March 1, 2024

The Mime of Mines, The Cohort Destructive Dance of Northwestern Ontario

The blue circles show where the exploration for lithium is active in Northwestern Ontario. This map was created in 2023.

In the last 3 to 4 years of the decimation of our Constitutional and Human Rights, we have all been distracted as to what the governments and Big Telecom has been planning. Right under our noses, they were implementing the main 5G towers in every community in all the cities and towns across North America, which also included Northwestern Ontario. Now they are after the small townships and rural communities to implement their 5g infrastructure everywhere any human may reside. How will they do this, one wonders? Where would they get the money? “To hell” the shareholders say, “We are not paying for it!” As the Big Telecom executive stands up and brushes off his lapel, clearing his throat, exclaiming; “Don’t worry, the taxpayers will pay for it, no worries!”, as the whole room full of greedy bankers, CEOs and grasping shareholders stand up and applaud furiously, hooting, hollering, whistling, making general idiotic fools out of themselves thinking about all that money to be made, and they do not even have to invest dollar one!

And that was the general theme of things before the 5g implementation that is now coming on strong in most of the rural and remote Townships, Reserves and other small communities. And who is dedicating taxpayer dollars to be invested so that Big Telecom can install their 5g Towers and repeaters/transceivers every 500 feet? Our trusty municiple, provincial and federal governments, that’s who, starting with your local alderman or councilman, to your mayor or Reeve, to you MPP and MP right on up to the provincial and federal parliament to be basically pushed through whilst you scramble and worry about your basic human and civil rights getting summarily flushed down the drain by your corrupt elected officials.

But is that it? Is that all we have to worry about? I wish I could say yes, that is it, but I would be lying like all of the politicians have been for the last 4 years. Not that they were very honest before, but let us just say, since March 11th, 2020, all elected officials have hit new lows as to their integrity. Mainly because, most of them don’t have any integrity to speak of, at least none that they would admit to their own mother, who is probably sitting in an old folk’s home, masked, isolated and getting remdesivir or midazolam two to three times a day trying to keep her safe? This is all just the tip of the iceberg that supposedly melted away a decade ago due to global warming.

What is the rest of the story, one might ask impatiently, sitting at his computer investing in lithium? Lithium? Could that be it, hmm, let me see, yeah, that is it, and once again, we are paying for it, at the tune of 1 billion of our taxpayer dollars, give or take, provided once again by our provincial and federal governments. Yes, in Ontario, specifically Northern Ontario, the federal and provincial government are dedicating 1 billion of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars for the exploration of lithium, and other resources to be sure. And it involves moving people out of remote communities, mainly Indigenous Reserves, to the main cities in Northwestern Ontario. In Thunder Bay for example, more tax dollars are being spent to build new housing for the indigenous, within the city limits in attempt to accommodate these indigenous people who are being displaced from their homes located in the Northern Ontario reservations, many of them currently living in tent cities.

They will say it is water contamination, floods, global warning, War of the Worlds, anything other than what it actually is, which would be the innocuous search and mining for lithium. The Mime of Mines, Lithium, white and black in color. The odd mime surveyor who happens to trespass on your rural property, realizing he is a bit off track, then walking off your property, ignoring your questions as to what he was doing there in the first place. That is why they have to displace these people that occupy these target lands. But wait, what about the Tribal Councils and the Chiefs? Why are they not putting a stop to this raping of indigenous lands? Perhaps that is another story in itself. However, Reserves are not the only places on this mime of mines decimation roster. Northwestern Ontario remote and small communities are on the Mime of Mines hit list as well. Silent and innocuous, publicized lightly on websites with seemingly little importance of what is to come, all encouraging investment in lithium and how Northwestern Ontario, if they play their cards right, could be the lithium hub. In other words, push people out of small and remote communities so these land marauders can buy up the land and rape it by strip mining for lithium.

This is a large movement in Northwestern Ontario, but our local councilmen and Reeve sit there like mimes and do a dance of misdirection, trying to get a few chuckles, twisting and turning, ultimately leading you out of your Town Hall then locking the door, and all the time, not uttering one word of the mining exploration that is targeting your community. Could that be why these Township Councils and Reeves are raising property taxes to unprecedented heights (25.8% of the highest rate imposed), then whisper with mime expressions and dance around the inflated budget topics hoping you will just applaud, leaving with a smile on your face? The fact is they are creating a harsh financial environment for young families and retirees, in hopes of emptying the community to make way for the strip mining they are planning in certain remote communities. How else do you get people to leave their dream? By turning it into a living financial hell, miming it of course, so everyone just leaves without a clue, corralled into their destined 15-minute city, for a price of course.

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