Fornicated Education for the Duration of the Wistful

Alone? We are not Alone, Just Separated

To be in a lonesome state is very vulnerable. To reject the status-quo and brainwashing is to be alone because everyone else is chasing the carrot of compliance. You may find yourself looking for interaction in the strangest of places. Or may be not. I have been finding that these places are not so strange or seedy anymore. It is anywhere. You can be solicited now by just driving down any street. A woman waves, and then runs to you car and hops in uninvited, then solicits sexual favors. Or you get solicited standing in a sports bar, by a gay male prostitute, a place where you would not even think a gay male prostitute would even spend his time. Or you go to a bar and grill, and notice couples, but all of the same sex, male or female. Now you feel more awkward and lonelier. Sure, you can succumb to that female woman offering her services. Or you could succumb to a same sex solicitation. Wait a minute. How about just meeting a decent girl looking to interact with a decent healthy male? Bingo! That is what I am looking for. But, where is it? Is there a secret place to go? Is being a regular heterosexual that does not want to solicit the services from a bisexual female prostitute that rare? Some may argue that that some of these prostitutes are straight. But in reality, most prostitutes will solicit their services to anyone, male or female, whoever has the money. The scary thought is that being bisexual is being solicited by the government as a normal mode of behavior. No big deal. But I by nature cannot get my head around bisexuality being normal behavior. But that is the confusion the main con-stream media is trying to sell to the public.

Living with the Conventionally Unconventional

Picture this: Joey and Bobby, two males, just start a new relationship and decide to live together. It starts off great, plenty of love and happiness. But, suddenly, Joey’s X-wife, Sue, calls demanding support. Bobby, who knew already, is not surprised but is jealous of the interaction Joey is having with his X-wife Sue. Bobby, who’s X-partner, George, keeps calling, asking Bobby to step out. This makes Joey, even though he does not show it, very angry. But to have an open relationship means interaction with other mates. So they both agree to not see anyone else to avoid arguments.  But the open relationship helped not to put pressure on each other to be too conventional in relationship matters. Now, Joey and Bobby fall right into this conventionality, a place that now starts feeling like a marriage.  Joey starts arguing with Bobby now every time Joey’s x-wife calls. Joey says that he has to talk to Sue from time to time because of the settlement. But Bobby does not understand and applies more pressure on Joey. Bobby then decides he will go on a date with George. When Bobby returns late that night, Joey is waiting up. They have a bad argument. Joey punches Bobby to the floor and kicks him a couple of times, Bobby, in pain, curls up on the floor in a fetal position. Bobby, being his apartment, winces out to Joey to please pack his things and leave. Joey, now apologetic, seen Bobby was not accepting the apology, went and packed his things then left.

Anarchy, The Essential Tool for any Corporate Mini-Monarch 

The point being, a relationship is a relationship. Conventionality is the key word here. To have a relationship means conventionality. No matter what sexual preference in a relationship may be, you have to be faithful and understanding. But this is not what the 1 percenters, and serfdom drivers want at all. They want chaos and confusion. They do not want anyone in the sanctity of a relationship. They want to destroy this conventional institution whether it is marriage, common law or otherwise. That is why the 1 percenters, via the main con-stream media, promote open relationships and marriages subliminally by brainwashing. They want separatism. surrogates, replacements, temporary. This achieves faithlessness and destitution, promoting derelict behavior and non spirituality. This guarantees that 90% of the masses’ money gets recirculated back to the 1 percenters pockets.  This divides and conquers to make it easier for the 1 percenters to control the masses, curbing them into a life of slavery. That is exactly what the 1 percenters have planned for us, so be prepared. This in reality should not surprise anyone. You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to be aware of the downgrade of humanity that has taken place in the last 25 years. It has changed for the absolute worse and is on course to enforced confinement because of the lawlessness that accompanies this mode of division and vanquishing. And we all are playing right into the imprisonment. But the 1 percenters need the anarchy to justify the confinement they want to apply. The solution is simple. Show some restraint and faith. Do not succumb to the impulses and urges that the main con-stream media is spoon feeding us on a day to day basis in your living room or whatever room. Reject this cesspool sewer-scribed brainwashed excrement that is being conveyed via TV or some other form of multi-media device specially designed to shrink your brain.  It is easy. Do things that do not require you to watch their plague invested, maggot filled vomit media that the 1 percenter’s main con-stream media barfs up for us to eat.

Rapists of our Prosperity, Pillagers of our Dignity, The Corporation

We all have to swim in the same waters, thus we all have moments of fallback to temptations we have rejected.  We need to come together and win the battle for our mind. Because once you lose control of your mind, it is game over. Capitalism is based on open environments for commerce.  But it is a system that is not sound because it depends greatly, to be fair and just, on the integrity of the people that possess the wealth. Thus creating a monarch environment, or mini-monarchs. Commercial Branded Kings and Queens. Large corporations wanting to own everything that a community has, by infiltrating, undercutting, overthrowing, consuming, then jacking up the prices right back to what they were in the first place. They create minimum wage jobs with weak benefits and no pensions. People work from pay check to pay check, paying for what was theirs in the first place before these greedy corporations came along. So as you drive by in your 10 year old vehicle (if you have one) ready for the junkyard perforated with rust holes, you see the large corporation’s displays of oversized, monarch type buildings, towering over the streets and soon to be re-mortgaged homes in great need of maintenance and paint occupied by people with little or no money being mesmerized by the main con-stream media of what they do not have and cannot afford, but can borrow for and fall further into the credit abyss by enslaving themselves to the very corporations that stole their prosperity and is selling it back to the masses with interest.

I Told Them I Said, I Said, But I told Them

Ergo if you remember, as a child,  hearing your Granddaddy’s ranting and raving in the background about how greedy corporations and millionaires are raping and pillaging our lands and resources, stealing our future economics, whilst being drowned out by some over-exasperating main con-stream media’s nauseating TV commercial,  you can rest assured that your Granddaddy was right. Because we are living that nightmare right now. Northern Ontario is the best example of this rape and pillaging right now, desecrating native tribal lands, buying up and consuming everything that is not nailed down so the can mine for gold and other minerals, leaving the communities that live there and natives that own most of these lands in the dust because Canada has a vey interesting mineral rights law. You can own the surface of the land, but the government has the rights to the minerals. So Jed Clampett, while you shooting for some food, and come across a bungling crew of prospectors, don’t shoot them for trespassing because they are not trespassing if they have to dig for what they want to steal. And Granny, you cannot shoot them either, because the dance they are dancing is not the “Potato Digger” dance. It is the “We are Stealing your Resources” dance. So, “Old Jed, you will not be a millionaire, so no, you will not get away from there, because choking on mine dust is the place you will still be, as they will load up their trucks with your minerals, and ship it to Beverly. Shills that is, what a rip-off. Y’all don’t come back now, ya hear!”

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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