Labyrinth of Artifice, Oligarchy of Inveiglement

Rated “B” for Bull-dung

History is written to pacify the reader that past decisions or actions taken were made for the best. Kind of like a rating system for movies. Depending on the content, it would be labelled with a rating system signify hieroglyph. Thus history is subjected to censorship. Even books and movies written to contradict historical events, usually is culturally fueled, depending on one culture’s version over another’s, making it even more ambiguous and cumbersome to really give a dung. Like a debate between groups of 1 percenters and their over-glorified, bombastic scholars. If you do not fall asleep within the first 5 minutes of that deliberation, then you are hopelessly a 1 percenter, or a postulant. The most scary part of history, or the scribes that write history, is the scribes base it on so called reliable news sources and media of that chronology. Some media, as we well know, is thrown away, discarded, or ignored. EG: A black man being beaten to almost the hereafter, with several cameras recording the video, that caused one of the worse riots in Commercial North America’s history because of the authorities refusal to properly deal with the marauding constables . However, videos, taken by a commoner are always tossed aside, or ignored, unless it fits the 1 percenter’s agendum of dominance and brainwashing.  So what is real? An old saying says, believe 1/4 of what you hear, 1/2 of what read, and 3/4 of what you see. Or 1/2 of what you see and nothing that you hear. I say, believe your own experiences and learn from them, do not doubt what you see, scrutinize what you hear, and if written by a 1 percenter, it is probably fustian, and is for certain, not written for your advantage or plenitude. Just to con you.

Rated “G” for Genocide

All in all, historical events about other competing cultures, can be somewhat believable. I do believe that Nazi Germany is responsible for the death of millions of Jewish people. But I do not believe the rest of the world was powerless to stop the growing genocide. The Nazis’ merely gained their wealth, power and productivity that revived industries, by stealing gold and money from the rich portions of the Concentrated Jewish communities in Germany? Even if they did, why would the rest of the world continue to monetarily trade with Germany? Ignorance? No because of greed. The rest of the world’s corporate 1 percenters continued to trade and fuel the genocide out of greed, claiming ignorance, making the whole world guilty. History is carefully written, not for accuracy, but for accountability. If no one wants to be accountable, or there is no one to pin it too, then, so let it not be written, so let it not of been done. Isolation of the truth leads to isolation to the noncompliant. Divide and conquer. Because how long can one stay lonely? I have read story after story in newspapers that amounted to mundane words that described nothing but a one sided tales, leaving in wonderment of what the other side of the tale was. Tale? Yes, I call them tales because a true story requires two sides of the of the account. The only time you get a true story out of a newspaper, magazine, or some other corporate, profit orientated, dung dripped, cess-recital, scrawled, over-censored journal-nod-ism, is when it is about a sporting event or an election. However, the story, to be sure, will be embellished towards the victors. Why is journal-nod-ism written in this manner? Because, it is censored towards the corporate, profit oriented, 1 percenter narrow-ism of enforced thought provocation.  Whether it is in a newspaper, magazine or broadcast by radio or television, it always leaves the same after tones. Hopelessness. Well, at least to the non-brained-honed of society.

Rated “OO” for Opulently Oppressive

But biblically, God says we are fed. “I feed the seagulls, I feed the crows, which carries importance, but not the worth of you, so why would I not feed you?” (Not an exact quote) But we still cling to possessions and stature inducing riches like they are our life’s blood. Do we carry these oppressive burdens of possessions because they keep us alive? Make us happy? Or do we cling to these ornaments of materialisms out of brainwashed need. I stand as a man to be noticed, to be loved and respected because I notice, love and respect you. If you hit me with your rock of aggression, I will fall and bleed. But it is just tissue that I lose, and not my individuality. Thus I will not strike you back in anger. And if I survive the blows you have intruded onto me, I will heal, get up and scribe them as they happened and not bare false witness, only to say, you stuck me down, and I forgive you. Is this weakness or strength? I call it strength because for one to carry the humility caused from an aggressive action, and stand up, and still love, that is strength no one can combat. Our minds will protect our soul. Ergo, as long as we can keep our intellect aggressively shielding against other’s will to dominate and bewilder, conning you to do their bidding and enslave, your freedom of decision and emotion will lead you to your true life path.

Rated “F” for Fear

Fear is the common tool 1 percenters use to keep people in their servitude. In the old south, they kept the slaves of that time fearful, using brutality, murder and bondage. Fear is a strong emotion, because even if you yourself do not fear, people you care about are fearful, causing you to fear for them. Their anguish, if you decide to break the chains of slavery, will keep you in those chains for your family’s safety. This is why, if you lead your family out of bondage, direct confrontation will not work. The most successful rebellions are secret, intellectual and non-aggressive. Once the mind is convinced we are going the wrong way, then the battle is finished. Rebuilding our morals and how we live is the real challenge. We have to live for life, and not for so-called progress that is capitalizing everyone’s freedoms and individuality. I would trade the progress attained tomorrow, to keep my freedom today. People of wealth simply do not understand the concept of freedom, other then their own. People of wealth would do anything to keep their wealth, and do on a daily basis. They look down on the commoners like they are diseased sycophants that do not have rights. They hate labour laws. They hate any service, controlled or not, that provides money to the indigent. They hate liberalism, but will support it in the sense of capitalism, but only conservatively . If you collect welfare, they think you do not deserve the money. If you draw on your employment insurance, they think you a indolent cadger. If you file a compensation suit against an industry or conglomerate they think you are a quisling and perfidious, just scamming the system. They hate Green Peace and label them as terrorists. If you had any idea how they really viewed you as a commoner, your illusions of this world would shatter revealing reality, allowing yourself to pick up the pieces of your broken idealism and become productively free. The Towers of New York were a masterpiece of fear inducement. This fiasco of corporate bunco killed thousands of people during, and for years after. They ruined countless careers and lives of people that proved scientifically it was a controlled eradication. They kept everyone fearful, in order to invade foreign countries to control their prosperities, for a price of course. What price was that? Their freedoms.

Rated “S” for Slavery

But the banal cess-mill of arrogance rolls along in a circular motion, shrinking our brains, influencing us to become dormant and abeyance. On call to do their bidding, conveying more brain-rotting swill of useless education of compliant-ology. It is all for the progression towards the 1 percenters vault of sadistic, domineering, cataclysm that rewards the  esurient and the hoodwinkers. Battle after battle of deceptiveness and pilferage, beating each other to submissive floundered shells of progressive or regressive enslaved chaos. There can never be permanence in the victories in this vault of sadism, because of the volatile structure, always changing to suit the profligate of this rapacious induced community of lost souls.  If you grab the stem of a rose avariciously, you will be punctured by the thorns, and drip blood needlessly to the soil. Perhaps that is a lesson to be gentle in our grasp for prosperity.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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