Canada, 150 Years of Social Ascendancy and Parsimonious Prosperity


People say, yes I am glad to be a Canadian. I have been told since I was old enough to talk that you are lucky to live in Canada. Canadians are free. Yes we are free to be socially dominated and receive scraps of prosperity from the wealthy imperialistic snobbish Monarchy exalting 1 percent. They are so stingy, you have no idea to the extent they hold this idealism to their rapacious imperialist hearts. I mean really. Has anyone been examined by a Tribunal in this country? It is a experience that opens your eyes to whom really controls this country. Far be it in the control of anyone common or considered “peasants” of this society. From living room to living room, to office to office to conglomerate to conglomerate, to castle to castle, to mini monarchs to mini monarchs we see pictures of the Queen of England? Yes, we all know that this picture idolization is becoming less frequent in Canada, and you may even visit a  Canadian Taxation and Revenue Centre that is actually free of these boorish images, at least not in plain view. But we still have to look at the Queen on our money. I seen a quarter the other day that had the Queen on one side and an Aboriginal Chief on the other. Now, you know I cannot resist the pun associated with this observation. Which is heads? Which is Tails? Heads is always associated with the positive aspects and tails is usually associated with a negative aspect. Why not put the Aboriginal Chief where he belongs on the coin and not where the moose or beavers reside. Or it could mean the Queen of England gave the Aboriginal Chief “tail”? Or it could be just a 2 headed coin, which would be fitting, because we have all been conned for 150 years.

Royalty Expoilers

I remember Expo 67 as a child and remember the celebrations. It seemed to be something to be proud of at the time. But I was just a child and when I look back, it seemed like a better, prosperous time. However, I did remember also that it was the turning point for prosperity and things were tightening up because the 1 percent of society wanted regain their wealth that was somehow fairly acquisitioned during the 50’s and early 60’s, meaning it was somewhat distributed amongst the masses . Usually this happens when there is a need for infrastructure and labor to complete these projects. But anyone that has travelled the TransCanada Hwy knows it is no better then a paved skidder trail between Sudbury and Winnipeg. We do not promote our country to live in, rather we attempt to either bribe people to live here, or we shut them out completely. If we invested into the populist that is living in Canada, make them more prosperous, other businesses and people will immigrate promoting better commerce and trade. But we cannot have such a thing in Canada. We have to remain boorish and prehensile watching 90% Canadian Content of low budgeted, poorly produced entertainment that is guaranteed to put you to sleep during the first 10 minutes, only to be awaken by the first commercial break if you still have the misfortune of being forced to watch cable or subscription televised nonsense and main con-streamed media.

Then again, if it wasn’t for British dominance, we may have been Aboriginal? Possibly French? Or instead of provinces, we would have been different states in the USA? Whatever the case, we would not have had to endure looking at the royal family’s ageing faces on our money for the last 150 years.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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