Enclaved Media and the Plushy Blue-pencilers of Diminuendo

Scry into the Black Mirror of Capitalistic Grift

If you look, really look and listen, when your mind numbing favorite TV series tunes in after the News Hour of Indoctrination at Five, then you will start to see through the props of spurious influence or “pretend”. They hire actors that are just good enough to convey some generated “pretend” emotion, whether it be comical or sad, dramatic or horrifying, accented with just the right musical overtone to set the “pretend” mood. Ah, yes, escape from your enforced daily fop enhanced slave driven profession, where you can remove your footwear and put your feet up and watch, drinking your favorite brain cell burning elixir, after you quickly choked down that doobie of that soon to be legal brain shrinking cannabis outside, because we are all brainwashed to think it is some how dangerous to smoke inside our homes or vehicles due to second hand smoke, even when nobody else is even around, but will still fill our own lungs with damaging fumes that will guarantee your grave plot to be incanted that much sooner so the government can keep the rest of your pension money that you still had left to collect. Can you see the light yet? Perhaps that distant light refracting into the culvert of mind control from a piece of broken glass that came from a fop inducing elixir bottle? Ah yes, reality. WTF, I guess most would rather watch Epic Fails on Ewe Boob would be a predictable safe assumption. That is sad, so sad. I visit friends that are “hooked” on this deception, marred with corporate advertising, just like watching bogus past series like “That’s (not) Incredible” or “Commercial Corporate America’s (not) Favorite Bloopers” from 30+ years ago. Seems really familiar somehow, like “Frown, you are on (not) Candid Camera!” Just sign this release and we will give you $50.00. Wow, a whole $50.00 to look like a ass! Great, thanks a million! Only now, people act like asses for free and submit this detritus to certain channels on Ewe Boob for, what reason again? Oh, to look like an ass. I forgot, sorry. The worst part is someone is raking in the cyber cash on other’s misfortunes which is the basis of the capitalistic system.

As Ewe-s-less as a Boob on a Mule 

Ewe Boob is getting worse by the moment and there is no turning back. You can still publish for free on this medium and, yes, there are some things that are useful, but not much of this is free of commercial corporate ads of indoctrinating madness. In fact, Ewe Boob is so brain taxing now, it is definitely on the list of corporate brainwashing abuse. Some people think it is still “cool” but I think it is mostly drool now. But corporations and their willful campaigns of mind control are ever so prevalent on the internet as a whole and they will not stop until they have swallowed it up and totally control the broadcast, creating another cable like entity whereby only the chosen few can publish under the enforcement of censorship and content control, whereby if they do not agree with your message, it will not be published. Period. And of course, it will cost extreme amounts of money to publish anything, just like the glory days from the 1920’s up until about the time the internet became very popular for social interaction and games. After that it was wide open, until now, or actually it started declining about 7 years ago. What can anyone do about this reversal? Reject it and think for yourself. Stop being the next drunken fight in some fast food franchise to be captured by some bored individual just ready to upload it to Ewe Boob. Simply, stop being a victim of greedy indoctrination and stand up for yourself and just , walk away. How do you handle the gatekeepers of greed? Simply walk away and eliminate the need. They will be unemployed soon enough.

Trade in you Family Bible for a Comic Book!

We all create our own desperation. Desperation that is seeded by having to have that covet level possession that is designed and marketed to keep you broke and on the edge, whereby you are controllable by the pecuniary strings of corporate devise. The masses are on one side, and the 1 percenters are on the other. In the middle are gate keepers, special interest groups, registered charities, large corporations, politicians, armies, police, CIA, FBI, NSA, RCMP, Homeland Security, etc… The “Tower of Economical Babel” Only the elite would plagiarize the bible and discredit the volume at the same time, for control purposes of course. One would have to wonder why religion is being discredited and shunned from public displays and schools. Culture wise, every culture has a religion and to spurn those beliefs is only to gain control over the corrupted side of people to do things primarily for greed induced purposes, which contradicts the bible and all of it’s verses. Simply put, the 1 percent of society do not like the idea that there may be a supreme entity, like “God” in existence that contradicts their current greed induced agendas of the modern times we are experiencing.   If they can destroy your heart seated beliefs, then you will do their bidding and sell your soul for a fop outfit and middle to lowered classed income. What would you have left to teach your spawn? Not much. This creates the disposal of the family unit and more mold-able desperate minds full of fear and hate, primed for indoctrination. Lets face it, a desperate individual will believe anything to feel right again. All part of the indoctrinating corruption. Bottom line is, if you think the 1 percent of society really cares if you live or die, then Wheaton New Jersey exists and so does Superman or Batman, or Catwoman or Batwoman? Or is that too gender specific? I forgot, we must become gendercide specific, whereby there is no male or female. Just a mule engendered species of such designated for work, and nothing more whereby sex is useless, only a taboo pastime that would cut into the media’s chances to brainwash you further into the cauldron of commercial melding spew. Yummy!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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