Martyrdom of the Abecedarian, Impalement of the Unindemnified

Despoiler of the Quotidian Muliebrous, Philistines of the Gridiron

How do they keep us down so beneath our dignities? When and how does this pristine twisted attitude penetrate our hearts and become respected knowledge? One may philosophise that it is the way of the natural world, that we are all naturally, barbaric and aggressively competitive. Possibly. But I have the belief that the ravenous of society are the creators of this stage of vulgarity because they know it is damaging to the human spirit. A spirit that they need to control or crush. How is this accomplished? There are “soldiers of depredation” all around us. We usually cannot distinguish who they are out of blind faith pounded into our brains as children in the capitalist schools of proselytization and, later in life, famed idolisation. Many indoctrinating methods are utilised. But some, are best explained by the “experience”.

Amiss Gullion of Intrepid Torment

A woman in her early 30’s, now divorced with 3 children, living in low cost housing, large enough to shelter herself and children. She was victimized as an young child, sexually abused at the hands of her mother and father. She was married early, at 17, to a physically and sexually abusive spouse who fathered the 3 offspring that she now solely cares for. Being alone, responsible for 3 children, she prostituted part time to make ends meet, filling the void that social assistance failed to cover. She was partially illiterate, with no marketable skills for employment. Easily influenced by showy people who encouraged her profession, she kept irregular hours, and hardly ever got time off to do anything for herself. Although she kept her alcohol and drug consumption in check, she liked to go out with a girlfriend for drinks at local venues to free herself of stress. Being a hockey fan, she could not help but notice, in the particular lounge she and her girlfriend chose that evening, had several hockey players seated at a couple  of adjoining tables celebrating. They were surprised to see the crests on the player’s jackets indicated a professional hockey league team, being that their town did not have a major hockey team, only a minor. Her girlfriend, being more outgoing, got up and walked towards the tables occupied by the hockey team members. Her girlfriend immediately sat down and started talking to one of the team members. Being receptive, the hockey players all raised their drinks. “This toast is for, what is your name sweetie?” asked the team captain, directing the toast to her girlfriend still seated with the hockey players. “Karen!” said her girlfriend enthusiastically. They all drank to Karen and slammed down their glasses. “Why don’t you invite your friend over here Karen? She must be lonely sitting at the bar by herself.” said another team mate barely standing up. “Sit down Pete, before you break your neck! We are just passing through. How would it look if you were injured in a nowhere town like this?” said the captain, grabbing his shoulder and pushing back into his seat. “Come over Darlene and bring your stuff!” called Karen getting snuggly with one of the team members. Darlene, nervously grabbed her stuff and walked towards the table and sat close to Karen. “Come on, honey, mingle with the boys!” said Karen now holding hands with one of the players. Soon, one of the players started talking to Darlene. “Don’t mind these fools. We’ve had a hard road trip and have a one day layoff. We will be headed out tomorrow afternoon. So we are blowing off some steam.” said the player to Darlene. Darlene, although still a bit nervous, was attracted to his seemingly stability and control. “What is your name?” asked Darlene being more at ease. “Joselyn, but just call me Joe!” said Joselyn smiling. Darlene smiled back and shook his offered hand lightly. After a few more drinks, that seemed to continually appear before her, she was feeling a bit light headed. Pete, who was stumbling around, grabbed Darlene’s shoulder. “Hey babe! drink up!” said Pete, grabbing one of her untouched drinks, slamming it back. Darlene who was startled, looked up at Pete and let out some laughter. Being close to closing, the captain stood up. “Come on everyone, bar is closing. we have to go to our rooms.” said the captain finishing his drink and walking towards the lobby leading towards the rooms. “Hey Darlene, come to our room for a drink? A few of us are going to have a small party. Want to come?” asked Joselyn in a pleasant tone. Darlene not really sure hesitated to answer. Karen, who was arm and arm with the other player said “Come on Darlene, I will be with you. It will be cool.” Darlene stood up and grabbed her coat and purse. “Ok, one drink won’t hurt.” said Darlene staying close to Karen and Joselyn whom offered his arm for her to hold.

In the room, which Darlene had no idea whose room it was, assumed it was Joselyn’s room. She was drinking, and was more relaxed. She was listening to Pete mumble on about his wife and the problems he was having being on the road so much. To Darlene’s dismay, she noticed that Karen and the player she was clinging to was no where in sight. Suddenly, Joselyn grabbed Pete and led him to the door. “Go to you room and sleep it off!” said Joselyn as Pete stumbled out the door with a few other players leaving. Darlene, now sitting there in one of the room’s chairs felt alone and vulnerable. Joselyn was whispering to the other players in the room, 7 or 8 team members in total but Darlene was not really sure. “Where is Karen?” asked a nervous Darlene standing putting on her coat. “Karen who?” said Joselyn sarcastically. Darlene then grabbed her purse and started to walk towards the door. Joselyn roughly grabbed her arm and made her sit on the bed. “Let go of me!” said Darlene in retaliation, now thoroughly frightened. Joselyn just glared at her as he went towards the door and locked both locks. “You are not going anywhere.” said Joselyn in a threatening tone walking back to her, standing over her. “Look, I have kids at home. I have to go back. Please let me go!” said Darlene in a frantic, pleading manner. “You industrial town bitches are all alike! You let us buy you drinks and tease us with your skimpy clothes, but when the time comes to put out, you all make excuses.” said Joselyn as the other drunk team members laughed. She got up again and Joselyn pushed her back on the bed. She defiantly rolled off the side close to the door, got up and made a dash to leave, but felt a sharp, blunt pain against the back of her head, and blacked out. She abruptly awoke to a glass of vodka and seven splashed on her face by one of the chuckling team members. Two teammates held her arms and two others held her legs up in a spread eagle fashion while she laid upon one of the bureau dressers. She was completely naked minus the her half torn bra that was now around her waist, and her high heeled shoes, one of them with a broken, hanging heel. Joselyn, who was holding a lamp minus the lamp shade with a lit incandescent 100 watt light bulb, moving the lit bulb now very hot towards Darlene’s open and exposed vagina. “Please, let me go. Please!” said Darlene in duress and fear. “I wonder if we can insert this bulb without breaking it?” asked Joselyn sadistically as he moved the hot lit bulb, now very close to Darlene’s vagina. “Please, stop, please! I will do anything you want! Please don’t!” cried Darlene now sobbing uncontrollably unable to struggle free in fear of being burned as other team members laughed and drank more. As Darlene was almost ready to pass out again, from the fear and feeling the heat of the hot lit bulb now just millimeters away from her exposed genitalia, Joselyn pulled back the lamp back a bit. “Ok, you have a deal. You will do what ever we want and will satisfy everyone in this room. Then you can go home to your kids.” said Joselyn heartlessly as the remaining teammates in the room laughed. “Yes, I will do whatever you want. Just please don’t burn me!” said Darlene still sobbing. Joselyn pulled the cord of the lamp out of the wall socket and tossed the lamp across the room. They proceeded to rape her for what seemed like hours. They left her alone in the room after they were finished raping her. She looked in the mirror in the bathroom after she cleaned herself and cried. She managed to dress with her torn clothes. Darlene left the room, hobbling down the hall with her broken heel dragging, leaving out the rear exit.

She never talked to her friend Karen again, despite Karen’s several attempts to call or visit. She tried to press charges, and told her story to female constables countless times, and they made the report, but ultimately was buried by the crown/district attorney suggesting the lack of the accuser’s credibility and evidence. It never lead to any charges being laid and the story was buried in some basement in some box with other abandoned cases.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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