Volte-face Sectarianism

I Keep my Courtesan in Line Neck Collar for that Distinguished Political John by: MonkeyDungHill 

We are warned day to day, minute to minute not to discriminate people being infiltrated into our society by the thousands, taking jobs, business opportunities and livelihoods, destroying our morale, morals and mortality. The liberal governments of our Corporate North American continent seem fixed ion this idealism, and does not give a hokum spew about all the people in this country that are uneducated, under paid, unemployed and generally oppressed by the system’s greed and tyranny. These cultures are given large bursas upon landing, allowing them to buy up many different franchise chains with our tax money that the government gives to these immigrants who create employment for only themselves and their families by immigrating more of their spawned bloodlines, refusing to hire other cultures other then their own, complaining because they do not believe in Christianity and Christian holidays,  insisting that our own native traditions have to be disguised so we do not offend these cultures and their praise to Allah? Yet we have to allow them time to kneel on there carpets and praise their faith at work or in public while we, for our beliefs, can be censured and  possibly charged for wishing a Merry Christmas, or Happy Easter? Well, let’s break the ice and say “Merry Christmas and Happy Easter” to all of these Jewish and Allah worshiping cultures. If you do not like that, then roll up you carpet and praise Allah or celebrate your Honokaa in private. Abdul, who works in MartWallet, boastfully describes to men and women alike in our country how Abdul will go home, having his wife wash his feet, elaborating how women are meant for these menial purposes. In reality, it is not these cultures that are insisting on these ridiculous extremities to restrict our rights. It is commercial Corporate North America doing this, by pissing off woman’s rights groups, the average hard working citizen, religious groups, the unemployed of our country, gays, homeless, destitute, etc., etc. and on and on until they create so much hate and separatism that riots and revolts will begin, enabling the government to enforce martial law, imprisoning everyone, including, yes, our newly arrived cultures, the gay communities or anyone that is not in the 1 percent spectrum or members of their mini-monarchs, armies, agencies and gatekeepers. If you think you are special because you are a so called minority, then perhaps you should see if Wheaton New Jersey will give you huge grants or monthly cheques because you are a minority and build you a new house, purchasing for you, another 7-11 so you and your spawn can prosper off the tax payer’s toils, living happily ever after, segregated. It works just fine for the mini-Monarchs and the 1 percenters. Perhaps they will let you into their club? Doubtful. So where does all this childish nonsense come from? Well, we are he ones that put these saps in power who screw us on a daily basis. So are you really surprised? Eight years to one extreme; Liberals-Democrats and their watered down philosophies who think somehow, by paying immigrants to come here will improve the economy; or the other extreme; Conservative- Republican rights dissolvers; who close all our immigrant doors, destroy our liberties, labor laws and rights which has been weakened by the liberals watering down our populist with people that will work for next to nothing and pay next to nothing because they were “given” all of our franchises that were in need of “cheap” labor. Sounds like the Republicans-Conservatives and the Liberals-Democrats are all working together? You betcha!

Aspire to Be My Fresh Legislative Chatelaine Neck Collar by: HockingNerdBlether

Last time I checked, a Liberal politician makes the same amount as a conservative politician and only the covet level educated few, ever aspire to that level of income of a political career, unless you are rich already, meaning who would waste their time in politics if you are a 1 percenter, unless you are young and naïve thinking life is not corrupt. If you think that then you also probably thought the “war on drugs” was real. Just ask Oliver North. Personally, I think the agenda of all this misdirection and obvious antagonism between the races, cultures, creeds, classes, gender, homoerotic and whatever else category name that has been labelled, creating fear and separatism, is devised solely to create a slavery for the New World Odorous Order. One government, 1 dictator or an array of puppet parties to vote for to simulate you have a choice selecting the New World Puppet controlled government brought to by our friendly, greedy 1 percent of the world to keep them rich and you poor. So keep voting in these grifters who usurp any prosperity you may have or get, so they can micro-manage your life and keep you a prisoner, slaving for their freedoms to remain 1 percenters who basically enjoy all the wealth, liberties and the best life has to offer that you will dream nightly about because you want to be “just like them”.  You will want all the wealth “just like them” because you are brainwashed to be “just like them”; but wake up and smell the burnt stale coffee and realize you will never be “just like them” and if you want to be “just like them” then your brain is a mushy pool of hokum spew. But, hope is just around the corner because they are legalizing marijuana so they can keep you stoned and drunk watching your favorite indoctrinating boob tube series further assaulting your mushy brain guaranteeing that you will have to sell anything you managed to actually own in your life time to be locked up in an old age facility, a total prisoner whereby the highlight of your day will be that you will be dead soon, because I cannot think of any other benefit being in that depressing reality being prescribed many different pain killers and depressants causing a numbed worthless existence. Kind of what your life is like now, only now you have a longer leash to enable you to go to work and slave for them, being paid just enough to keep you a credit abusing slave in deep financial debt. See the light yet?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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