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Columbus Day

Ever wonder why an Italian explorer would be exploring in Spanish ships? That is the real question of that voyage in my mind. But Columbus was just another 1 percenter looking for glory at the expense of others. Spanish royalty granted these ships in the exchange for wealth and untold  treasures. Columbus was convincing enough to get 3 ships, some say 4, when his homeland’s holy emperor/republic refused.  But we all know what a mess the Italian Senate was, not to mention, being under holy rule. Ignorance was the big factor why he did not get Italian ships. Even though there was scientific and physical proof the earth was round. Pythagoras created the technology (information), mathematical proof that the world is a sphere (round) much earlier, around 330 BC. And the Vikings, I guess, because they were ignorant, sailed to North America much before any other culture. But I believe they knew, or at least believed that Odin would protect their Voyages, and if the runes said sail, they sailed. But to the holy Roman Empire or Republic, the Vikings were considered barbarians. In the end, whether the Italian senate believed the world was flat or round, really does not matter. It is control. Each culture has their own control, laws, and penalties. Even though Italy was rich in culture, science, and art, they were under the holy emperor/republic whom were renowned for their narrow-ism and pompous biblical analysis. Meaning, because Jesus happened to be crucified because of Pontius Pilate’s decision induced by the holy Jewish community, they had some direct connection to God? Who knows. But science in these times was viewed as borderline witchcraft, and we all know what happened to witches and warlocks AC. Thus, Columbus was most likely prudent to search elsewhere for his navy. As far as Columbus causing an Apocalypse in South America, that Apocalypse was well under way caused by local tribes warring, dominating, and killing each other. Thus, the invasion of the Spanish fueled expedition, did not have much fortified resistance from the already scattered and internally conquered natives dominated by more powerful and corrupted native tribes. As far as Columbus Day? Well, you can be the judge. Columbus did lead Europe towards the Americas. And because there was a wealth of riches to be had, the European Monarchs, holy or not were attracted to the Americas like flies to dung.


Canadian Thanksgiving has no real significance to the rest of the world, only to signify the harvest following fall equinox. Not much controversy, thank God, surrounding this Canadian Holiday, or even the American Thanksgiving which occurs on November 24th. Just a hopeful prayer for abundance of the harvest.

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