In the Canonization of the Archfiend, We the Financially Preponderated, Demurral You!

Golden Corporate Undulation of Disillusionment

The Trumpets sounding the Mini-Monarch’s Jingle, well be known to the subjects in the commercially conquered community, cardboard silhouettes of the Owner’s Royal family stand, overseeing its courtyard, filled with the mini-Monarch’s subjects anxiously awaiting the daily scrolls, featuring the latest charitable discounts the fair mini-Monarchs dictate to us as the current corporate law of the land, until a better charitable discount arises and is scribed on new commercialised scrolls in their branded mini-Monarch calligraphy. Later, the min-Monarchs ride in their horse-powered drawn carriages down the old business sector streets, now filled with vacant business buildings for rent, with municipal corporate tax levis impervious to the barbaric entrepreneurs abating the chance to vie. Scornfully, the mini-Monarchs look through their dark tinted coach windows, turning their snob noses up at the sights of deferred people, derelicts,  bag ladies, junkies, drunks, thieves, pimps, prostitutes, single mothers with their poorly dressed children, as they pass by broken and shattered display windows, now covered with boards or featuring empty shelves and baron merchant counters, illuminated only  by sunlight that manages to penetrate the dust incrusted windows of the rat infested decanted store rooms. As their coaches’ golden rimmed wheels are pushed swiftly by the asphalt down the broken street, two dragoons, from the local prefecture, severely beat a homeless man to submission, with their batons, spectating, as the delict blood torrents down the curb, into the sewer. Portrait after portrait is taken of this seemingly atrociousness of justice on media devices by 90 % of the guttersnipes in portrait vicinity, only to be discarded evidence by an overpaid (debauched) lawyer magistrate under the direction of the royal commercial municipal corporation.

A young boy, dragging an old dismantled crib across the street to the local pawnshop where the pawn vendor will ungenerously give the young boy 7 dollars, whereby he, as instructed by his welfare stricken mother, to purchase a direly needed loaf of bread and condiments, perhaps some milk if is afforded by the illiberal generation from the pawned crib. The horse-powered drawn carriage with gold rimmed wheels comes to a stop before this annoying obstruction, only for the carriage driver to climb off the carriage to inspect and clean the delict blood off the gold rims. The dragoon swiftly runs behind the carriage entourage , stopping traffic so a distance can be kept between the horse-powered drawn carriages with gold rimmed wheels, whilst yelling at the young boy to “lug the crib faster across the street, you are impeding the mini-monarch progress and safety!” Within moments, the annoyance (boy) manages to struggle his blockage off the path of the mini-Monarch horse-powered drawn carriages, allowing the dragoon escorted royal entourage to continue its plague inflicting journey of brainwashing and deceitful conglomerating. In its wake, it leaves a destructive path of falsehood and mayhem. Discouragement and brutality starts to spread aggressively and virally. People on the streets start attacking each other, destroying and luting, trying to understand the hopelessness that they are feeling, retaliating because of emptiness in their souls that is being stolen in exchange for the coveted materialisms that we are mesmerised to believe will bring us dignity and stature , being left behind to rot in the refuse that was once a prosperous community that the mini-monarchs stole and are now hording to get as much gold as they can reap from the distraught and the humble who are the remaining populous that have the will to strive forward.

Quickly, after the remaining dragoons withdraw because of the might of the mob, more dragoons appear along with militant reserves and conscript soldiers whom were quickly recruited in case of an uprising, dress in full armored riot gear, shields and weapons of dominant inflicting persuasion. The dragoons and their arrived counterparts, form strategic lines to push and separate the chaotic mob, followed by large wagons to stack the dead, and larger caged wagons to confine the captured or innocent. For seemingly hours, the mob continues its retaliation, and the dragoons and their counterparts push, divide and conquer little by little, piece by piece, until they subdue and disperse the frantic mob, with the remaining that managed not to get beaten to death or captured, run and hide in fear. The dragoons in their blackened triumph, instruct the remaining people of the commercial dominated city that they are under martial law and are to stay within their huts and shelters until further notice. Anyone caught on the street will be imprisoned without trial. Anyone already captured will remain in the prison camps until they are similarly tried and convicted. In the mean time they can live and work in their respective prison camps ergo the community can remain productive at the benevolence of the mini-Monarchs, whom conspired and construed to the local dragoons and their authorities, that for everyone to remain a productive member of society, this is the only viable solution. No need for a monetary system inside the barbed walls of these prison camps because everything that is necessary will be provided on a rationed basis to promote the importance of following laws set forth by the mini-Monarchs and their royal families.

Marriages that anyone within these walls are part of will be abolished because anyone that is in these prison camps are deemed guilty, thus the only determination that will be determined is whether the criminal will die for their conspiracies against the mini-Monarchs and their royal families or to serve in these camps for the remainders of their natural lives. Anyone related to the captured inside the barb walls of these prison camps will also be subjected to the same conspiracy trials to determine whether they will die or serve, and if found guilty to serve, will be in separate prison camps and not allowed to visit their former family members. Any children left orphaned because of the delict behavior of their former guardians will be submitted to orphan institutions and retrained and educated to the emancipation and proclamation of the mini-Monarchs and their royal families, and may, if astute enough in their training, be offered the honor to a life of servitude in the mini-Monarchs and their royal families homes and establishments. Certain females that are orphaned that fit the genetically intellect and skeletal structure will be employed as surrogate birthing mid-wives, to provide pleasure for the royal barons and provide infants for the royal baronesses. Any of the lesser astute males and females will be genitally severed and will serve as drones for the municipal corporation performing the lesser and laborious duties. As for the criminals in their respective prison camps living out their lives in servitude to the mini-Monarchs and their royal families, they will be allowed the privilege to line up daily and bow in respect to the mini-Monarchs entourage in revel of its gleaming gold rimmed wheels.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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