May 24, 2024

The Innocuous Probagation of Telecom Malady Camouflaged as Organic

Remember back in 2018, when an enormous quantity of independent studies was floating around about the harmful effects that waves of the higher, restricted bandwidths could produce, as in, unknown health effects to humans, animals, specifically the honeybee and other devastation to plants, specifically wheat shoots? If one had an imagination, one could just imagine the results over time that this type of radiation could produce.

Then came along, the Coronavirus, specifically, Sars Covi II, more commonly known as Covid 19 the so-called disease, or more accurately, the symptoms generated from a Sars Covi II infection. Of course, Coronavirus is simply the common cold. The Common Cold is the symptoms generated from, what exactly? Catching a cold, or falling through the thin ice on a pond or lake? Or not wearing your wool skull cap in the winter? As far as I can see, no one really knows what causes the common cold. And catching a cold from kissing your girlfriend or boyfriend who had a runny nose certainly made you sick, perhaps more in mind than actuality?

It is funny that 5G utilizes the forbidden fruits of bandwidth as in, the milli-metered spectrum of wave lengths that were/are thought as the “harmful spectrum” that was restricted for a very good reason, or at least by those who actually gave a night soil about the environment, animals and humanity, was the target for legalization during the pandemic. What a coincidence. It is not a secret that living near any cell tower increases your chances of harmful side effects, the most common, cancer, because of its devastating results and treatment. Many successful lawsuits have been launched against the Telecom Industries that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that EMF radiation is harmful.

What about Green peace? Should they not be concerned about the implementation of 5G without serious independent studies? This was their response in 5/17/2020″


“GP hasn’t seen any convincing scientific evidence that this would entail any significant increased risk for people and the environment. Nor can we see that the potentially harmful long-term effects of increased electromagnetic radiation”

End Quote

Sounds a bit like they are under the “Golden Parachute of Bribery” or just plain “Out of Touch” of their originating purpose, siding with the intellects and elitists of “Corporate Conglomeration”. I mean really, the FCC opened up the frequency spectrum that is deemed the most harmful despite of much countering independent research without so much as initiating any independent research of their own that says 5G is environmentally safe. They seemed to have skipped over that part.

The argument now, for planting all these 5G towers innocuously during the pandemic lockdowns, perhaps 30 to 40 towers per 100,000 people, is that the power required to propagate these tiny little waves across a 500-foot area is minimal, not enough to harm anyone. However, they play on your ignorance once again and neglect to say how many of these tiny little waves will be propagated around in this 500 ft radius, perhaps in the trillions. If you knew the power required to push one of these millimeter waves, then you would have a better understanding of how harmful this potential can bring. That would mean at least five 5G towers per 20-minute city, that is, if they allowed people in these prisons to have internet.

Was the pandemic designed to usher in Big Telecom’s restricted waved spectrum of technology upon our communities with little or no argument? More like, little or no informed consent as to the possible 5G dangers that will definitely propagate through your neighborhoods, making everyone ill, infertile and generally unhealthy, blaming it all on fictitious biological viruses and their even more capering variants. Just like these vaccines that are as about as efficacious as developing a vaccine to prevent a stubbed toe.

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