The Bravura of Competition Piquant

Exposing Private Lies

We as human beings compete from natural instinctiveness. So it may seem. Has it been bred into us, inbred into us, or is it a greedy need to grasp something before someone else does? I do not believe this personally because I think, when we are born, we have no competitive nature other then to survive. We were given brains like no other species. Thus why do we still act like jackals scrounging and fighting over a gazelle killed and half eaten by a neighboring lion family. Is this a desired behavior, or a side effect of social decimation. We, as humans, everyday, think and act in terms of competition. We behave in this mannerism like it is natural instinct. That is a potentially dangerous scenario that, in most cases, ends in some form of languid conflict.

Children that come up through the school system are taught that competition is good for the spirit and character. From kindergarten, and up through high school, this idealism is forcefully forged into their impressionable brains. Everyone in the classroom is aware who is the top student, and who is the dunce. The teacher is the culprit that usually exposes the weaknesses and strengths of all the students. What is the exact reasoning for this exposure? Why does this progression have to be evident to everyone in the classroom? Is it because we as adults, want to push our children to these idiotic extremes that were never attained when we were young? Thus we allow the school system to employ the competitive empowerment that is more destructive then getting the strap from the principle.

The Foully of Forged Evolution

Has the school system and their teachers progressed? I would think that they have most likely regressed and are far worse then ever before especially in the capitalist environment. If you look up the definition of “competition” you will be negatively informed, contradicting your brainwashed impression of competition. When a child wants to play a sport, the school system only has room for a certain amount of participants to play on the “school teams” therefore, pick the cream of the recruits of all who apply to play. What percentage of students get to be on these teams? Depends on the size of the school. In a sense, everyone gets to participate in physical activity during “gym class” and that is the forum that the competitive destructiveness and constructiveness begins. All at he hands of the haughty, drill sergeant mentality, serf driving gym teacher.

Some children progress in this precarious environment and most children become scarred for life in this “boor huddle of torment”. Why then do it at all? Because, the school system has to provide a certain amount of physical activity for your children, therefore use this opportunity to sift out the undesirables and promote the 1 to 2 percent that may make the school teams. Usually this is a performance based criterion, “natural ability”, that is utilized, therefore systematically decimating the other undesirables’ will to compete. This also means that any children that could of been “taught this ability potential” will most likely not develop the motivation to evolve because their will has been “shot down in flames” by the process. Teaching involves patients, encouragement, and nurturing. Most gym teachers that have these qualities are not employed.

Social Disgrace 101

Schools in the last 20 to 30 years have become social runnels, ultimately leading the majority of students to mediocracy. Is this a desired social result? To the 1 percenters and wealthy, it is a successful deviant necessary to keep the majority of the population to remain without hope or prosperity. In basics, you become a slave mentally and physically because you will have no notion that you are enslaved and will work until you die or until you are just not useful anymore. What does this say about our education system? Not much, thus if you send you children to school because you need day care and do not stay attuned to their progress and mental well being, you might as well send you child right to the street to survive as social outcasts. Because that is where they may end up as prostitutes, porn actors, gang members, drug pushers, and/or junkies, or just plain homeless and destitute.

The “professional bum” analogy may exist, but is used as an excuse by certain individuals to avoid the mental need to help the helpless. Thus, you can see how competitively twisted out social thinking is when we evaluate who the “top bum or bums” may be. Perhaps we could develop a “bum championship system”. This synopsis probably would get ratings and would have more then enough participants. This would also increase the suicide ands murder rate, in turn, thinning out our population of social undesirables because lets face it, if you cannot be evaluated as a “top bum” or even a “ranking bum”, drastic measures would be utilized because what is left to lose? This thought is far from original because there are many movies, current and past, that use this epitome.

The Thrill of Agony, the Victory of Defeat

Sports, from grade school to university, ultimately leading to professional, minor or major, teams keep this contorted vying spirted and augmenting like a cloud of airborne viral contamination, infecting all who breathe this essence of voraciousness. We have all cheered on our home professional team populated with possibly 1 or none local players, in a championship series, in a mob like presence, possibly breaking into a riot if our team wins or loses all in the name of capitalist competition. On the other hand, it could be just an excuse to lute local businesses for the “covet level possessions” the most people struggle or cannot afford to buy. But let us not forget Olympic type sports and endeavors that basically produce the same reckonable causatum. The ultimate gag-reel for the wealthy and 1 percenters.

We that Reject Brainwashed Residuals

There are a lot of parents that are wise to this downfall of public or mass populated schools no matter if they are public, private, religious or not. These smart parents homeschool their children in attempt to teach their children proper values and educate them in stress free environments free of stupid competitive attainment. Does this work? It works because children learn better in controlled, happy environments when allowed to evolve and chose freely to aspire the directions that they would “naturally” take when given these opportunities free of bullying and tyrannical suppression. Parents that are smart enough to take this venue also teach their children the realities that they will face instead of sheltering the child, using (screened) current news events to show what society can be like negatively and positively. (Screened meaning no brainwashed main con stream media, advertising, programming with advertising or any medium sponsored by commercialism.)

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on January 5, 2016

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