a better wage, humane and safe working conditions, and benefits and pensions. Kiss that all goodbye, because in most cases, they have succeeded. All they have left to do now is to permanently destroy our labour legislation. How do they do that? By burying the courts with labour and human rights cases so that your case will not be heard until 2099. Make it ineffectual, ergo making it powerless. The government, in the end, really do not care because they are just puppets on the corporation’s strings and the corporations are puppets on the one percenter’s strings.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short, We could get $50.00 to a $100.00 for your services on the open market…Minus the condom

All one has to do is to examine what large banks and financial groups did to the banking legislation between 2000 and 2008. They almost created another depression. But, instead, created one of the biggest recessions in 90 years, causing almost the same affect, mostly to the masses. The biggest power the 1 percenters have over us, the masses, is boredom. They win by causing boredom, sure to make the masses fall asleep by shear boredom. Most people have to go out for that drink, or beer. Be with their friends, have a good time. Spending their hard earned cash on alcohol and other “fop” styled social lubricants,  others soon to be legal like marijuana, cocaine and opium. They know that the populace is “hooked” on socializing. So much so, that we will ignore all the games the 1 percenters are playing with our rights and dignities.  Saying, “its ok to be an alcoholic, drug abusive, sexual deviant because, hey, everyone is doing it! What are you waiting for?” The ones that see through the corruptive brainwashing are the ones that are isolated because let’s face it. Most people are easily led to the fire. Like insects.  Only when they hit the fire, well, then it is too late. We have to warn the people that listen. That know that there is something not right. They in turn can convince others. But because, on the most part, we are already divided and conquered, it is an uphill struggle to turn the serfdom tide headed towards slavery.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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