June 24, 2024

Northwestern Ontario Adopting Climate Change Agenda Whilst Promoting Devastating Mining Boom Ruining Indigenous Lands

Looking back in the last three years of federal and provincial government overreach, for our supposed benefit of course, locking us down in our houses like animals, it would seem that they are currently ushering something far more diabolical and specific besides Covid Hotels where you can “check out” anytime you like, but can never leave. Now that this radical control of the WHO, World Health Organization (a private elitist funded organization), has retreated, for now, and these crazy lockdown schemes are seemingly history, we have certain leaderships pushing the good old “climate agenda” as a council priority. You know, the climate change agenda that is designed to keep you locked into your respective neighborhoods within a twenty-minute radius, not allowing unnecessary travel anywhere except to work or food at Government approved proprietors and markets? No need to worry about such misinformation like unprecedented vaccine injuries that are being swept under the carpet forming a huge bump that people keep stumbling over.

Strip mining in the Nipigon and indigenous areas, like the Ring of Fire and Nu-Gold, promises the Northwestern Ontario wilderness devastation and water contamination. How does this type of mining affect the wildlife and our environments? Why are these companies allowed to pollute and destroy at will, and we, the people, get scolded about our car exhaust, which is already 99% carbon free due to the pollution controls already installed in our vehicles for decades, like catalytic convertors? And, lest we forget, the indigenous people being manipulated and frightened off their lands due to contaminated water from the mining and general fear porn about a waning pandemic. Are you worried yet? To be honest, I was hopeful for a new about face to occur with the new elected leaderships. Instead, we got the WEF approved consolation prize of Globalist coercion.

Confused what the Climate Change agenda will bring? Prisons Old Link, New Link Carbon Prisons

Go to this link here and watch the video to view what the climate agenda will bring in Melbourne, and the rest of the world. It means 800-meter radius prisons whereby to leave this 800-meter radius, which will be your carbon prison, you will receive a designated number of passes to leave your carbon prison so long as it is recorded where you are going and whom you plan to visit. Imagine that you will be in an area of about 528 acres. So, if you agree with this climate change agenda and want approximately the same area that cattle get to graze, you will love this idea. Remember, you will be jammed in this radius with many other people. Approximately 33 families/units per quadrant (175 acres), being 4 quadrants in the 800-meter radius, bringing the tally to 132 families/groups jammed into 528 acres of land, or 2.56 km squared which equates to a very small town. Sounds definitely like a concentration camp, or the notorious FEMA camp, or detainment camps, all dressed up to appeal to the slight of mind. Remember, these units will most likely be shared with other people/families, probably on a share basis of the living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen areas which will be neutral spaces. And you will own nothing and be happy as the WEF moto goes.

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