June 24, 2024

The Tall Tale of Soros and his Open Society of Trafficking, Decriminalizing the Criminal in Northwestern Ontario

Certain city councils pushes Ontario to decriminalize hard drugs, and spend more on the opioid crisis in Northwestern Ontario raises some red flags within the communities, especially within the common folk who, on a daily basis, watch the indigenous community become gradually more and more oppressed from the city’s council turning a blind eye to the real reasons of this certain city’s sociological issues that not only include the homeless indigenous population, but the substance abuser population that have increased several fold since the start of this globalist fueled Boo-demic. Boo, as in weed, as in ganja, as in refer, and on and on and on, as in a drug that was mysteriously legalized after decades and decades of lobbying by marijuana activist groups, funded by tobacco cultivators, who would love to grow this drug and sell, distributing to brick and mortar vendors, who will in turn, supply to the public. It acts as a mass tax generation tool, so much so, they were able to provide motor vehicle sticker plates and renewals all for free, because the tax imposed on weed is the same as it would be on gas, cigarettes and alcohol.

Now they would like to decriminalize hard opiates, like fentanyl, heroine, morphine, and also, the prescription level and versions of these opiates. And if one is caught with these opiates without having their own prescription, can they just carry on their merry way? Will this mean they get to “keep” the substance if caught in their possession? Most likely it would depend on what decriminalization actually means and how it would be written as a Municiple law, however in this case, it would seem they want to leave it to Ontario to pass down legislation alleviating any accountability towards the city’s councillors and Mayor. Bottom line, it actually encourages illegal trafficking of these opiates unless the sales of these drugs are controlled by our trusty, dusty old federal government. It does not take Columbo to figure this one out, and they will be lobbied by potential manufactures and cultivators to make the distribution of opiates legal. Perhaps Sherlock Holmes, after he exposed the embezzle-demic, would be tickled pink and would not have to “bust” himself if alive today, being his legend was portrayed as a morphine attic during a time it was legal and fashionable.

Sounds a bit like “defund the Police” as the chants of the Soro’s funded BLM echo within the past corridors of the plan-demic. However, is this really going to help this community whereby homelessness and drug abuse is rampant? A place where the drug trafficking is dominated by Toronto gangs and syndicate members pushing fentanyl on a street level in Thunder Bay and most of the smaller cities and communities in Northwestern Ontario? Could this be why the murder rate is at an all-time high in this area because of these foreign gang and syndicate element attempting to push out the local cowboys who already traffik in our communities? Do you really think increasing the budget of the social working aspect and defunding our Police force to smaller and smaller budgets is going to solve this and many other associated problems if opiates are decriminalized?

Another reason they are pushing for Ontario to scribe the decriminalization is another “defund the police” antic, local police that is, leaving the enforcement power to the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and RCMP. Cities without police is a prime crime breeding ground, allowing the trade of hard drugs go unchecked and rampant. The murders of these areas will only increase, attracting more foreign gang members to setup shop, flooding the market with opiates and cocaine. Are these the elements people really need in their communities, or is this just another way to fracture the public into more separatism?

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