Hollywood Idol Garrotter

Corny Maze of Idolatry

There are many illusive stories that come out of Hollywood, but this genus is my favorite. No one can be sure if it is real or just a way to draw people into the celebrity maze of worship. It is intriguing to say the least. It would make sense to draw more people back to the hobknob of the entertainment industry because a lot of people, now, are just not interested in Hollywood obloquy. There are (were) famous personalities running scared of this phenomenon and in some cases, created a small media storm in its wake. However, in the end, this rebellion, would be orchestrated into a aberrant rant or a drug-induced delirium. I mean really, how hard would it be to convince the main con stream media to abdicate the personality and satirize such a story?

Virtual Coliseum of Reality

Is there any truth to the obscure stories that seem to surface mostly in the alternative media hub? I think these stories are somewhat credible, once you sift out the ridicule and defamation woven into these reports (clips). Normal people would ask, “why would they make fun of these stories?”. A CEO of a corporation would answer, “to make the story more goading and salable”. My answer would be: they (CEO’s and the 1 percenters) want to make these claims look ridiculous thus people will be entertained and not take them seriously. What happens to the surviving personalities that make these claims? They usually bend to the galling because these claims usually prevents them from applying their trade and making money.

Actors, performers, entertainers are a commodity. These chattels represent large fortunes and investments conveying large potential, present and future, emoluments. Not to mention residuals. In the end, if the personality conforms and drops the accusations, in most cases, they are allowed to continue their vocation. But the damage has already gutted their career because people, are too gullible and, are too quick to imbibe the propaganda pabulum. In a nutshell, commercial corporate North America and the 1 percenters know their audience and know how to pull the executive strings. Psychology, to be sure, plays a large role when these solecisms slip out of control from the puppet master’s grasp.

Dubious Witness or Just Ludicrous

Vague stories seem to trickle out of Hollywood and other saltlicks of the entertainment industries about bribes, sexual abuse and coercion, murder, sacrifice, satanic rituals, pedophilia, rape, payola, etc.. Some of these stories seem to involve some of the greatest current actors, male and female, in accusations that borderline the unbelievable and ludicrous. Yet, these stories are there if one looks for them. Some of these reports even involve highly respected political figures. Alternative news streams have these stories in the population but are not on the surface. One must dig a bit to find them using key words and or phrases. Of course, what would serve as a competence criterion to the validity of these stories?

Certainly, whether true or not, the personalities involved would not dare to address these allegations for the simple reason of the obscure sources, or at least whatever sources, that were used having been defamed (debunked by gatekeepers) or left in obscurity. Thus, there would be no pressure to address these accusations, unless they were formally charged and had a lawyer present. Still, some of these celebrities tend to dance that fine line allowing these stories to circulate, possibly for extra exposure, or more likely because there is no real control over these sources and/or stories/reports. However, these stories must of spawned from somewhere.

Curve Ball of Coercion

Still, even personally watching or reading some of these stories gives me chills down my spine. I can think of one celebrity that, since I viewed a human sacrifice story involving that celebrity, I cannot sit through any of their movies anymore. I end up turning it off. Is this a desired result from the reading/viewing of these allegation stories? Possibly wanting that desired result for that particular personality? Or is it “just desserts”? But, that particular personality does not seem to be getting less famous on the overall entertainment spectrum. Could it be because that celebrity decided to “play ball” in order to circumvent this ominous publicity? I think, whether these allegations are true or not, the latter would be the most likely case.

Nonetheless, when these stories surface either by the celebrity in their own defence, when involving direct threats or allegations, legal or otherwise, or through some low key obscure alternative media stream, or orphaned story on a website, the results are the same. Unless the personality ends up dead by suicide, accident, natural causes or otherwise, the end always seems desperate, erratic, crazed, incoherent, self-inflicted and isolated. The ones that are smart enough to remain in the “light” seem to evade the permanent, destructive tailwinds of this slander machine once set in motion. Anyone thinking this is a new thing, should think again. You can read history books, that are used to educate our children, that are based on conjecture and fables.

Despoilment of the Benign

So whatever ominous entity exists that induces these events that seem so destructive and calumnious, remain in the shadows creeping about like a chameleon, never to be clearly seen or heard. Specifically, it is not mysterious at all. It is just a group of wealthy or hired individuals, assembled by the 1 percenters. Their purpose is to brainwash and control the masses. An effective method is to control the entertainment industry and productions, to ensure their slimed quilled epitaph is followed to the letter, and any deviation will result in enigmatical dubiety, or death and mayhem.

People would like to think the world is a straight forward place with no real mysteries to challenge our narrow thought process. But that is not because we cannot think in the abstract. It is because, we were weaned and nurtured off censured information in the attempt to keep the masses calm and compliant, and easily led into slavery, serving the 1 percenters idealism of what society should become. In reality, it is just a bunch of overly greedy people that cannot give up or share their legacies and wealth that has been inherited on to them from generation to generation.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on December 20, 2015

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