March 3, 2024

The Impolitic of the FDA, Enchanting the Docility of the Credulous Public

The FDA has become, for a lack of a better description, a witch’s haven of experimental potions and brews, and uses its past reputation, which in contrast, was seemingly reputable and honest, as their buffer to the ridiculous, or just plain “fidious”. They have shown their true corrupted colors and have abused their “post” as a trusted government entity, to the point of total bewilderment. They just keep approving these experimental vaccines, the latest, to young children and newborns. When they justify their approvals, it is always backed by powerful government lobbyists from big pharma, that utilizes plain ridicule to convince people to take this experimental vaccine. Commercial after commercial of dancing fools, demonstrating the glee of the vaxxed.

Currently the Commissioner of the FDA says misinformation is the leading cause of death and should be combatted as in,

Quote: “the FDA should create a limited safe harbor to allow sponsors to directly counter misinformation” End Quote.

The FDA and other conglomerate entities would like to do away with free speech because they feel that Big Pharma and lobbyists know what is best for the masses, and the masses just should “shut the hell up”. We are commanded to stay within the parameters of the pharma “gatekeepers” and so-called fact checkers when saying anything against the vaccine program started by Trump and still being pushed by Biden. The FDA is obviously compromised by Big Pharma and is reeking of “conflict of interest” to the point of palpable.

The FDA and like agencies seem to forget who pays their paycheck being a public office, and the last time I checked, the boss is the person or people that pay one’s paycheck, not the other way around. We the people certainly pay their paycheck, and they are certainly “biting the hands that feeds them” every time they go on their “Big Pharma Induced” decisions, followed by “rants of public disobedience from the masses” which seemingly causes confusion as to who really pays their paycheck, or at least, their “under the table” incentives, like, I really don’t know how to say it, well, I guess I do, bribes and corruptive leverage fueled by key FDA members in ticklish situations.

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