President of United States? Is there a Real Choice?

Presidential “Trump” Card, The King of Diamonds, Reversed

I looked over the United Sates Presidential hopefuls for 2016 and got chills down my spine with fear and doubt. Hey, may be they could talk Obama into another 4 years? I doubt he would want to; just look at the grey hair he has acquired during the last 8 years in office. Trump for president? My God! Who’s idea was that anyway? Probably his own. What a over-commercialized 1 percenter, slave-driving, capitalistic, serfdom pushing, peon master! This man’s life has been the capitalistic, showcased, predetermined dream, whilst the rest of us lived in toil and oppression. Trump’s lifestyle has showboated this idealism for decades. He is the definitely the 1 percenter’s poster boy. Now he wants to be president? Please God, if there is justice in this world, smite him into oblivion with all your Godly power. But, he is not the worst candidate on the roster, but he is definitely in the forefront. He has the main-con stream media intimidated and scared to say anything too abrasive about him or his idealism, which is definitely feudalism. I mean really, what happened to last person with any credibility that said anything negative about this economic enslaver. That person is not credible anymore, in the commercialized contaminated main-con stream media forum or specter. Truthfully, Trump is not very exciting and is very predictable. I am surprised he has been as successful as he has in his life. However, he came from old money, thus makes his success not very surprising at all.

Do Not Forget to Lock Your Windows

I heard odd rumors about Bill Gates? I am not even going to think about that one. Commercialized pirates in the white house? I guess he could not be any worse then Nixon. And because he has so much money already, the only thing left to steal would be our constitutional rights and freedoms. May be he could write a Basic program with Quick Basics that would balance the budget! He would have to step down however, living in the old White House, and not his $600,000,000 house. Another 1 percenter poster boy. What would his campaign slogan be? “I am so filthy rich because I stole what was already stolen, but now that I am filthy rich, I will crush anyone, that tries to steal what I have rightfully stolen, into small bits of unreadable damaged sector data.”

Hilary, the Queen of Hearts, reversed.

Hilary Clinton? This picture does not improve at all. I mean, really, if you look at her personal and political track record, you would have to be in the ozone, or on mescaline to vote for her. If there was a woman that displayed the common female incapability of not being accountable, she is the definite poster girl. All the bad decisions she made or failures, she just blamed on Bill Clinton’s incapacity to remain faithful. Yes Bill was a philanderer, over sexed, and borderline sexual deviant, but at least he was accountable. Hilary is one of those “Good Wives”  that was mentally oppressed and dominated by a cheating, political, power hungry husband? Give me a break. He was probably happy to unload her, even if it cost him the rest of his last term as the President. But she has managed to weave her way into the corridors of political power. I wonder how she did that? Her brains? No, I think it was something else. I mean Bill wasn’t the only oversexed, sexually deviant male in Washington. If Hilary, as President, got us involved in a World War with the middle east, and lost, who would she blame that on? Yes, trade in you Hyundai’s for Hindu Camels. And, as all the free independent women of North America are enforced to wear veils and black robes, not allowed to talk back to their new Arabic husband, you will be able to thank Hilary, who by that time would have woven herself into the royal harem, belly dancing for King Salman.

Gloria to the Revolution, Queen of Spades, Upright

Randomly speaking, Gloria LaRiva, who supposedly translated a book written by the 1 percenter, implanted surrogate, Fidel Castro. I would not be surprised if she also read books written by Joseph Stalin, another implanted 1 percenter surrogate, who’s sole purposes were to deglamorize socialism (Carl Marx) into a militant looking, unattractive, enslaved, anti-freedom orientated system. If she wants to appear to be for freedom, then why use useless entities like Fidel Castro, a Joseph Stalin wannabe who lived in, and was never seen, in anything but military styled uniforms, like Joseph Stalin? Joseph Stalin corrupted socialism into a full fledged, communistic dictatorship. Fidel Castro although retired, make no mistake,  is still a ruthless, puppet, communist dictator even though he now wears a suit. Now, we all know it is just an act. Because, people in Cuba, although not totally free, still are somewhat prosperous, in a controlled mannerism. But the outer appearance gives us the impression of enslavement. Gloria LaRiva, definitely needs to brush-up on Marxist-Leninism, because anyone that is serious about socialism, definitely does not respect Fidel Castro. Her platform should reflect something new, and stay away from associations with communist dictators because who in their right mind would want to go from Obama to someone that idolizes Fidel Castro? Gloria LaRiva, most likely, has her own military styled uniform hanging in her closet, and only comes out when she has smoked couple of doobies , or when a revolution starts, chanting “Viva, LaRiva for the revolution!”.

The Joker or The Fool

Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado. Sounds like a wrestler or a porn actor. But wherever he acquired that name, I am sure he earned it. But I think it is due to his interest in exotic animals. And I hope not in a beastie-deviant way. But because he looks strange and probably is, I do not want to waste my time researching his motivations to run for political office, only to say that in Commercial North America , almost anyone can run for political office provided they had some money, and he would be a good example, along with the late Doug Henning.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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