Fop as in “Fool” or The Promoted Lifestyles for the Brainwashed

Are you Confused? You outa be.

Media just gets stronger as time trickles by. Mostly because we are not learning to turnoff the brain swamped, cess-pooled infiltrated, brainwashed dung streamed nonsense. All programming, even movies now, are suffering from this contamination. Our children are being weaned on this propagandist deceit  and we wonder why Joey , 16 years of age, is robbing 7-11s to buy his crack balls, and why Sally, 15 years of age, is on the streets, selling her body to old men and making amature pornos to sell on the internet, to have enough money to support her cocaine habit. If you think this is not happening then you are living under a rock. Anyone with any awareness whatsoever with the events that are unfolding around them are aware of this downslide of humanity. Some people say, “It has been like this since the beginning of time! So why worry about it?” Not quite. How many marriages are breaking up because of homosexual, bisexual, lesbianism social behaviors? How many of you guys out there are losing your wives to other women? How many of you women are losing your man to other men? How many of these people end up on the street doing almost anything to get their fix so they do not have to think about their pain and present circumstances? How many end up homeless and a ward to social services? How may end up dead?

Listen to the Silent Innuendos and Whispers of Injunction, Courtesy of your Friendly Main Con-Streamed Media

It is not because of social behaviors that this is happening. It is lifestyles that the main con-stream media is slinging like snot-swill into our living room. Main con-stream media is selling addictive programming that is saying, or at least planting the seed, “Leave your husband! He is scum anyway and he is abusing you. He does not respect you and is just trying to dominate you. Leave him, leave him! Find a woman that will treat you right! Because men are all abusive, dirty and losers!” Or, “Leave you wife! She is not worthy of you! She is just using you for your money! She is sleeping with other guys! She does it every time you leave the house for work! She is screwing her boss and all your friends, and your son’s friends! Leave her and find a man to treat you right! Because all woman are whores and opportunists!” Or “Your parents are such squares. They are stupid and old. They have no brains. They do not understand you. Leave your parents. Social Services has a room just for you. Be with all your friends and party!” Main con-stream media is using social behaviors like homosexuality, bisexuality, and lesbianism, and is twisting it into brainwashed media alternative lifestyles to run to, once they have mentally convinced you to leave your spouse and run into same sex relationships, or just bisexual flip-flopping from one relationship to another, promoting polygyny  and polygamy practices. Like the two headed coin. An old magician’s trick. You are probably wondering why main con-stream media is attacking the normal, average, heterosexual marriages and families? Divide and conquer. Simple as that. Reverse persecution. The gay community should be outraged by this water-down because it is ultimately going to place the “Star of David” on each and everyone of them. Yes, people in power have found these social behaviors very useful to promote chaos amongst the masses, to keep the wealth away from the masses, and in total control for the 1 percenters.

A Fop Style, Fashioned at it’s Jest

The worst corruption that is being pitched is the attack on the children. If you are a youth that has managed to make your way through high school with out being sexually abused, raped or pushed to the streets, then the college and university tuitions will definitely lead you to a life of serfdom for the 1 percenters because you will owe a lifetime of money. If you do not go to college or university, then you are doomed for a union less, blue collared existence of slavery and toil. Or you can enter the sex trade and live the “Ultimate Fop-style”  of the millennium, specially designed for the discriminating massed populace. Where you can bungle your life away with little or no effort. Get money easily and spend it on a whole line of different addicting drugs, legal or illegal, to enhance your semi-lucrative, Fop-life-styled existence. Think about all of this and you will see that it is true, only if you open your eyes to see? Really look at what is going on and shed the blinders that create a tunnel vision to keep the intelligence zoomed in on what the 1 percenters want you to see. Once you do that you will feel alone. But you are not alone. We just have to find each other, avoiding the river of swill that has contaminated our thoughts since childhood. Taking away our pure thoughts and corrupting us into tools of self destruction.

Lets go do the Fop, Oh Baby, Lets go do the Fop. Fop ’til Morning Fop ’til the Evening, do the Fop, Fop, Fop, Fop 

Pharmaceutical Companies are the new drug pushers. Or old actually. They make sure that people have to pay good money for these drugs whether needed or not. Doctors prescribe these drugs in a habit forming pattern, ensuring that the people that get these addictive drugs are thoroughly addicted ensuring they keep buying these drugs. People that buy these prescription drugs, usually get more then enough so they can distribute the excess on the street for astronomical prices ensuring more people get hooked and stay hooked. After Amanda, 16 years of age, does a trick with a 70 year old man, she runs to the dealers room, usually located in a social services community building designed for destitute people to have a 100 to 150 square foot room, and spends the trick money on some morphine, oxy-codeine or Percocet that was the excess of an injured workers prescription, and pays 40, 60 to 100 dollars on the pill, depending on the milligrams of the drug contained. Then Amanda goes back to her room in the same building, liquefies the morphine, cracks open a fresh fit, provided by social services, finds a fresh or semi healed vain to tie off and injects the liquefied drug. This will last her approximately 1 to 2 hrs, possibly 3 before she will come down. Amanda again, hits the street to perform another trick for more money to buy another pill. Amanda could be your daughter. If you think of that in those terms, it can be a sobering shock.

A Loathing Needled Spoonful

So for all you tunnel-vision, brainwashed people out there that thinks drug pushers are some shady character on the street corner in a bad episode of Baretta, Toma or some CSI derivative, all brainwashing cop series, you should wake up and see reality, and not some overused stupid police detective epitome. Actors, of these Fop-styled series, are the people that make this horror story a reality. Because they help promote that the culprits of these stories have to be some shady character with no name, making thousands and thousands of dollars from this exchange. In reality, the pusher in that social services provided building, is a junkie himself/herself, and makes just enough to keep himself/herself high on the drug. The drug pushing middleman/woman, who is usually a junkie, ensure that there is always a strong insulator from the source, which always leads back ultimately to the government and pharmaceutical companies. But, they would rather you think it was some Columbian drug cartel that is responsible, in order to keep the fictitious “war on drugs” alive and well, living in your living room being spoon-fed to you by the main con-stream media, the insulator to the source of greed. The 1 percenters.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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