Little Does your Nose Knows about the Calamity of the Pied Piper Led Destitution and Red Tapestry of Slavery; A Matter of Faith-ism, Paganism, Cyborg-ism and Propaganda-ism

It is clear that Canada has bitten on the Globalist phishing lure of conquest, hook, line, and sinker. Even our local governments as in Municipal, all “useless” officials are merely regarded as empty vessels to be filled with the latest Globalist propaganda of the moment, as in, what will deceive the masses today and how much can we really wring out of the latest globalist grift.

Sixty percent of our House of Commons are filled with politicians that attended the YLP (Young Leaders Program of the WEF, the World Economic Forum. Traditionally, the WEF has always had some form of monetary grip on many political leaders and if you talk to your local municipality who are convinced they cannot retaliate against the provincial or state governments, it will not take long to see that many of these municipal officials have been tainted monetarily speaking. However, there is no proof to this and you will never get a corrupted politician to admit their transgressions merely because it affords them a lifestyle beyond your level of existence.

So where is the faith? The demonization of CERN Particle Acceleration is a well planned elitist ploy to fool the common man to think that the only viable solution to petroleum on this planet is Nuclear Power, and is needed to power that over priced electric car that you were conned into purchasing by your friendly neighbor hoodwink car sales representative who vows on a stack of New Age Bibles that the electric car is worth the investment, but fails to mention the exact details on the cost of charging these vehicles and the frequency of charging needed to go over 100 miles.

You ask yourself, why would the religious community endorse this crazy phenomenon that CERN is the gateway to hell? Why would they get the so called “truther community” that advocates Christianity, tell tales of fire and brimstone that CERN particle acceleration is conjuring demons to enter our plain of existence? The truth of that matter boils down to financial incentives that are as corrupt as the TV Evangelist movements of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. And by way of YouTube and other social mediums, they obscurely publish these videos through so called Christianity members of advocates similar to the now debunk “Vigilant Christian”, or more obvious “cracker” truthers, like “Jason A” and others, that spread this religious propaganda of demons crashing into our world via manmade portals, basically emulating the social media’s version of “That’s Incredible”.

All this new form of “entertainment” tailored for the “slight of mind” via their 5G cell phone, during their lunch, at their job provided lunchroom, poster labeled with health propaganda, eating their McDonald’s hokum spewed burger and fries, washing it down with their hokum spewed version of soda water, that is 90% sugar and 10% artificial flavor. In essence, that is how they con the average Joe, or Jane, as to their de-power-ment of their brain overload, guaranteed to leave this individual with dementia as an elder, if that individual was lucky enough to survive the Covid 19 kill shots and all of their lethal boosters, shaving your lifespan by five years, every time they are injected with this hokum spewed, so called, MRNA injection, that implants self organizing circuits, and graphene in your body, that attracts signals, and in harsh cases, metallic objects, that will totally magnetize this Mac addressed emitting fool, a shell of a once natural human, enabling their brain neurons to accept mind controlling manipulation.

And if that serf-induced individual grows old and gets dementia, which is 100% guaranteed with all of the hokum fast foods, brain honing elixirs and weed inducing impediments, lacking vitamins and minerals that are, at this very instance, being demonized and legally discredited in favor of the kill shots, will be offered the MAID program to check out of their indoctrinated self induced systematic destruction of their health and mind pathetic existence.

Religious or not, you will find more than enough “truther tailored propaganda” to suit your so called indoctrinated beliefs, that will lead straight to hell on earth, mode of existence, or political extremist beliefs, that you are pelted with daily, depending on your “brand” of social medium-ism, or IQ-ism. And as our Trusty Dusty, redundant, should be mothballed, or dismantled or decimated or arrested or imprisoned or put to death intelligence groups, that are in need of improving their IQ’s, since the Bush administration, because any agent before Bush, actually had a brain-ism, we continued to get milked for our tax dollars that is converted into a mere fraction of what actually goes to government administration and services, the rest going to black ops.

Even though you have no idea of how many underground cities exist, or even if they exist at all, and the disappearance of so many children and people, supposedly to the inflated idea of human trafficking, that is just a front to obscure where these children and individuals really end up, not in slavery, but as advocates and high paid workers in these underground cities that will summarily take over once they rid of all people on the surface that do not have a clue as to their schemes and depopulation agendas. They only reason we are still here is because they are not in the full gear of depopulation, and still need us as propaganda filled shells to continue paying and supplying their black operations to build a new world order, that has no inclusion of you, only that they will dispose of you when they are done and ready to unleash the “real” depopulation  method of a full scale assault using our own compromised armies as pawns to usher in this new existence on top of your bloodied bones as they crunch under the tank tracks of dehumanization and depopulation 1-O-1. The bottom line of particle acceleration is clear, and it would replace all fossil fuels and Nuclear as a viable abundant clean source of energy that would save the earth and support our current populations and beyond. The only hindrance of this seemingly pipe dream-ism is Greed-ism.

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