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Everyday Deceptive Boondoggle

Having a recent conversation with my brother about employment factors and the realities of what may shift employability from one extreme to another opened my eyes on the shared attitudes of people that are fortunate enough to have a stable income. People that have stability in their assets and proceeds, whether they are retired or still working, blue collar or white collar, have a dangerous perception on why people are unemployed or destitute. Dangerous in the fact that, they do not fault the government. They fault the social aspect, the community and/or the persons underemployed, jobless or indigent. Summarily leaving the government “painfully” faultless. The government, whether municipal, provincial/state, or federal, is and, should be held accountable for any unemployment or necessitous. Hey, these individuals (Politicians) are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their so-called service to the people and after 8 years , are eligible to a premium pensionable retirement. Thus, why should they not be held accountable?

Extortion Coercion Opprobrium

People that control the government decide where our taxes are applied and can create the environments for prosperity where all can benefit. To keep the masses working is to the best benefit of the government. They work for us, not the other way around. So why are they (politicians) paid so handsomely and assured a prosperous future after service? To keep us in a working, viable country to ensure all can prosper and retire in dignity. Does this happen? I do not think anyone can argue that prosperity does not indeed happen for everyone. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the majority of people are not assured anything whatsoever. When I pay my tax dollar, I get no guarantee that the government is spending my tax dollar in my best interest. Whether you live in Canada, United States or even Mexico, political scandals are leaked out to alternative media feeds, streams, and/or print. Some of these scandals are so obvious that the main con stream media has no choice but to publish these infractions. Most of these scandals are about misappropriated money/funds, pensions, grants and/or resources. Do the infracting politicians, that are suspected of involvement, really need to be stealing more money than they already, legally, harvest from the system? Perhaps because they are ravenous?

Concessive Depressive of the Molested

Perceptions that do not fault the government for the downfalls of society is a major copout because people that protect the government in this manner are afraid of change. They fear this change because of the impact it may have on their livelihood. Understandable. But still, if you have a room of hundred people, and only one is filthy rich, cannot anyone see the problem with this picture? That one person has exceedingly more wealth then the ninety-nine remaining people in that room combined. IE: 99% of the population of that room holds 1% or less of the prosperity, while the 1% of the population of that room holds 99% of the prosperity (wealth). If any person believes that this is a fair ratio, then they are either stupid, ignorant, or simply unaware. Or they are the 1 percenter person of that room. If I was in a room of 100 people and I had 100 apples and I gave 1 apple to the 99 remaining people to share. I would think it would be safe to say I was being greedy.

Monarch-Capitalism Theorem

Why can 1 percent of the population have and keep this ratio of prosperity from the remaining 99 percent? It is because the government of the people allow this to happen. The government works for the masses, but is controlled by the 1 percenters. Sad, but a harsh truth. If anyone complains or makes accusations in this manner, they are called communists. I call this ratio the Monarch-Capitalism Theorem. Because, that one person in that capitalist room is definitely as rich, if not more, then any, past or present, Monarch. Again, I am sure, some university scholar can mathematically prove the necessity of this Monarch-Capitalism ratio. Why we as the masses should accept and protect it’s conceptive deceptiveness, and embroider and cherish this idealism, as true democracy, vital to freedom and liberty. But, it would still sound like propaganda-scandalous.

Vainglorious Cognoscenti’ Indoctrination

How much does one person really need to live? To exist? You can bet your 1/99th slice of that apple the 1 percenters know exactly how little one person needs to survive in todays capitalist economy. They know right down to the penny. Anything over that, in their voracious-envisioned concept would be their definition of prosperity for the masses. Needless to say, much of that prosperity has to be borrowed from the debt-pushing banking institutions. In that manner, they even make more money (interest) off your borrowed prosperity. Cogent acceptance is the key that makes this portentous economy work, otherwise, we would just take our fair share. Admit the fact, that if there was 1 person in one room with all the apples, expecting 99 people to share only one apple, in reality, no holds barred, what do you think would happen? The one percenter person, in this room, would be overrun and the apples would be shared and distributed in a more equal fashion, even at the discretion of the “populace mentality”.

Prorated Proletariat

There would be people that would argue that the “populace” cannot govern itself. That it would be rampant and unorganized. Possibly. But to get to that point, you would have to “antagonize the multitude”. Why does there have to be a “mob mentality” at all? Because, that is the natural result when you give so little to so many, expecting them to accept and be content with the few scraps thrown from the 1 percenters plethora. A sense of anxiousness is always the element of the multitude because they really have no idea the power they have unified. If they did, that anxiousness and discord would be consecrated into one ominous force to be reckoned and feared by those who would be foolish enough to oppose. However, that never seems to happen because each person that makes up the mob is conquered and divided mentally. Brainwashed. If we followed the biblical cautionary guidance against “coveting”, then we would be unified with our neighbors, thus less susceptible to the “commercial citadel of babel” that convinces us, by the use of “covet level possessions”, to either buy that “covet level possession” or just be envious of thy neighbor.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on January 14, 2016

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