Genesis, Mendacity, Aborticide


Abortion is nothing new and has been widely practiced in commercial corporate North America, and other countries, legally and illegally, for a century or more. Of course, I am almost positive it has been practiced for millenniums, just in a more hushed, crude mannerism. Biblically, it is an absolute no no. However, we have scholars and study groups that attempt to twist the Bible’s word for their own purposes. These skeptics usually ride on the LTDEWWITBTCATHF (let’s tear down every word written in the bible to contradict anyone that has faith) wagon. It is currently a pretty big wagon. Lets face the fact that there are a lot of “sinners” that cling to this sinister, perfidious, barouche. The main argument for abortion is, in my opinion, pretty lame.

Murder, She Rout

Sperm is ejaculated from the penis into the vagina or artificially inseminated into the womb. The sperms then begin their journey (race) towards the egg to impregnate. Once a lucky sperm manages to get to this low percentile target, and penetrates the egg, the fetus starts to grow. Not before. Not after. Right at that moment of conception. Done deal. Pretty simple concept. Not rocket science. Pro-abortionists would have you believe that because it is not classified as a real human being yet, you can kill the fetus. Like eating a fertilized chicken egg. Wrong. Anyone that has cracked open a fertilized chicken egg that received the correct amount of heat (98 degrees), for a about eight hours, will see blood in this egg. No, that is not voodoo. It is the fetus starting to grow and form. Because the human egg, instantly, recieves the correct amount of heat, the fetus starts growing immediately.

No Brains, No Pain

Pro-abortionists hinge on the fact that the brain has not developed. They believe there is no real living being to worry about, thus it can be killed without remorse. They maintain that the fetus is somehow not conscience therefore has no worth. Any woman that had an abortion, or miscarriage, most likely would have a different opinion. Women that are “victims” of abortion/miscarriage develop great remorse and emotional issues after the fact. They have feelings of great loss in the “spiritual” and voided sense. However, that is not allowed in commercial corporate North America because it does not “fit” into a ruthless, capitalist, greed-orientated society.

Dictated Pro-Choice

Yes, you read correctly.” Women that are “victims” of abortion/miscarriage”. I do not believe any woman is in the proper state of mind to make that decision when pregnant. I am not suggesting they cannot make their own decisions, but it seems when a woman makes this decision, it is rarely, solely, their own because of the emotions involved. These women always seem to have others around them, family, friends, doctors or professionals pushing them into this decision. Saying that it is for the best. Best for who? If these women would of consulted a cleric, minister or priest, they may of had a different light shone on the situation. More balanced. Clerics, ministers and priests (if competent) would not tell the woman what to do, rather point out the positive aspects of pro-life. This can create a more stable decision-making environment allowing her the power to make the right choice rather than being pushed into a serious decision that may scar the woman’s psyche for life.

Only You Can Prevent Feticide

But the “barouche” pushes on into the depths of idiocy, not respecting other countries’ morals, values or traditions, force-feeding everyone with their capitalist, self-righteous propaganda-pabulum. Genocide. Feticide. Lets call it what really is and not attempt to twist the meaning of established philosophy. In fact, we seem to frown more on “herbicide” then “feticide”. We are being told not control what plant forms grow in certain areas with herbicides because it is not “natural”, yet we are encouraged to abort a fetus from a woman’s body. Something terribly wrong with that picture. Has anyone ever camped in a controlled camping site/area and collected dead wood laying about in the bush to make a camp fire? Then, have some “retard park attendant/ranger” come out of no-where and say “put that wood back where you found it because you are “disturbing” the natural reforestation”. Yes, that happened to me once. I then asked the park attendant “do you want me to place every piece of dead wood back in it’s exact, original location?”. Unfortunately, you cannot do that with an aborted/miscarried fetus.

eJACulation the Ripper

Illustration-wise, dead wood really has no relation to a dead fetus, other then being good fertilizer, but it does show the stupidity of what we are “brainwashed” to think is important. Dead wood important, new human fetus not important. This does not suggest all women that have had abortions should be metaphorically “burned at the stake”, or even censured. It means our value system is so corrupted and manipulated by whatever the current, 1 percenters, agenda propagates through our learning systems like a computer virus. Dismantling the Bible and the faith it invokes. Tearing away our spirituality, with small, sharp, fish hooks, ripping your soul into tiny little smidgens of distorted belief. Yes, like “Hell Raiser”. However, it is not the “prime evils” that are coming to rip your soul apart. It is a bunch eccentric, egotistical, snobbish, money grubbing 1 percenters monetarily subverting our beliefs and spirituality. If you want money? Drink from the poison well and become “agents of misfortune”. Or just sell your soul.

Put a Rubber on it

Women that want (have) the choice to abort a child should think about the responsibility of having such a choice. Moralistically, abortion is not a sound choice because it implies carelessness. Contraceptives are available so, really, there is no excuse not to use them, even in 3rd world countries because they are not that expensive. But, because of capitalism, they have not figured out how to turn a profit by educating and supplying people that, have no knowledge and/or, cannot afford contraceptives. That would mean they would have to give them away as “charity”. So what is the solution? Legalize abortion in all countries and apply pressure on countries that refuse to legalize abortion. That way they can push more health care and make more money! Sell more drugs back to the countries they steal the drugs from in the first place.

Viral Cloud of Disdain

Viruses, that are linked to birth defects, seemingly convey the justification for abortion. There are many substances that are linked to birth-defects that we ingest or breath-in everyday. No matter what the health or viral concerns may be in whatever country, respect has to be shown for life and should not be treated as a disposable product at any stage of existence. Once the fetus starts to grow, it is alive, brains or no brains. To think otherwise is irresponsible and nefarious. But of course, commercial corporate North America has already normalized abortion so what do we have to worry about? Just kill it before it spreads.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on January 30, 2016

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