Commercialistic Commerce, Contiguous to the Heart Attack

The Rook, the Cad, and the Greedy Thicker Lash, by Ney-von

We cannot escape the ads of compliance, looking at that smiling model fool used for an advertising campaign to sell some May-Bullying or Loather Gur-l makeup, featuring that opulent pop star, or that semi-over-the-hill TV personality putting on their best extremer phoney smile. We look at these people as if they have some sort of mystic message to enlighten us with, but subliminally these ads are saying, “buy more makeup, and don’t forget to buy my latest migraine producing intellectual art CD, DVD, or stream, and don’t forget the Tylenol, or Advil, or Generic if you prefer, possibly laced with some codeine, washed down with your favorite brain shrinking elixir, after choking from cotton mouth from that huge toke of the now legalized brain honing weed of wistful-dumb.” Just think, you can look almost as good as the model in these exasperating ads of compliant-ology, cosmetology. You may even, someday, be “just like them”.

Bloody Scabbed Skin Tracks Nail Polish , by Ramble-On

Who are the new breed of drug dealers? That can be a tough one. We still have Sweet Willie, slinging his overpriced, laboratory made, synthetic crack balls. Or he may sell you some supremely trounced upon cocaine with a mere 7 to 10 percent purity. Try boiling that down. The newest, well not so new, but newer, is  (some of) the disabled from some industrial accident or severe back problem patients selling their excess morphine (Opioids) pills on the street for, depending on milligrams of content, up to $150 per pill. The purchaser (needle junkie) will cook it up via spoon and main vein. Why do these injured people do this? Because they are broke most likely and/or hooked on morphine, heroin and many other drugs. Possibly they see it as a way to make a retirement plan. In the end, these people are responsible for many new breeds of junkies. The worst being the morphine (Opioids) and crack attics (free-baser). Who is the supplier, the source? Your friendly neighborhood doctor! All you have to do is permanently maim yourself and they will prescribe what you need just to get you out of their office. Want to know how to make crack from everyday available over the shelf products? It is all over the internet. Even videos from National Geo-graphite. And, lets us not forget the methadone program, not that we could forget.

Closet Hooker Lipstick, by Suburban Dismay

How to become a prostitute? there are 32 million search results.  Reasons not to become a prostitute? About 4 million hits. Thus there are 87.5% more reasons to become a prostitute? We are in a world that is deteriorating by the moment. That gives you an idea how much swine pen scribble scribe is infiltrating the young minds of our children. Truth is, we keep falling into that trap of closet-ology. We are lured to the things that seem rebellious. That may piss-off our parents, or authorities. However, being a rebel has nothing to do with destroying your brain, body, reputation and motor functions. The illicitness of things are there to amuse the wealthy and the 1 percent of society. Keep you spinning in circles of plunder and destitution. They enjoy watching you squalor and hurt. They figure, you deserve your fate. That way, they can feel superior and justified to keep their amassed, opulent, lavish lifestyle and proliferating bank accounts that flourish from this programmed, rebellious behavior. The idea is to steal your money, your dowries, you family wealth, your home, your prosperity, your future prosperity, your offspring’s prosperity, your offspring’s, offspring’s prosperity. In one simple word, slavery.

Rebels of the Despotic Blush, by Estate Launderer

Rebellion is a good word. However like everything else in this opulent fueled world, it has been twisted into brainwashed perceptions of what rebellion means. It has been twisted because the 1 percent of society does not like it’s true meaning. To successfully rebel is to turn off their constant streams of suggestive, commercialized behaviour and regulation constraints. How to act, what to eat , what to wear, what to listen to, how to walk, talk, and how to be compliant to the so called laws and by-laws of the enforced society that cause your nightly headache that you take over the shelf medication you were induced to think you need to get rid of the pain. Really, all you have to do is turn off the dribble fumigating into your living room from those channels and feeds brought to you by commercial corporate North America and their main con stream media via their semi-talented abrasively charismatic, annoying personalities and broadcasters. If you call that entertainment or information then on the scale of 1 to 10, you are in the red according to the brainwashed meter. To rebel from the status quo, all you have to do is think and act for yourself. It may seem isolating but you will find others that are smart enough to see through these studio props of mind control.

Fiefdom of Proselytized Dupes Eye Shadow, by Low-real

People seem to be waking up. People have their ears to the ground, listening for that “rumble of disruption”. It is smart to wait for others to appear before you make your move to freedom. Or is it? I think that if you change your own belief system, you will attract like minded people. So no need to wait. It is your gift from God, freewill. Whether you are religious or not, you possess freewill. We all seem to be weary of the critique from the Gatekeepers of oppression and slavery. However it is the use of this humility they inflict upon you that makes you stronger. Because in the end, that is the extent of their power. To enforce you to adhere to their bidding that makes their positions of ambiguity more powerful because if you cannot express your opinion in an intelligent manner then really, what do you have left? If you lash out in violence, that is exactly what they want justifying their strong arm antics and marshal laws. If you rebel in a brainwashed resultant mannerism, you justify their prisons and inflated court systems that in the end, just keeps lawyers, the 1 percent of society and mini-monarchs rich, being protected by their dragoons housed in their feudal kingdoms populated with department stores and Mansions of despair and profit. Nothing new. You already know this, don’t you?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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