April 22, 2024

Mime of Mines, Part 2: Where there May be Strip Mining, there Shall be Strip Cutting

Town Councils are like Mimes, selectively becoming silent, like mimes, not warning constituencies of what is to come, Mime's the word!

We all have seen the maps of the exploration plans endorsed and paid for by the Federal and Provincial governments to the tune of 1 billion of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, and certainly, they are making good on this promise, trampling in on private properties and intimidating landowners into compliance. Perhaps some of the landowners may be in agreement; none-the-less, it spells disaster to those landowners who may hold out. Clearly, one way or another, whether these lobbying companies actually mine or not during this exploration, they will do in all the forests, selling the timber to conglomerates as lumber or chips, mostly chips.

People may sit back and think that this will have little impact on them, however, every hector of trees they harvest for greed, comes down to less filtration of Co2, hence the less oxygen on the planet. No, it is not only the rain forests that provide oxygen. Although rain forests are disappearing at an alarming rate as well. What you have, is a situation that is going to compromise your ability to breathe oxygen, eventually, unless we stop the deforestation for a couple of jobs that were not automated and profiteering of enterprises that provide little or no jobs, once they fully automate their production.

Most of the paper Industries are 80 percent automated, having little use for human resources that since the pandemic, have become expendable. Lithium plants will be highly automated, only requiring few personnel and will most likely contract out the maintenance required to keep these plants operational. No need for extensive management because most of the management in any company, with the exception of the upper management, will not be needed because of the very few employees that will be required to run these plants.

Homeowners in these rural areas are thinking that they may strike it rich. This is highly doubtful, and all one has to do is refresh themselves on the history of wildcatting for oil, and the gold rushes, and how very few people actually ended up rich, and for the most part, were left with a miserable looking landscape in its wake. Still, they are protecting these motivations and are not informing the citizens of these areas of these intentions. The Reeve and Council remain silent to these facts that they very well know is happening. If any bylaws need to be implemented, they do so ever so silently, like the mimes on a urban street, trying to get a chuckle or two, hoping you will not see what they are doing to pave the way for these mining companies and deforesters, that only have one thing in their pea brains, money. Still, they will continue to deny any knowledge of this corrupt marauding of our community and our privately owned lands, spouting off small hints of intimidation, like white privilege and racial accusations, possibly calling cauliflower racist for the lack of anything better to accuse, when it is not those things at all, merely the “Elitist’s Privilege” including their spawned offspring, who will inherit this scepter of greed at the expense of peoples livelihoods and wellbeing, seeing people are expendable to keep the wealthy safe and rich.

Still, people hope that one day they will become rich, and is why they put up with the lies and greed. If they only knew the odds, they would most likely “grow up” and demand accountability from these elitists and their owned governments and the atrocities they have perpetrated during the last four years. If the last four years have not woke you up, then there really is no hope for you, and you will continue the fop dance of misdirection and the fop walk following moldy breadcrumb trails of deceit.

Still, no matter if they find anything worth mining for, or the price of silver goes up high enough to reopen the silver mining in South Gillies, either way, the deforestation will happen which will destroy the water tables of this area. I wonder if the Gillies township will be willing to provide water for the Gillies community and if they do, will they raise our taxes another 40 percent? It will be devastating for people in rural areas, unless they are rich. Yet, most likely once they get done with this area, no one, rich or otherwise, will want to live in these parts.

Is this how we have educated the last several generations to act when in power? Do they really care about humanity, or just their bursas and coin purses being filled? Obviously, Humanity 101 was not on the curriculum. Or if it was, it was the top skipped class in the universities of the world. One could also say that the white privileged propaganda would lessen the worth of any Caucasian versus non-whites, nonetheless, it is not a racist struggle, it is a class struggle, and the 1 percent class is guaranteed to win no matter what the race. “A rich man’s trick” is the motto here and we continue to fall for their ploys and deceptions. “How to rule the world 101” or shall we say, the “Game of Kings”, which we all are the pawns of that particular game, numerous and highly expendable. But who will toil and trifle for the 1 percenters? I mean really, do you really think they would do any of the utility in their own day to day lives? Not likely, thus will most likely employ the services of cyborgs, once there are ones sophisticated enough to do these daily trivialities.

Until then, they will need slaves and that is exactly their intentions once they thin out the population enough to actually get away with such a thing. All the same, people keep scrambling into franchised stores and buy lottery tickets or scamper over to the local casino and waste their hard-earned cash trying to make something happen and get rich. Regardless, gambling never makes anyone rich, and if you ever meet a true gambler, they will tell you exactly that, you won’t get rich, just broke, because that is how the game is played.

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