Death is Abating and Will Reap the Souls

Updated May 4th 2021

This depopulation will happen and you will not be saved. Sterilization of our women has already begun as dreamt by the madman and his depraved wife, Bill and Melinda Gates, using their phony charitable foundation as a front to inflict this mass murder. Money is talking, and the amount of bull-dung it is generating is phenomenal. Astonishing to me as I awake everyday and see that we are still within this nightmare of depopulation. Demons are dancing in anticipation, for they have never been this close to their objective. Satanists you ask, they must be hideous looking beings, char red skin and evil laughs through their sorted smiles of destitution? However, this is not the case. They look like you and I, and there is no way to distinguish a Christian from a Satanist, unless they tell you. But, who really goes around asking anyone if they are a Satanist? Some of the nicest, decent people I have met (on the surface) were indeed admitted Satanists. They talk about sports, they talk about weather, the best foods, that great movie that was just released, and what assholes the Mayor and any other politician really can be, on the surface. But indeed they are still Satanists biding their time to witness the demise of all Christians and goodness in the world. They just want to be socially acceptable and appear they would never sacrifice a new born to their appeased demons of choice. But naivety will get you, well, most likely to hell these days, by just accepting the dehumanizing vaccine the governments of the world are pushing on everyone who is not in the billionaire club. Yes, even Satanists are being deceived that this vaccine will keep them safe from a fictitious virus. It is the mark of the beast because just like a whore, once you take this injection (perform your first trick) you will surely be pressured into additional injections that will emulate what ever variance they sublimely create into your brainwashed mind (or in case of the whore, a wide variety of Johns to fill their trick card). 

But what about reality? Politicians would never do these corrupt deeds. They would never endorse any injection that main purpose is to weaken, sterilize fertility, and depopulate. The sad facts are that we are being ushered into mass depopulation in order to save the 1 percent of society and their spawned scum tide pool of corruption. Everything happens for a reason, and possibly, the majority of the masses are truly undeserving and are being summarily euthanized off this planet to have their souls collected by Satan. But, you interject; “I would never kill myself!” Yes you would, and will, by taking an injection that has already claimed countless people who were afraid of a fictitious virus. There are too many people warning everyone about this vaccine and how it is dangerous and can cause death. The death toll is mounting and people still run to get the vaccine, making them willing participants to euthanasia making their souls suitable for Satan. There is no way a Pope in his right mind would endorse the worship of alternate gods over the true God. No Pope in his sanity and ethics could endorse transgenderism or abortion for any reason. No pope would endorse the taking of an untested vaccine that is and will kill an untold amount of people. The Pope and the Vatican are compromised and totally corrupted and should not be trusted by any Christian. Judaism describes religion before Jesus. It has no place in Christian beliefs as it contradicts the new testament as spoken by Jesus. However, Judaism is the worship of God but does not apply since the birth of Christ.

But, for greedy reason, the elitists will use anything, even mythology to divert the people from the belief in the new testament. How simply are people bought and enslaved in the name of monetary domination. Why waste your time on lottery tickets when the plan is to strip everyone of every asset and force them into a slavery existence where you will rent everything and own nothing. Sounds like a nightmare where, in hell, there is not one space or existence that gives anyone solemn or privacy. You will share everything with others as in a swap mentality whereby when at work, people can use your house for their disposal, and once finished, will pass it on to the next group, making sure, that when you come home, you may have access to your kitchen, or living room, or your wife, if not being used by someone else. As viewed as the satanic submissive orgy; a human collage of naked bodies, intertwined and melded together in some sort of compromising position or another, where there is really no need for modesty or chaste, seeing all your available orifices are exposed and readied to be utilized by one intrusive entity or another, interwoven into a lump of protoplasm of deceit and debauchery of soulless interactive perversion and depravity. If this existence excites you, then do not fret. If you survive the mandatory vaccines, you will experience this reality and will not be free to do anything else in reality. Hell on earth would truly meet is mark and anyone misfortunate enough to be alive in this subhuman existence will eventually pray for death. But not to worry, you can check out anytime you like, but your soul will still belong to Satan. So, as the reaper appears, it is not time to run to the vaccination site or commit suicide. It is time to stand bravely and let him pass to complete his soul collection and usher them to their proper destinations. And as he leads the majority to hell, stand your ground and refuse the unholy and all of its false promises, because that is the true deception, that money conquers all, but only if you are too frightened to believe, will make is so. However, awaiting your true life existence, and to move forward with intuition, will lead to your justified destination.

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