June 24, 2024

Open Society and the Induction of Special Interests, Addiction, and “Prescription Cowboys”

In BC Canada, Victoria Island, they went ahead and decriminalized hard drugs, as in the highly addictive opiates, including Fentanyl. It seems like a victory has passed for the growing pains of an Open Society; however, it is a devastating blow, that will promote, the defunding of local police as law enforcement in favor to provincial and federal law control. It is a master plan funded by Soros and his minions of BLM and Antifa (Most likely both organizations are CIA operations similar to Anonymous) where it prioritizes non-productiveness and sloth. In the large scheme of things, it creates useless members of society placing no incentives on detoxification nor productively as in supporting your own life, living off the system, and if you are female, it encourages prostitution to make extra earnings to pay for the street level drugs, not to mention the “Prescription Cowboys” that sell their prescribed opiates to junkies on the street for an inflated price. You may say, “why would anyone that needs the drug do that?” however, once you see the monies generated off these prescription opiates you will not question its self-motivated trafficking that simply destroys the will of people misfortunate enough to get “hooked” and strung out on opiates.

Although prostitution is used by many of junkies to support their habit, they will be, but should not be, surprised that plans are already in the works to legalize prostitution as a taxable profession, having many avenues already taxed as in female exploitation via strip clubs and escort services that cleverly cloak the prostitution underneath their escort fee that is paid upfront. In both venues, prostitution is solicited under this blanketed tax coverage where the prostitution still remains untaxed. But this will all change once the Central banks digitizes currency, taxing every trick they perform at the tune of 20 to 30 percent. This will mean that if you sell that old snowblower or table saw, the buyer will be taxed on the sale and the seller will have to declare the money received as income. Same will go for prostitution whereby they will know where the money paid went, and who paid this money. That is why they want to have digital currency. To control your every move or purchase, withholding funds where they see fit. In a society that revolves around money, it will be devastating. The best way to combat this digitized system is to bring the Central banks to their knees. How do you do that? By not falling into debt and stop using debit and credit cards. Put your cash into hard commodities like gold and silver and keep the commodity close to you, not in forms of certificates, bonds, bank notes, or in any commercial bank. Start forming neighborhood temples and stockpile your commodities for the community, alleviating the need of commercial or central banks. Believe it or not, that is how banks all started. Temples were built by the community to stockpile their crops, gold, commodities and spoils generated by the community, all equally shared back to the community either personally or to build infrastructure.

To be sure, to make up for all the lost taxes that businesses failed to pay during the lockdown, not being allowed to conduct business and in turn, withholding their tax levies or going bankrupt, the municipalities are now cutting services to the public and jobs of the “grunt” employees, shutting down community centers in the lowest income areas, at the same time, pouring monies into special interests like museums, complexes, stage and theaters, geared entertainment for the elitists. Although the monies seemingly come from different sources, it is all tax dollars. Museum or Community Centers? Seems like a no-brainer which one should prevail.

However, that is the wave of the Soro’s future guided by the UN and the World Economic Forum. More top-down management, special interests, and the defunding of local law enforcement in favor of the micromanagement of your daily life, using the purse strings of Basic Universal Digitized Income and social credit systems to bend your will to the state. Will it work? Let us hope it never becomes reality.

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