Obsolescence of a Magisterial

Ashes to Whip Lashes, Dust to Bust

With your demise, a certain expectation will be, at your funeral, that you have formed or left  some sort of legacy for those whom you have left behind. The more people that idolize or worship your “public image” and dowries, the better you will look. If you look at the person that dies on the street, what real fuss is made over that person’s death? That person could of been the greatest aerospace engineer of the 70’s but fallen from grace over the years because of curtailment and job elimination. His/Her accomplishments are not known because he worked for a company that stole his ideas. How is that done? It happens everyday on every job vocation when, some eager and willing new employee (slave) comes up with great original ideas for productivity, modifications, or inventions. Basically original thoughts. If you closely look at any employment agreement, you will discover that anything you come up with “on the job” is not yours. They own your brain and the thoughts your brain excretes. So, it easy to see how people die on the street, penniless, everyday that will never be recognized. Sometimes, by absolutely nobody, not even their family. A lot of families are brainwashed to be embarrassed of homelessness and destitution.

Epitaph of the Insanely Greedy

When somebody with wealth dies, the exact opposite happens. Even though, they may not even have one solitary friend at their funeral (including family members). The pretentions enthrall into full swing of the person’s monetary value and what he/she has done for the community, city, state, country, or the world depending on the person’s final assessed wealth at the time of their demise. Main con-stream media pulls the strings to have everyone in the appropriate vicinity (anyone with no self-image) morn and discuss the magistrate’s great accomplishments and what a value they have been to the community, city, state/province, country, world  in the past, and for decades to come.  We live in societies the tend to idolize false prophets, leaders, and Gods. Eradication of this rapacious attitude is the upmost concern for people that value equality and human rights, to be a true human being. This ravenous attitude, at the same time is cherished and protected by the 1 percenters idealisms, utilizing the “Trickle Down Economical Attitude Adjustment Theorem” .

Funnel of Loathe

The less conformity, the less monetary, pecuniary flow to that particular community, city, state/province, country.  Sometimes the world. This sort of control has been used over the ages, but it is a wonder we as the “mob” put up with this treatment. Probably because we have just enough slave masters cracking their whips to keep the illusionary, allusion alive to herd us in the correct direction towards serfdom. How do you keep the slave master’s happy? By allowing them to control the “controlled dribble” to the slave living in subjugation. To be honest, the “serf driver” does not get much more then the serf, only enough to keep them happy thinking they get more. These “peon enthrallers” can even be family members. To the 1 percenters, we as nobodies do not even deserve the dignity of being in a family. So you can bet your bottom monetary trinket that the 1 percenters would never hesitate buying a family member to destroy that family. Every family unit that is destroyed is to the 1 percenter’s advantage. Divide and conquer.  Anyone that has played the game Risk knows that stratagem.  

Murder by Numbers in Cold Blood

If you consider that the US monetary value is approximately 87 trillion, the US population is about 318 million, and the 1 percenters hold 99% of the wealth, translating to everyone else having an average net personal value around $2700.00 . Of course, per household this number may increase by 2 or 3 depending on the census. But it is not much in reality seeing that the average house is worth 80 to 100 thousand dollars. Basically guaranteeing that most families or individuals have to go into debt for most of their natural lives. Most families or individuals live pay check to pay check, possibly making $2700.00 per person. If you look at the average wage, which in most cases is closer to minimum wage, in the neighborhood between $8.00 to $12.00 per hr, certainly does not translate to $33.75 per hour to make $2700.00 per pay check. Even if you said that $2700.00 is a monthly wage, it would still translate to $16.88 per hr, still being higher the highest minimum wage of $12.00 per hr. This means most people are around or lower then $12.00 per hr and might make up to $1920.00 per month or $960.00 per pay check. This means if you work full time, you would be getting one third of that illusive $2700.00 per pay check. This also means that there is no “middle class” because most people are living much below middle class levels. This does not account at all for the unemployed, homeless or destitute which paints a much bleaker picture.

If we were all equal as this capitalistic society tells us, divided evenly, in the US, 87 trillion translates into $273,585.00 per person. In Canada it would be $468,320.00 per person. But it is insanely obvious this is not the case in either country. That gives you an idea how we are all getting screwed by the greedy. But all you have to do is look at Bill Gates who is worth around 79 billion. That means each person young or old in the US would have to give Bill about $250.00 to equate his wealth. Bill Gate’s house is worth about $2.00 per person in the US. On a world scale, Bill Gates has about $11.00 of wealth for each person on the planet. That does not include how much Microsoft rakes in every two weeks, but that is another story. Of course, we tend to think that hey, may be I will get rich some day, keeping the corrupted dream alive.

Talk Hard and Avoid the Swift Kick

But the problem exists because we all hope that we can get something out of the system designed to, percentage wise, oppress us all into poverty. If you live an honest life, you deserve the best of what life offers, but that is part of the illusive hook of capitalism. A system that keeps you hopeful to become the next greedy rich person that we are all brainwashed to admire. If you can reject that idealism, then you will see that we as a society across the planet have to change big time. This is nothing new and many people know this and I admire them for believing that we do not have to live in a world that teaches us to compete with our brothers and sisters for something that is all ours in the first place.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Delving for a Gaper’s Hauteur

Stereos on Steroids

Momentous spectrum of possessions and riches. A lavish parade of spoils and collections. To attain the optimal materialistic inanimate objects that individuals crave, fight for, squalor, compete to fondle and own as if you can gain spirituality  from the transition. What am I saying? I am saying we as a society put far too much emphasis on material wealth. When people want a house, they just do not want any house. They want the house they can barely afford. Thus diving into the credit abyss to be enslaved into the master/slave reality that from most people do not realize freedom until they are old and grey. In most cases people become too old to enjoy the spoils. After which it is divided up by greedy in-laws, offspring and siblings.

Sell your Parents Soul To the Highest Bidder

Now most parents for these offspring would say, “my son and/or daughter would never be greedy with my assets.” All one has to do is to see how many of our elderly get chucked into old folk’s homes and institutions because their own offspring cannot be bothered to let them live out their golden years in peace and dignity in the properties that they struggled all their life to  pay for. I have seen it generation after generation. And the whole point of the endeavor is to seize their assets so the can liquidate and take the spoils of their parent’s labor. Just attempt to argue with one of these offsprings that are in the process of alienating their own mother or father or both. They will have justifications hidden up their sleeves that will bewilder your psyche. In most cases it is just plain ruthlessness and greed.

Whips and Chains Toil in Vain

But the elderly are not the only people that are being pushed into oblivion from this rapacious behavior. It is a general master/slave routine. Slave masters are everywhere. They are in every job or career that you may have the misfortune of doing as a vocation. When you work for these establishments the management is so top heavy that it is a wonder that any of these businesses actually make any money. But they do make money mainly because, well, look at your paycheck. I mean, really look at your paycheck, instead of letting them direct deposit your money while running to the bar everyday after work spending money that you really do not have on alcohol and/or drugs with friends you really do not have. Anyone that has lost a job and went bankrupt quickly see how many  friends they truly possess. That number is usually non-existent. The only friends you will see are the friends that want to purchase your possessions for a bargain basement prices.

Bargain Jobs for Bargain Wages

I get a feeling of dread when I get a job now. Because I know almost automatically that the job will not be what they advertise the job to be. Private employers are usually barebone operations that break every safety code and rule in existence. That is mainly because they get taxed to death by our trusty governments in order to make sure that the business does not prosper all that much. Which in turn makes sure that the everyday average Joe or Jane that may work for this company does not prosper either. Corporations on the other hand fit into the “top heavy” category which translates into 4 to 5 people controlling one person that actually does any meaningful or productive work. Middle Management, in corporations ensure that the top controlling executives of the company, subsidiary, or branch will not interrupted during their salon appointments or golf games. Almost like, Royalty? Exactly like royalty.

Working Hardly at Screwing the Pooch

What on earth makes people in upper management so much better then everyone else? Absolutely nothing as far as I am concerned. But upper management and CEO’s would argue that point by saying they work 10 times as hard. Blasphemy! Does the term “Hardly Working” ring a bell? It should, because if it does not then that would mean you are extremely brainwashed. Then you may ask this question; If this is true, then why don’t I just retaliate and confront this unfairness? Because we are conditioned to believe that we are being treated fairly and dare not complain. People are starving in Africa and dying from viruses like Ebola.  However, if you look at these things logically and for what they are, then you would see that it is just another way that these over educated, greedy, ruthless, and self centered people (1 percenters) attempt to keep the masses scared  of that reality being a possibility where ever you may live. That way, they can justify keeping their wealth and not helping these starving, diseased people while they keep you spinning in circles afraid to question and demonstrate dissatisfaction.

Gimme Some of That

It is monarchy all over again. As far as I am concerned, the 1 percenters have achieved exactly that in the last 26 years. They have successfully made the job market an employers market, enabling the employer to dictate the terms of employment no matter how ridiculous and unsafe. They have approximately 100 people chasing the same carrot (100 people attempting to get one solitary job). Unemployment is high however the unemployment statistics for any country are not an accurate measure of worker prosperity or even how many people are actually working. The afflicters are happy how it looks because it does not make the employers, politicians or the 1 percenters look bad. However, anyone looking for a job at the moment knows the difference. The person working in McDonalds knows the difference. What is this difference? What it means to prosper compared to what means to plunder. However, there just enough slave masters to keep the unruly in line ordering the slime pie that the 1 percenters brew up on a moment to moment basis. The blood and guts stew is brewing just for you and all you have to do is grab your bowl, and hold it out showing your mealy mouthed look of pathetic-ness and they will serve up a ladle full just for you!

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