Majesty of Malice, Domination of the Repented, Partisan of the Pecuniary Demented

Lowering the Bar, Maximizing the Reckoning

People that have a way to “scam” a dollar, or have ways to manipulate someone to do something for nothing are in great demand in commercial corporate North America. Cons, grifters, thieves, are all welcome to apply. These skill-sets are in demand in any corporation and will hire people of this integrity in a New York second. As long as they do not rip off the corporation directly, these individuals will enjoy a long prosperous career. Until, however, a better liar and cheat comes along and shams them out of their seat of unctuous procurement. Yes, finally an era for the unscrupulous. Commercial Corporate North America is wistfully seeking these counterparts to be in their employ. The greatest examples of this is insurance companies. They have a gaggle of these individuals working for them and will, without hesitation, rip you off for any reason. IE: “Oh your house burned down? Well that is too bad, and I understand you have paid 15 years of premiums, but if you would of read the fine print on the last 3 policies, you would of realized that we  will not cover people that do not have smoke alarms in every floor of the home.” How would they even know this? Especially when the house burned to the ground? They don’t. But they are trained to play with half truths, all in order to deny payment of any policy. But, we all work for corporations everyday and we do not get paid. We wear corporate advertisements on hats, shirts, pants. Their corporate displays are on our, food, drinks, household products, cars, trucks, and we advertise for them during conversations by using “sloganized metaphors” to describe a common tool, cleaner or some covet level possession. And the hilarious part about this, is we pay for the packaging and print, labeling of every product, right down to the penny. You may say that this is not a big deal. But that is because you are brainwashed to think that. Just ask yourself a question. Describe the word comet? How many people thought of the cleaner instead of a celestial body first? Most likely 90%. That is the power of brainwashing. Some people say, “that is advertising, not brainwashing”. Then, if you say that, you are thoroughly brainwashed.

A Sandwich Board, One Size Brands All

But it is the lower and middle class (if a middle class still exists) that are walking bill boards of advertisements. Powerful. And they don’t have to pay you to do it because you think you are “cool” looking! In fact, to add insult to injury, you are paying them to be their walking billboard when you buy clothes and products! But in the end, you are just a corporate advertising “fop”. Do you think for on second that the upper crust of society wear those clothes? They wear $1000.00 to $2000.00 suits and outfits. Your car is probably worth less then their shoes. But we do not want to think about that because, hey, we look cool walking around like corporate billboards of advertising. We are making a statement. A corporate “fop” statement of ballyhoo. So as we hold our “fop” beer in our hand, with the label showing, wearing our favorite “fop” tee-shirt displaying our favorite “fop” product or “fop” rap/rock band or some other “fop” jettison in strong colorful lettering, or impacting display, wearing our favorite “fop” ball cap, displaying our favorite “fop” sports team,  vehicle, or some other “fop” product or corporate philosophy, listening to music  or entertainment perforated  with commercial advertising, surrounded by nothing but monarch styled corporate buildings with their corporate logos illuminated strongly in silver or gold, peppered with billboard signs and computerised electronic displays and monitors featuring more advertising, in case you missed something, we can put our heads between or legs, and kiss our freedoms and our individualities, cheerio. How may people instantly thought of the breakfast cereal?

Chapeau of Regress

Cheerio is an ancient British word of unknown origin meaning hello or goodbye, but has nothing to do with the over-advertised product in it’s association. I recently looked at some of my own ball caps, and every one had some sort of advertisement, business logo or name patched or embroidered into the cap.  Then, I was in a corporate super-mart looking for a new ball cap. Most of them had some sort of advertising, a few with “native pride” (which is designed for natives of North America) and one with no logo at all, which by the way, was the cheapest of the lot. Just a grey colored cap. Living in a corporate dominant world, I was drawn, by brainwashing, to the other ball caps that had a fancy logo or advertisement featuring some product. Possibly because of the artistically drawn logo or commercial advertisement that stood out, making a statement. But it had nothing to do with my personal statement or individuality. It was a “fop” statement of advertising. So I came to my senses and purchased the plain grey hat with no logo. Funny, I get weird looks when wearing this cap. Not sure why, but who cares. I am thinking that particular super-mart chain store carried this unbranded hat in the chance that someone like me who hates advertising, would come along and purchase this hat. Or, more likely, they sold this hat for the possibility of a business looking for unstamped hats to place their own business logos on the hat, possibly buying up the whole inventory that they were carrying. Either way, the hat looks incomplete, but it is perfect for me because I really do not want to spend my hard earned money for the privilege of advertising for a corporation. If that corporation wants me to advertise for them, then they should be paying me a wage every time I wear their stamped hat. Or at least give me the hat for free. It is a social engineering that scholars of commercialism created a long time ago. We, as corporate slaves, do not realise the implications of this brainwashing, because it goes way beyond free advertising. We are being “branded” like cattle or sheep. These corporations own our individuality and we are paying those clowns for the privilege.

Sponsored By C-u-l-p-r-I-t, The Enslaver of the Indigent

Television, tele-vision, means far-vision. It enables us to see things across the world, visit other cultures by a flick of a switch. The invention of the TV was a great thing. But it has been perverted into a tool of commercial attic-ism. With the TV, commercialism has dominated whole cultures like they have dominated individual communities. Selling it off, just to get a glimpse of each other, for a price of course. We pay to see each other, between commercialised brain washing of corporate branding. “Brought to you by” or “Made possible by” some greedy corporate entity, when it was you who paid for it in the first place, being pumped into your home via your over priced twisted pair telephone line or coaxial fed cable line or satellite feed that you paid for to install and you pay per month to have, but have to pay more for some corporate subscription, only to pay more for being subjected to their branded advertising.  Who is ultimately making this all possible? You are. Your best combative defence from the sewer driven, fop scribed, saliva dribbling, remedial psych ward path towards refuse author-ism is to shut the swill slurry generator off.

The Corporate’s Third Reich

I have a personal conflict with companies and corporations that enforce their employees to wear uniforms. And the uniforms are usually the color of their “fop” styled logos. Company colors. It is usually the lowest paying jobs that enforce this dress code. I will not list these corporate mini-monarchs because I think they are fairly obvious to everyone. The employee may think, “hey, at least the uniform is free”. Some companies may provide the branded shirt for free and enforce the colors of the other clothing worn with the “fop” shirt. Full uniforms are purchased via deduction off first pay check. What a fop-wich. But people have to eat it up because in communities bought and purchased by commercial, corporate North America, these are the only employment opportunities left. Other then the gangs, crime, or the sex trade. Whom are also equal opportunity employers. Just say goodbye to your chaste and dignity. Equal opportunity is what the government defines and enforces as politically correct. They keep changing the definition of “equal opportunity” and leave the people that are born to North America at the rear of the employment bus. Selected refugees groups and immigrants now seem to get preference over anybody born to this country by means of “employment subsidy”. This attracts employers to hire these individuals because they save 30 to 40 % off the employees wage for the first 9 to 12 months of employment. Most of these low paying jobs now are filled with these refugees and immigrants that carry these subsidies. That is not equal opportunity employment. It is “pecuniary demented” employment. Has nothing to do with skills, experience, education or integrity. It has all to do with saving 30 to 40 % off each employee’s wage. Now that is a savings for the corporate mini-monarchs whom lobbied (dictated) the government to implement this hiring scheme via congress and parliament. I feel sorry for these individuals that come into commercial corporate North America because now they will be resented by the people that are usurped from this employment, get hooked on credit and the “fop” corporate mentality, and finally, wake up and figure out that they are immigrating to be slaves to the corporation.  This further creates more separatism, alcoholism, credit abuse, drug use, medical care, and destitution, keeping the masses under the 1 percenter’s thumb. Thus, if it is the government and police you fear, then you are definitely sound asleep.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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