Good Old Fashioned Divorce

Cold Shoulder to Cheat On

Marriages and relationships are becoming a disposable institution. Matrimony just does not seem to have any value and, for a price, can wiped away like it never existed. First sign of trouble or disagreement, people, want a divorce and/or separation. Even though they gave their vows, “for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, until death do they part”, just seems to be a phrase that means absolutely nothing. We cannot kid ourselves no longer. It happens far too frequently to have any real meaning to the individual that initiates the separation/divorce. People that vow to this promise, and break it, do not show any remorse after the separation or the divorce. In some extreme cases, some individuals celebrate the death of a marriage.

For Vanity, not Worse, Definitely not in Sickness, Only Health, For Richer, but Definitely not Poorer, Until it Gets Tough, Do We Part

Many marriages suffer from infidelity, money problems, social problems, alcohol and substance abuse issues, physical and mental abuse, child and sexual abuse and/or just plain compatibility (communication) problems. The latter (communication) is the most likely common culprit that breaks up marriages. Interfering friends, relatives, etc. that only serve as a communication barrier to the couple trying to work it out. How many times have you heard from a family member or so called friend, “she/he should just leave him/her”. Most likely if the couple were talking to a priest, cleric, or even a marriage counsellor, these individuals would offer some sort of reconciliation solution or plan to follow.

Two-Faced Division Decisions

So why are couples so hell bent on leaving each other. Morality plays a role, and just common faith in religion. No matter what a person’s religion is, the marriage institution is a sacred bond between two people. Even if the ceremony is performed by a judge, the matrimony ceremony is performed as a sacred bond between the couple. Thus, once married, the two people have vowed to spend their lives with one another no matter what happens until death do they part. So why is the law, and/or society so light on the occurrence of divorce. If a spouse leaves another spouse for little or no reason, then why should these individuals be able to file for the separation or divorce without at least submitting provable, valid reasons why the separation/divorce should take place. Biblically, most reasons for divorce and separation occurrences are not supported and would not be tolerated.

Heart Breaker, Law Shaker

Women argue that is has to be this way because if it was not, the woman would be trapped in the marriage. But they neglect to recognize that the man also is bound to the institution, and should not either be able to end it arbitrarily. Women should be bound to the marriage just as much as the man. If you take vows for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, until death do we part, what part of those vows are unclear? Most men and women are unfit to enter the matrimony of marriage, simply because they have not been taught proper values and the true meaning of marriage. They think it is a big party and a way to get money (gifts). It is regarded as an illusive vanity parade for the youth, vowing to each other for at least the length of the honeymoon. Thus hopefully, if you are entering this institution, you are planning a long honeymoon, just in case you want it to last more then a couple of days.

Tongue Tied Twisted Tongue-Lashing

Some women and men, or both, would argue: “hey, we wrote our own vows”. Ok, so what vows were written? I do not buy that excuse because, only a fool would agree to “for vanity, not worse, definitely not in sickness, only health, for richer, but definitely not poorer, until it gets tough, do we part”. I mean really. Most written vows, even poorly written, promise more. Most written vows are fairly close to God’s traditional vows: “for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, until death do we part”. This is because, you have to promise something, or it is not a vow. Religious or not, it is still a commitment to keep the marriage sacred. Forsake all others. Even if it is a marriage performed under the Satan religion, the vows extensively pledge both bride and groom to each other’s service forever. So, what does this mean? It means people do things for vain and pecuniary reasons, not spiritual reasons. Possibly, they will come up with capitalist vows that promise vanity, wealth, and material. But I think we covered that genus.

For Copious We Trust, Fissured We Stand

When two corporations merge, they become one. Sometimes the entities will retain their identity, sometimes the smaller entities are fazed out or “swallowed-up”. It could also mean “all chewed up and spit out”. Exactly. We, even if we do not know it, are by-products of capitalism. So we act, even when getting married, like possessed “agents of fortune” from hell. But we covered that, because even a marriage in hell promises more. So, what category does a marriage in commercial corporate North America reside? Shekels. It seems to be a harsh reality, but true. Most people will end marriages because it is not “turning a profit”. Not economically feasible. Not copious. At the same time, people will stay in marriages that are profiting, at least until they can find a lawyer that will not take most of the divorce spoils. That usually indicates a lover that happens to be a lawyer.

Prenuptial agreements may prevent people from marrying strictly for money. But that is only imposed if one or the other, or both, are wealthy and greedy at heart, or just have no trust for their fiancé. Either way, that sort of an agreement, in my opinion, puts a large calmant of mistrust in the marriage, thus will be doomed for failure, at least until a swanker suitor appears on the horizon.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on December 14, 2015

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