Governmental Fools

Wheels of Steal

I am talking about the hierarchy of organized crime, in any city in Commercial Corporate North America. The front lines of this chain of command are the biker clubs and/or gangs. There is a main club, perhaps the largest and certainly the most popular, idolized by drug cults, lore fans and infamous idolizers alike. You know, people that really cannot think for themselves so they follow these false prophets, like pop, rock, rap and heavy metal bands, just to name a few genres. What do these bike clubs/gangs do? They eliminate the smaller gangs and cowboys that are in the drug trade and franchise it via highly addicting drugs or better know as opiates (Most popular Fentanyl), whether man made or naturally processed. Most people addicted to opiates are more then likely hooked for a very long time, if not for life. Organized crime in smaller cities cannot really make much money on prostitution or gambling so they zero in on the drug trade. They use bike clubs/gangs to process these drugs and sell them on street level. There is no need to control the prostitution because 95% of these women on the street prostituting are hooked on opiates (Fentanyl). Thus as the addiction escalates. they purchase these opiates in one form or another and do them via needle, basing or orally. Thus 90% of the money these prostitutes generate on the street goes right into organized crime’s pocket purchasing these drugs. Yes, the son’s of anarchy that control the drug distribution to all these soulless women that will continue this cycle until they are dead or totally useless. We as a society idolize the son’s of anarchy and the mob mentality (as in the Mafia) because we are brainwashed to think that they are somehow glorious. In reality, these people are profiting off your son’s/daughter’s addiction. These bike clubs/gangs do not have to worry about controlling prostitution, because Karen, barely 17 and already hooked on opiates and has already outlived her usefulness as a fresh chatelaine for the corrupted elite who solicited her sexual services in exchange for money and unlimited opiates and cocaine, becoming the newest street whore that have to walk the streets, performing oral sex for $20.00 to get enough money to purchase enough opiates to keep her high so she can continue her desperate frolic for more money to purchase more drugs which escalates to higher levels, guaranteeing these women will continue prostituting themselves to purchase their next fix. Thus, there is no need for organized crime to control prostitution anymore. The opiates do that for them. They just provide the drugs to be ready and available for sale, rain or shine. If that location gets busted, they setup shop a block down the street. If that place is compromised, then they merely move to another location, usually less then 24 hours. The drugs get seized and mysteriously disappear from the evidence room and reappears magically in the new location to keep the money machine rolling.

Jesters of Power

You know, like Trudeau and Trump. I think that if Trudeau could turn back the clock, he would have not legalized marijuana. There is such an underlying resentment from the masses, and it will possibly ruin his chances to get re-elected. I am talking about the real people and not the dammed drug abusers and dealers that find new and interesting angles to apply their abuse and trade of desolation, wiling down their paths of self-destruction.  If he does get back in, it will because someone or something fixed the election, just like when Harper got re-elected. And there is Trump and his fascist wall of discrimination. But, there is enough greedy, boorish people in the USA, so he may just pull it off and get re-elected. So what do we do, now that we know the political arena in North America is corrupted by the harlequins organized crime? Do not be fooled. Organized crime has corrupted the highest corridors of power. All we can do is revolt and take back our country from these criminals. Hang them high and create a new politics and drug free environment. Do you really think Trudeau or any of his henchmen really give a night soil about your daughter performing fellatio on the street  to obtain more opiates to remain obliviously high to forget her last trick? If you believe they actually care then, you probably still believe in the tooth fairy.

Street Claptrap

How much of your tax dollar is going into programs to give junkies drugs because they will not go through detox in fear of withdrawals? What do they do once they get these compassionate drugs? They sell them off to more desperate junkies and purchase more opiates illegally. That is the very reason they should enforce rehabilitation and not make it voluntary. Because voluntary rehab just does not work. Just think, part of your tax dollar is enabling a junkie to remain drugged. Compassionate? It would differ to the interpretation of each individual. Most reformed junkies agree that the person themselves, has to hit rock bottom to realize their destitution and decide for themselves to rehabilitate. It would be a debate whether weaning junkies off the drug as opposed to enforced detox and rehab would be the best solution. However, it would boil down to our morals as a society and what is best for the tax payers. Certainly providing alternate drugs to replace the street drugs is hardly a solution. It would be more of a money grab by the pharmaceutical companies via your tax dollars. Positively, if it were put to a popular vote, enforced rehabilitation and detox would win as opposed to providing these substance  abusers more drugs. At the very least, it would create more employment and less profiteering for the drug companies which are owned of course, by the 1 percent of society, our trusted neighborhood dealers. However, you would never know them personally. You would just meet their middleman, the doctor or practitioner. Legalization of marijuana will lead our society to eventually think that drug use is acceptable if not needed. It would boil down to control and “How to rule and dominate a society 101”. As the masses continue to become more intelligent, having access to unlimited knowledge, how does one control and dominate the informed masses? Keep them stoned, drunk and destitute, keeping them dependant on the government and system, forcing everyone else that actually works, to support these abominations of sociological decimation by fear of ridicule and criticism, not to mention defamatory desolation via De-Face Book and other social medias and mediums. How else would the government be able to still convince the populas that 911 was a terrorist attack and the towers collapsed at free fall speed due to aeroplane collisions? If you believe that then, well, you must be stoned.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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