February 6, 2023

MAID to Kill Yourself, The Subtle Symphony of Autocracy

It is clear that Canada has bitten on the Globalist phishing lure of conquest, and swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker. Even our local governments as in Municipal are in on the game, proving to be all “useless officials” (See rule seven on the Georgia Guide Stones) merely, empty vessels to be filled with the latest Globalist propaganda of the moment, as in, what will deceive the masses today and how much can we really wring out of the latest globalist grift. Yes and this is one of the most important quests of the globalists; to make local governments look redundant, pushing people to a one world government.

Sixty percent of our House of Commons are filled with politicians that attended the YGLP (Young Global Leaders Program) of the WEF, the World Economic Forum. Traditionally, the WEF has always had some form of monetary grip on many political leaders and if you talk to your local municipality who are convinced, they cannot retaliate against the provincial or state governments, it will not take long to see that many of these municipal officials are tainted monetarily speaking. However, there is no proof to this and you will never get a corrupted politician to admit their transgressions merely because it affords them a lifestyle beyond your level of existence.

All you really have to do is look at how political leaders and monarchs of the past have used religion to inflict fear into the common citizen to keep them down. Now that this method has worn thin and people of faith are educated to the corrupt ways of the ruling class, they have to eliminate religion all together because it does not fall in line with programs like MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying, a Canadian government inflicted program to encourage undesirables, like injured and disabled people that become destitute because of failing programs like Compensation WSIB or other governmental public assistance programs, to alleviate these responsibilities that are paid by our tax dollars and insurance premiums in forms of benefits, paid or unpaid as a deduction off your pay cheque. Whether it is from your taxes or your deductions, you still paid for these programs, bottom line. You also pay these politician’s over inflated wages, politicians who summarily pushed this program into law.

In Canada, Wikipedia, who is a known conduit for the WEF (World Economic Forum), Globalists, and the World Banks, Vanguard, Blackrock, Bloomberg, etc, etc, lists numbers that show Canadians are for euthanasia by a slim majority, thus these numbers are probably crunched into biased tallies that promotes faithlessness, however, it is a fact that more and more people have lost faith in religion and are clinging to the so called “human’s law” for guidance which can only be influenced by the amount of dirty money available that fuels Globalist propagation.  Let’s face the facts; people seem to be easily bought, or at least, people with political aspirations.

But, as the Global politicians might say, “the Pope endorses euthanasia, thus it has to be correct, right?”. Ergo that just shows how easily some people are coerced, even the Pope. It is a total distortion of the scriptures; scriptures they want to disassociate with merely because it is not compatible with the Globalist’s vision of world domination. If you kill yourself, in many religious faiths, you get a one-way ticket to hell no matter if human’s law allows this suicide or not. It is all dollars and cents, and every person they euthanize is a savings of the tax money these same people paid into the system at one time or another. Legal or not, euthanasia is a sin and is morally wrong. MAID is robbing these people of proper care they deserve, care that our governments decimated one way or another, like mental institutions. displacing these people to the streets to fend for themselves. Or not providing proper adequate shelter systems or affordable housing for people that are on fixed incomes. The etiquette of governance is dead or being strangled on all levels by the Globalists.

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