February 6, 2023

Devolution, The Trump “Hump” Legacy

The desperation of political aspirations leads to the total polarization of ideology. People that scrutinize the mainstream of information seem to poise themselves for persecution either from the left, or right, or both. Donald Trump passed legislation in February 2020 allowing Telecom’s 5G development “Carte Blanche” on the development which in basics, steamrolled over cities and communities implementing their 5G towers and antennae within community populations and residential areas, particularly near schools, assisted living building, hospitals, colleges, Universities, apartment buildings etc. etc. This was all done in camouflage whilst you were forced to stay within your homes during the infamous “Lockdowns”. What is my reference to these allegations? Take a walk and look in your community and you will not have to walk very far to find these towers of transceivers littered sporadically all over your city. Look up at a forty-five-degree angle and you will catch a glimpse of a 5G/6G tower very near you.

Trump in 2020 also started “Operation Warp Speed” that started the “rushed” manufacturing of a vaccine that has proven to be at best, lethal. The Biden administration took the baton and ran with it, pushing these vaccines as soon as late December 2020, just after being elected. Thus, is there anything really to distinguish Trump from Biden? There would not be much of a contrast if you look at these events in the chronological order as they occurred. Now, that Trump has decided to run in the 2024 election, the alternative media is pumping Trump up to “Make America Great Again”. So much for long term memory as the Trump “Humps” promote this guy as a savior when he was the one that started this mess in the first place. Why are they “Humps”? Humps is a term used by the mafia referring to its henchmen that basically “gatekept” for their Crew Boss. This is the propagandized ushering of Trump’s return to the mess he created under the guise that those “naughty democrats” merely continued. In essence, we are being divided into left and right ideology when in reality, both political parties are on the same team, as to “Control”.

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