March 3, 2024

Globalism, The Political Pollution

It never ceases to amaze the lengths globalists will strive to destroy the sovereignty of a nation, any nation that stands in the way of their world domination aspirations, using anything they can to lay their foundations. One that comes to mind is racism. Why use racism? Because it is the perfect platform to set everyone to an aloof state of awareness, turning a blind eye to this global manipulation, surfacing guilt generated by people hundreds of years ago, to make people of the present somehow responsible for the treatment of indigenous people during this multination expedition to settle the “wild west”. Somehow this has become the “common folk’s” responsibility and not the fault of the families that have created billion-dollar fortunes off the devastation and exploitation of the western indigenous lands, the very people that hide behind the globalist shields of Davos and the World Economic forum. Yes indeed, and they point their generations of blood-stained fingers at us, the populous, in hopes that the indigenous people will take this lure and create more separatism in the nation they reside. Bands of the indigenous in Northwestern Ontario’s largest city are calling for the disbanding of the “local” police, citing the years of prejudice and police brutality towards the natives in these areas. Does this also include the Tribal Police forces as well? Disbanding the police in any large community opens the door to lawlessness and chaos, exactly the stage the globalists want and need to continue their global marauding of freedom-based countries like Canada, USA, France, UK and Australia. Once they destroy these democratic, freedom-based systems that house free enterprise, then they will gain their objectives and proceed to control the earth un-elected.

They will dominate everyone and everything including the natives and their lands that house vast resources. The reservations the indigenous people still occupy is the next devastation, some areas well on their way like the Ring of Fire, and most notable, Saskatchewan’s uranium strip mining in and around the indigenous reserves and lands of this province. Of course, the provincial and federal governments play a larger-than-life role in this landgrab, exactly like the “carpet baggers” of the old south in USA, during and after the Civil War which was based on slavery in the old south. It seems corrupt governments like to “steal” what they can in wake of civil conflicts, and what better time, to set the stage for asset acquisition, 15-minute cities (detainment camps, EG: FEMA camps), digital ID’s, social credit score systems, etc., and if you do not comply and have agreed to actually live in these 15-minute prisons, then who is to say you would not mysteriously “disappear”. If anyone wondered how they were going to round up everyone to live in containments camps, they can cease their wondering because, they will ignorantly enter these 15-minute cities (detainment camps, prisons) willingly after they have been stripped of their homes and assets by the government. How would that happen? By collapsing our commercial bank systems in favor of a central bank and their digital currency. At the same time, nullify our Municiple and Federal governments, including indigenous tribal systems, leaving the provincial governments, designating all new territories, all governed by the Global Elite Billionaires, in short, Globalism.

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