Hang ’em High; Asset Inquisitional Acquirement by Nonfeasance

Fists Full of Stolen Green Backs

You have been robbed, whether you are a vendor, small to medium business owner, layman, entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, judge, crook, prostitute, mother, father, brother, sister, pimp, drug dealer, etc…etc.., you have been swindled for your property, cash, job, legacies, pensions, dowries, wills, insurance, cars, trucks, rings, jewelry and on and on and on, until they cannot take any more. They started a very long time ago but really put the pedal to the metal as to swindle, in 2019 and 2020, where they locked us down to administer the final blow of pilferage. Now they have our small to medium sized businesses, that are usually local to a municipality, closing their doors for what reason again? Oh yeah, that fictitious virus and the fictitious variants and other mutations to follow, that’s right. Oh yes, and so Klaus Schwab can have his “GRRRREAT RRRRESET” at the expense of everyone not in the billionaire club. So, they have their knee to everyone’s neck that is willing to work for a living and will keep strangling us until we die. Yes, that is their end goal, in order to save resources for the 1 percent and their spawn scum. Well, perhaps they may keep some of the masses for amusement, like to do tricks, or suckle their shriveled up genitalia. Yes, that will be your place until someone more young and innocent appears. We are being grifted in the true sense of the “Covid con” and we have to take them out of power, strip them of all their money and assets and lock them all up until trial. They are printing money that has no value because the world banks have stolen all of our gold, most of it during 911. What do think 911 was all about anyway? To gain control of commerce and steal all the gold from the World Trade Center, which was reduced to a pile of rubble afterwards, killing and burying all the people that knew the grift, burying and destroying all the evidence, and covering up their tracks of the World Banks, Blackrock, etc… and their getaway car. It was also useful to change legislation to give more power to the government puppets to enthrall their greedy practices afterwards, right up until now, which has destroyed our banks, money, treasury and pensions. Don’t think so? Well wait until you try to retire after 2025.

You Have ’til Midnight to Get out of Lodge

If you are not prepared, get ready, especially if you owe money on your home. If you have a mortgage, car loans etc. you will be offered the debt forgiveness program to clear all of your debts. Well, you would most likely say, I am making my payments. Yes, however, when the banks (world banks) call in all their loans once our country (national) banks default on loans made for the stimulus that the government is trying to pacify all people that have lost their jobs due to the so called, non-essential business (affecting small and medium size businesses) closures due to the phony pandemic caused by the phony virus that has not killed anyone of any significance, but fudging the death tally numbers, robbing death categories like the flu deaths and heart disease deaths, or any other category they choose because of the mass coma the masses are in, not paying attention to the total grift the world banks have basically stolen all of our tax and pension monies due to their evaporating investments they conned our governments into investing towards, with the end goal of bankrupting all our country assets for the purpose of the elite’s “great reset” designed to swindle the remaining assets and money from the people who have managed to actually own what they have. Once this happens, they will have a cozy Covid camp for you to reside in, whilst the steal your children to become sex slaves for the elitists, turning them into soulless husks of insignificant slaves used for toils and their amusement, if they are chosen and not depopulated. So kiss you property, children and assets goodbye while you are evicted.

Klaus Schwab’s budget Toilet Rental/Share Program

Now, you can own nothing and rent everything, right down to that 4 to 5 squares of daily toilet paper you need for hygiene. What does this mean, really? It means they want to rent everything, including the piece of rare meat they will allow you to have, once a month or so, as a treat, like throwing a dog a bone, if you are socially behaved and lap up to their side like a good little pooch! Yes, and you can do tricks for them too in order to get extras like real food as opposed to Bill Gate’s GMO enhance vegetables and soya meat that is basically, like soylent green. Of course, they will dictate your every move and decision, censoring everything you read, write, see or do, including what job you might have and who you can associate with in order to keep everything safe, sound and secure, for the elitists of course, so they can lead on with their cushy lifestyles at your total expense, exploitation and slavery. Kind of like back in the day of Moses where the Egyptians kept the Christians in total slavery and bondage. Yes, those were the days weren’t they? And all elitists dream of that reality nightly! Oh, and yes, the toilet. Will it be one of Bill Gate’s green toilets that you will share with a number of other slaves, due to the economic and resource shortages, that they will produce in order to keep you and your closely inhabited neighbors using as little as possible so the elitists can remain a billion times richer then you could ever aspire to be because of the total restrictions you will never overcome due to their incessive, insatiable greed.

Why Own, your Dentures, when you can Rent!

Of course, dentures would be a definite luxury most likely not offered to whatever masses that would be unlucky enough to have survived these bogus vaccines that are nothing more than death serums, for the lack of not really knowing what they will do in the future, let alone, one minute from now. But it is believed that these vaccines were not intended to kill people solely by injection. Most likely the thousands of microscopic bots now in your bloodstream via this vaccine, that were included for your total control. Don’t believe me? Well, Moderna publicly announced that they can control people with their mRNA vaccines. However, up to 600,000 have died from this vaccine in the USA alone, most likely caused by adverse reactions to the microscopic bots that are totally foreign to anyone’s biological system, attracting things like, metals and magnetic fields? Thus in the world spectrum, it is most likely in the millions of deaths due to this untested, experimental, bot induced vaccine. However, you will most likely be able to rent space in a mass burial site whereby they would just tack this rental amount on to your surviving relative to pay, being handed down from generation to generation to pay in a infinite fashion, ensuring they would never cease to owe the elitists money, keeping them slaves, passing on their debts to what ever bloodlines were closely related. Sounds peachy, right? That’s slavery.

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