March 23, 2023

The Criminal Mind Element of the Scare-demic or, just “Release the Kraken!”

We have criminals like Anthony Fauci who, to this day, still proclaims this virus is real, caused by nature. His so-called republican counterparts who keep dragging his pathetic carcass into the limelight to revive the 100 plus year-old debate that viruses are natural from nature or, biological warfare, created in a lab by our enemies, in this case, Anthony Fauci who supposedly funded China to perform “gain of function” experiments to make this virus extracted from a bat, “Come Alive” and wreak havoc upon the world, in the global sense, or by country to country, in patriotic sense, which all leads to “Utter Nonsense”.

It is funny that the pattern of all these viruses, stemming from the H1N1, or more commonly known as the “Spanish Flu”, right up to Sars Covi II, and all of its so-called variants, the latest called Kraken Variant XBB1.5 are all inclusive to this biological warfare, attempting to point the finger at someone, anyone, who’s accountability will satisfy the masses as to who started all this nonsense in the first place. In reality, it is all a bluff to make you afraid of your own shadow and comply with this ridiculous top-down governmental overreach. As in “The Kraken” or “Release the Kraken” as in quote; “Kraken, known from Scandinavian folklore, has been recontextualized into Greek mythology. After a survey of the lore of the Kraken, attention is turned to the 1981 movie “Clash of the Titans”, where the Kraken plays a prominent role and where the Kraken is first put in the context of Greek mythology.” Stian Torjussen

Perhaps they named this variant “Kraken” to frighten all those TV and movie attics who were stuck at home, smoking legal weed and drinking too much brain honing elixirs like “The Miller High Life” or “Molson Canadian” or perhaps “Polar Ice Vodka” or “Jack Daniels”. Marijuana is certainly known for its “Paranoia” side effect that is guaranteed to keep most people glued to their couch watching TV, hiding under a blanket until the weed or the booze runs out, making them unglue themselves from the couch to venture to the front door where a new delivery of marijuana and liquor/beer awaits. However, no matter how stoned or drunk one becomes, something this obvious would alert any substance abuser whether or not they have been scammed. And, if you lose the substance abusers as your target market to fuel the fear-demic, I will say the war is already lost and it is only a matter of time before everyone heads for the “Hanging Tree”, nooses and ropes in hand, to have a good old-fashioned lynching.

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