March 1, 2024

MAID to Euthanize your Children

It seems very curious of the changes being made in our system. Since the lockdowns, fueled by the plandemic, it would seem this WEF, World Economic Forum, dominated parliament of 60% is encouraged to pull out all the stops in order to usher in the great reset that includes depopulation, or at the very least of admittance, family planning which would include population controls like assisted suicide and abortion. Although abortion is nothing new, it is being re-evaluated as a humane procedure, and even more barbaric if the fetus will be used for stem (T) cell extraction being that the fetus must remain alive un-sedated while they cut into the live aborted fetus. However, to the Globalists, this would represent a necessary event in order to produce vaccines, even though no one will admit this murder of aborted fetuses is tolerated by the pharma companies that utilize these stem cells for their research and vaccine creation.

Some of MAID’s qualifying conditions are depression and diabetes. If you assess what is going on, you can see that in the last few years, the bar has been lowered quite significantly as to how one would qualify for the MAID apparatus to set in motion their so-called, “Humane Deeds” to a confused public. Especially ones that have been decimated with loss of employment, homes and dignity, forced out on the street to survive because of a plandemic that was merely a tool to destroy small to medium sized business and introduce contact tracing and bio digital convergence via the vaccine. A “perverse disincentive” is being utilized to push death over expensive health care. Canada already endorses medically assisted death as a policy that can save millions of dollars.

Naturally, this would bring to mind, covid vaccine injury that has been unprecedented in the numbers of death already reported via VAERS, which only represents 1 percent of the actual numbers reported. People that do not die but remain alive with neurological or motor function vaccine injuries, including brain damage can easily be disposed of using coercive persuasion towards MAID to quietly sweep them under the rug.

It seems that Canada is truly being led by the Grim Reapers of parliament, all of which are affiliated one way or another with the WEF. In other words, they are infiltrators of our establishment and need to be removed from the House and treated as traitors to our sovereignty. The despicable act of allowing children 12 and above the choice to engage in assisted death (euthanasia) should be an unforgivable offence against humanity. However, instead, they revere and toast each other of their deeds and hope that the WEF is watching so they can earn their place in the “Great Reset” post leadership.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or go to for a list of additional resources.

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