March 2, 2024

They Were Dreaming of a Global X-Mas, Illuminated by your Radioactive Commoner Body

As 2023 rolled its lame bones into existence, stories of 5G rollouts in the Northwestern Ontario’s largest city, in a two-to-three-year plan to phase it into our daily lives, as if it was something of a miracle, as in, the Second Coming, or when the Telegraph was invented, as if it was something so sacred, so awaited, enabling your green haired, gender confused teenager, or pre-pubescent child, to walk across the street with their heads down, entranced by their black mirror of vanity (5G ready cell phone), playing Minecraft or some other favorite micro-transaction, pay as you go 3D game, suddenly getting ran over by the oncoming dump truck, one of the many that just left the nuclear waste dump, filled with displaced earth, making room for these numerous cylinders that are flowing in our district from all the nuclear reactors in North America. Is this the future we have molded so our offspring can grow up and carryon the baton and create an even more devastating future for their waning offspring that will be far fewer because of the infertility 5G, and wireless technology in general, inflicts upon our offspring’s genitalia and inner reproductive organs rendering sperm and ovaries infertile, if they were not already removed by some globalist hack surgeon in the name of the government version of LGBT?

In reality, this is the exact future you are allowing to come to be if you do not protest the numerous 5G towers being placed into your neighborhoods right under your nose near playgrounds, schools, colleges and apartment complexes. At the moment, there are approximately 30 of these towers in and about all the neighborhoods in this city of 100,000, followed by a minimum of thirty more. Anyone that lives near a 5G or any Cell tower, is in danger. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Because in order for 5G to work, minitowers have to be installed every 500 feet, that will blanket your neighborhoods. Just ask yourself if your local internet company or phone company even mentioned that fact to you via flyer or letter. Did they also explain that customers of 5G will be allowed to install a 5G transceiver on their house to further spew out EMF radioactive pollution onto your property without your consent? Unless you get involved, this is the future and once here, it will be that much harder to get rid of this technology from your community. Thus, as they continue to use fear porn to frighten you about fictitious biological viruses that can magically jump six feet from your kitchen counter, threatening further lockdowns and plandemics to take away your rights and lock you into your 20-minute city (prison), ushered and monitored by 5G technology, fully automated from tracking your every movement, to censoring your latest Facebook post, you cannot blame anyone because you allowed it, welcomed it, to happen.

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