The Meritorious of the Parable?

Cannabin, Cannabinoid, or Hannibal The Cannabinol 

Using drugs has become an North American subversive culture. Now you can purchase 5 hemps seeds in the local feed stores for between $40.00 to $80.00. They call it hemp but in truth it is a plant (guaranteed to grow) that will produce a high quantity of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for the “buzz” you get when smoking and fully inhaling marijuana’s smoke when burned. Hemp, used for its fibre quantity and quality to make rope and other like products, had a very low quantity of THC because of how it grew, mainly to promote the stock production and not the herb (bud) production where THC concentrates in high volume before pollination or going “to seed”. Hemp and marijuana are related horticulturally, but by no means the same product. If you are mature enough, you probably remember the “Refer Madness” commercials courtesy of the main con-stream media of the 50’s. The reason marijuana is illegal is a bit of a mystery, but mainly because it became a controlled substance using the THC extract for horse tranquilizer and other related veterinary or  zoo-ology purposes. Cocaine, when legal,  was in Coca Cola (early 1900’s) when it was birthed into a soda drink with the main advertisement being “relieves fatigue”, printed on every bottle. Yes, cocaine does relieve fatigue but is highly, psychologically addictive because of the side effect that kills your natural capacity to produce dopamine cells that give us our own capacity to kill pain or feel happiness. That is why when using cocaine for prolonged periods then stopping all of the sudden or because you simply ran out of money, you lose your ability to naturally feel happiness and become very depressed and unenergetic. You may sleep for a while, but will awake in the same state until you natural dopamine production repairs itself. But before that happens, most people seek out a way to get the drug again by usually any means possible. Crack, a boiled down version of cocaine which produces a ball of purified cocaine is usually smoked in a pipe and produces a much higher damage to your dopamine production. But boiling down the cocaine is only getting rid of all the “crap” that the distributers are using to “step on” the drug, to make more profit. By the time cocaine hits the streets, it is usually 20% cocaine, and 80% garbage or “cut”, if you are lucky. In reality the cocaine content it is closer to 10 to 17%. The “cuts” can be  Vitamin b12 (turns it pink), corn starch, vitamin c powder, sugar, talcum powder, Italian baby milk powder local anesthetic (rare) or Glucose(dextrose) which is the most popular. All in all, dung because it is not cocaine. Every hand it goes through when selling, they “dance” on the cocaine a bit more. But this is starting to sound like the Reader’s Vomit Version so enough said.

Adumbral Feint of Benignancy

I could tell you why the North American governments are warring against drugs supplied from South American and other countries, but I would be just repeating what the main con-stream media is trying to mesmerize people into believing.  Who makes the money? That is the question. It is certainly not that fictitious “shady character” standing under the street lamp, on that street corner, situated on the very street where all the prostitutes are standing, in any city situated in North America, or the world for that matter. But that is where it all starts. So that is where, if you really care, you should start your own investigation. Beware, you may end up picking up your own daughter, or son, who you threw out of the house months ago, who are prostituting themselves to support their drug habit. If you think I am being callous then you should not be reading this blog. You should be reading a main con-stream media fairy tale version of what happens to your child when warded out to social services. If you investigate, you will find that social services employs people from university that have no idea what it is like to spend a minute of there time on that street corner. They just open their text book and use their slide rule analysis how best to help these children.  If you find anyone in social services that actually knows what it is like by experience, living the reality, that is a rare bird indeed. But those individuals, because of their education level, usually technical college, are used to do the “dirty work” that these university degreed individuals do not have the stomach for like, cleaning vomit and helping these people through the withdrawal symptoms. But these university degreed individuals are there, at a distance, standing with the administrators and doctors, collecting their oversized paychecks, prescribing more drugs like methadone. Good one, prescribe a drug to keep that person off the drug. Genius. It is like saying, don’t kill yourself with that shotgun, kill yourself with this dull pocket knife. It will take you longer, until you find a sharpening stone. I have seen people on the so called “methadone program” selling the methadone to other, more desperate junkies, so they can purchase a morphine, oxycodone or Percocet pill to inject into their own collapsed veins. What happens to these youths that prostitute themselves out to purchase these habitual drugs? They either overdose and die, die of exposure, or just grow into more experienced prostitutes and junkies. Doing the same cycle again and again. Prostitute, drugs, overdose, rehab or jail, methadone, prostitute, drugs, overdose, rehab or jail, methadone, prostitute……on and on. How do they finally break the cycle? Death or determination, their own. Any junkie that has broke this cycle knows they do it for themselves and it has nothing to do with social services or rehab centers who just enable them to continue the vicious cycle of North American roulette. Only the “gun” is replaced by a “fit” and the bullet is replaced by the “contaminated drug”. What is the contamination? Whatever the last desperate dealer/junkie (or manufacturer) used to cut the last batch he/she received and did too much and is trying to make up for the money he/she will be falling short because of the over usage. Usually anything white and powdery in color which could be anything, may be Ajax or Comet?  There are a lot of things used as “cut”. Only the imagination of the individual is the limit.

Doctor of the Deliriously Destructive

As human beings, being brainwashed by main con-stream media, we tend to look the other way. Or at least want to, avoiding the thoroughly depressing. But it is there and it is growing. I have lived in and near a city with 100,000 plus population and have seen what it was like 20 plus years ago and what it is now today. It is rampant now, not that it was good 20 years ago, but at least rehab was rehab. You did not leave until you were detoxed and mentally ready to attempt the “clean of drugs” life. Now it is totally the opposite. They may detox you, only if you are willing to stay. Ok, what is wrong with that picture? Because, once the Dt’s (Delirium tremens) start, not many people will stay through that. So it reduces the cost of rehab because people will not stay very long, guaranteed. The ones that get detoxed are usually the ones that end up in jail and have absolutely no recourse friends or family to bail them out. We also are being brainwashed by silly cop series (too many to mention) exemplars to show no empathy for these individuals. We are brainwashed that they are a burden of society, so let them bungle and botch. But the more we allow this and not help these destitute people, the more it will cost us as tax payers. That is what the 1 percenters want anyway. Keep the unemployed in this pharmaceutical abusing cycle, justifying the cost of health care and drugs that feed their fat paychecks while we pay, and any money these distraught individuals  manage to bungle and botch for will get sucked away quickly, right back to the pharmaceutical, health care, municipal, and federal corporations, right back to the 1 percenters pocket.  If you are confused on how this can happen, then you must be living a very sheltered life, perhaps in Wheaton, New Jersey? Where ever it is, please send me a road map.

True Stories Abandoned Decennium after Decennium

Clarisse, 26 years of age, says to the question: “Why are you prostituting?” “Because when my mother and father broke up, I stayed with my mother and her new husband started to touch and molest me as a teenager, up until I left and lived with my boyfriend. We both started to do cocaine. Then I broke up with him and started to prostitute to feed my cocaine habit. I have been doing this for several years now. I entered rehab and got clean. I hope I can continue a normal life.”

Darlene, 36 years of age, answers to this question: “Why are you prostituting?” “Because when I was 8 or 9 years of age, my father and mother forced me to dance nude on the coffee table while company was visiting and they would all laugh at me. My mother and father would both make me sleep with them while they were having sex and force me to interact. When I was a teenager, about 17, my sister set me up with my future husband. When I met him, it was at the hotel nearby he was staying. He convinced me to come into his hotel room where he tied me to a chair and forced me to satisfy him orally. He then raped me continuously for 3 days, taking many pictures, until I agreed to marry him. He said if I did not, he would use the pictures. I married him reluctantly and had 3 children with him. He continued the rape and abuse. When I was about 28 years of age, living in low cost housing, A man I met, part of a biker gang, told me he could show me a way to get free of my husband. All I would have to do is join the club. I did, while my husband was out of town. When initiated into the club, I was forced to have sex with all the members, male and female. I was forced to perform cunnilinctus on menstruating female members. I was also forced to roll in excrement and was urinated upon. After the initiation, to remain a club member, I was told I had to prostitute myself to gang members and people on the street and give back a percentage to the clubhouse. I did that for a while, then continued prostituting on my own to care for my 3 children. I continued until my 2 boys were taken from me. I still had my daughter, and to take care of her, I started to prostitute myself again. I am to this day addicted to prescription drugs. I also take medication to control my mental disabilities.”

Bettina, 37 years of age answers the same question: “When I was 6 years of age, I remember my father driving me to a cabin. It was just me and him at the cabin. Later, another man drove in to the cabin area. My father called me inside and instructed me to come to him in the kitchen area. He started to undress me, then picked me up and laid me down on the table. Being confused I tried to get away. He held me down tightly and told me to be still and not move. The man that drove in, came into the kitchen and handed my father some money. As my father held me down, the man proceeded to penetrate my vaginal cavity with his penis. It hurt so much I started to sob from the pain. I do not remember much after that point of the first time. My father sold me to a lot of different men in this way. I mostly tried to block it from my mind. When I married, I had a daughter. My husband and I did drugs. I got hooked on cocaine. The habit was so bad, that I was kicked out of the house by my husband. I started to sell myself on the streets to feed the cocaine habit. I have been doing this for 17 years.”

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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