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Labour Reins

Labour Day is suppose to be a celebration of our forefathers whom possessed the balls to retaliate against the large corporations, 1 percenters, and their surf drivers. The fights that took place were brutal and bloody. The Corporations involved hired endless goons to attempt to “slap” the workers down that retaliated from their “whips of mastery”.  It was obvious, at the turn of the 20th century, that something had to be done about these greedy corporations, owned by ruthless 1 percenters. They had children between 8 and 12 years of age that were old enough to hold a shovel, or some other serfdom tool, in the mines 12 to 14 hrs a day, along with their own parents, slaving and breathing in coal dust or whatever else the particular mine produced for 10 to 12 cents a day. Yes, you heard correctly, children. How do you think rich families of that time, families that dominated the commonwealth remained so rich and powerful? By paying their employees pennies while they made millions. And it was legal. What a fopsicle. But it was sucked up because people needed to live, survive.

Safe Moat, Guaranteed to Repel Barbarians and Crusaders 

I am sure people heard of Jimmy Hoffa. The main con-stream media of that day, and still today if the topic was presented, brainwashed the public that he was nothing but a communist, back-stabbing, ruthless, Mafioso, crook, extortionist and murderer. At one time, this man was associated to the devil himself, only worse. Why? Because he had the balls and the brains to stand up and confront the greedy corporations and employers of the day that were abusing their power over their employees. He helped form the Teamsters, who were the largest and most powerful union in North America. They represented mainly the truckers, but started a trend of labour organization that lasted for decades. Jimmy Hoffa’s integrity was attacked by Robert Kennedy. The tragic assassinations  of these Kennedys is another story. But they were part of the 1 percenters because of their wealth. Ultimately, they were against unions. They saw unions as communistic behaviors and for that, they were definitely on the side of the 1 percenters. When Kennedy brought down Hoffa which ultimately led to Jimmy being severed from the teamsters, it was the beginning of the end to unions. Or at least unions with some power. When unions were at their peak, between the 60’s and 80’s, they were actually declining the minute Hoffa was replaced as the Teamsters President. At that point, the Teamsters, in their peak, were very strong, but slowly but surely, was being bought and divided up between corporations and the 1 percenters.  Now unions, if one exists, is owned by the company. Every year they reduce your rights, money, benefits, and pensions. I am old enough to know the difference. There are some companies that you have to pay an entrance fee to get into the union, between $600.00 to $1500.00 to become a full fledged member and you are eligible for that after one full year’s service. Some companies put you on part time permanently, waiving the “union carrot” in your face to continue. Once you get close to the time mark, they fire you because of failure too meet some stupid performance benchmark. I personally have been victim of that policy more then once.

Propagandist, A Brainwashed Tale…

But as we all know, there are companies, most of them, that have no unions. Some companies have strict policies that no unions are allowed. Some companies have internal courses that encourage people that work there to take, that cover the reasons unions are not good for any company. PPE. Propaganda Propriety Education. You know? Like the films trucker and shipper companies force their employees and potential employees to watch about how terrorists were responsible for the World Trade Tower’s disaster caused by aeroplanes crashing into the buildings and how a terrorist could be sitting right next to you in your classroom and how it is your patriotic duty to “rat him out” if you see any suspicious behavior. If you believe that or the main con-stream media’s version of 911, then I have some permafrost reality you may be interested in purchasing. Disappearing fast so don’t wait, buy yours now, while it has not melted yet! We are heading in the direction that leads to slavery. What does it mean to be a slave? Being a slave means to have little or no rights. To work for little or next to nothing. Getting rid of unions and labour laws is exactly what the corporations and the 1 percenters want. Once that is achieved, and they have dismantled the legislation that govern labour laws of each state and province, then you will know what it means to be a slave. They are lobbying for that as we speak. As we drink our fop beer or fop drink, celebrating Labour Day, that our forefathers bled and died for, so we can allow our current employers (if you are lucky enough to have one), to slowly but surely  strip away our rights to a better wage, humane and safe working conditions, and benefits and pensions. Kiss that all goodbye, because in most cases, they have succeeded. All they have left to do now is to permanently destroy our labour legislation. How do they do that? By burying the courts with labour and human rights cases so that your case will not be heard until 2099. Make it ineffectual, ergo making it powerless. The government, in the end, really do not care because they are just puppets on the corporation’s strings and the corporations are puppets on the one percenter’s strings.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short, We could get $50.00 to a $100.00 for your services on the open market…Minus the condom

All one has to do is to examine what large banks and financial groups did to the banking legislation between 2000 and 2008. They almost created another depression. But, instead, created one of the biggest recessions in 90 years, causing almost the same affect, mostly to the masses. The biggest power the 1 percenters have over us, the masses, is boredom. They win by causing boredom, sure to make the masses fall asleep by shear boredom. Most people have to go out for that drink, or beer. Be with their friends, have a good time. Spending their hard earned cash on alcohol and other “fop” styled social lubricants,  others soon to be legal like marijuana, cocaine and opium. They know that the populace is “hooked” on socializing. So much so, that we will ignore all the games the 1 percenters are playing with our rights and dignities.  Saying, “its ok to be an alcoholic, drug abusive, sexual deviant because, hey, everyone is doing it! What are you waiting for?” The ones that see through the corruptive brainwashing are the ones that are isolated because let’s face it. Most people are easily led to the fire. Like insects.  Only when they hit the fire, well, then it is too late. We have to warn the people that listen. That know that there is something not right. They in turn can convince others. But because, on the most part, we are already divided and conquered, it is an uphill struggle to turn the serfdom tide headed towards slavery.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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