March 3, 2024

As the Globalism Churns…

An observant and inquisitive person would be sure to discover certain facts about the past three years, that have devastated our constitution and basic human rights. Employers, especially large corporations attempted to squeeze this intrusive government overreach to their advantage, as in, gaining information about their employees that they would have a hard time acquiring before 2020. Information like personal medical histories. The government set this stage as in a “dangerous pandemic” featuring an unproven virus and its unproven contagion, “Sars Covi II, like its predecessors, all the way back to 1917, the Spanish Flu, which was never proven to exist nor be contagious. But that did not stop them from naming these viruses that mysteriously appear during the exact time frames these electrical changes of the earth occur (The Invisible Rainbow). To the awakened, this all seems elementary and would start yawning at this point. However, to the otherwise “slumbering dissident” who would definitely stand up and holler, remains silent and goes back to sleep because of the purse-stringed influences set forth by our governments via our trusty employers as in, “comply with this top-down overreach or lose your job”, or at least, your pay, as in constructive dismissal. It seemed like a win-win situation for corporations and the governments that they own, however, it leaves a major liability loophole for anyone brave enough to fight for their rights and not comply to this excessive “personal medical information grab” to ensure the employee or perspective employee have to compromise when hired or want to remain employed. This type of coercion is highly illegal and if you fight, you will win, eventually. But by that time, one could go broke and homeless fighting these illegal information grabs via blanket medical consent forms when testing or sharing your vaccine status which is all private medical information. Because you complied, does this mean you cannot reverse your decision? Yes, you certainly can according to the medical privacy laws in Canada that state you can withdraw this consent at any time. Even for the new employee that had to test, be vaccinated, or both to get hired can withdraw this consent at any time because this information given to get the job is only for that purpose and not to be shared or exploited publicly to any other entities, only for the decision making of that employment.

What does all this have to do with Globalism or Globalization? If you have to ask this question, then you fail to see where this top-down overreach originated. Places like the WHO, CDC, Health Canada, Provincial government, local health Units, and finally Municiple, in that rough chronological order without any clear legislation legally acquired or written, only that, the WHO somehow can dictate to the world the meaning of a pandemic and what should follow. Things like business lockdowns to destroy medium to small businesses and keep everyone locked in their homes while they install 5G towers everywhere imaginable, even on hospitals. Keep the nonessential from their jobs to default on their mortgages and loans and force businesses that are shutdown to continue paying their property taxes, all to serve the “Great Reset” which in basics entails the destruction of our economy, patriotism and all private ownership benefiting the central banks that will broker it all away neatly and tidily whilst pushing you and everyone you know into 15-minute cities (containment camps), begging and debating over petty privileges, being forced into untested vaccines and medical procedures, mysteriously disappearing one by one, innocuous enough so no one takes notice.

How could they get this accomplished? Who is responsible? To know this, one has to research who attended the “Young Global Leaders” program or like courses, which are many. Just visit the WEF website and research these programs. The World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab specifically was ranting and raving about the need for a “Great Reset’, and if memory serves, so did Prime Minister Trudeau on several occasions during the lockdowns stating we need a “Great Reset”, as in plugging the agendas of Davos, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum that represents the desires of the wealthiest billionaires on the planet. But who are responsible? Who are the actors orchestrating these agendas in Canada? Locally? This has to be coordinated on many government levels. In the Northwestern Ontario area, Liberal Patti Hajdu was an attendee of such WEF programs and served as a panelist at the 2021 Davos agenda, with Thunder Bay/Rainy River, another Liberal, Marcus Powlowski, former consultant for the World Health Organization, and advocate of “human challenge trials” in 2020 for the covid 19 vaccine development, as well as the Conservative Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario), a young global leader attendee. In fact, Klaus Schwab boasted of their conquest over the Canadian Government that at least 60% of the Canadian Parliament was attendees of the Young Global Leaders program, including Justin Trudeau, Christa Freeland, Jagmeet Singh, Pierre Poilievre and Stephen Harper. So much for left, middle and right and the escape through political sides. And what about Adam Exton? Hmmm?

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