April 22, 2024

MAID to Kill Yourself, The Ministry Destined Spirit Walk Dwelling our National Parks?

MAID Services knows no bounds, just like feeding the bears in a morgue, wouldn't you say?

Anyone that has been following the MAID program of Canada, would most likely know that the government of Canada is attempting to simplify this procedure as to, even the mentally ill will be “enough” of a sound mind to make the decision to commit suicide.

People that are contemplating this must be aware, no matter how the suicide is performed, or who does it, if the consenting individual agrees to the assisted death, it is still suicide. That is why it is called “Assisted Suicide”. If you are religious, or even a catholic, you know the penalty for suicide. It is a one-way ticket to Abaddon. But if you are an atheist, you would more than likely not believe your soul (energy) goes anywhere. Thus, a person with no known faith would most definitely utilize this so-called death service to “check out” of existence.

Although suicide (sacrifice) is far from new, at least in yester lore, it actually meant something divine, or your sacrifice saved a village from an active volcano’s burst of lava and soot. And of course, soldiers sent on suicide missions or runs, like on the Shore’s of Normandy, or the kamikaze pilots of the Japanese Air force, who would, without hesitation, fly their craft into a destroyer or a aircraft carrier.

A person that kills themselves out of fear or sickness, IE: from pain and suffering, was the extent of assisted suicide within the medical profession, being if that person’s family decided to “pull the plug” of their life support systems in order to salvage their ravaged economy due to exuberant hospital and doctor bills and expenses, including many destructive type drugs used, including, but not limited to, hard drugs like opiates and fentanyl. Perfect examples of this malpractice were during the Covid period and the use of hard and debilitating drugs in conjunction with invasive ventilators. However, people that were involved in those barbaric scenarios did not have anything much to say about it, thus would that be borderline murder, possibly premeditated murder? IE: invasive ventilation has barely a 30% success rate once someone is vented, thus the odds are extremely against that person, especially when a simple oxygen mask would have sufficed.

That particular maneuver will go down in the history books as the only treatment available for that particular symptom of Sars Covi II, however there are people that know the truth and have been suppressed, knowing that being in a hypoxia state (lack of oxygen) one merely needs an oxygen mask, nothing more.

But to be clear, MAID is a highly controversial program and although there may be people that view this as humane, it is being made a “mockery” of, when someone could actually kill themselves in a public, national park. It would seem that killing yourself, assisted or otherwise, should not be allowed in the public sector, park or otherwise for the simple fact of respect and decency. Try to picture in your mind if you will, a person committing assisted suicide in his favorite point of a national park, and later, a family stops at that same beautiful spot, and has a picnic. Now, what they don’t know will not hurt them and may never know, however, it is the idea of desecration of a park, and a desecration of a location of demise. Kind of like the beach of Normandy, watching the massacre in the morning, and sunbathing on the beach in the afternoon. Something is basically wrong with that idea in a civilized world. ”Wait, who said it was a civilized world anyway?”, argues an MP whose jurisdiction coincides with that particular National Park.

I myself get pictures of autopsy gurneys doubling for picnic tables, and biological safe disposal booths every 200 feet, doubling as “used fit” safe disposals. “Hey Yogi, why are you digging through that Biological Hazard Disposal can? Don’t you know you could catch a biological virus if you stick yourself with one of those needles?” “Hey Boo Boo, don’t worry; I have metal lined asbestos gloves that will prevent me from getting stickled with one of those biochemist syringes! Hey, look Boo Boo, a half-eaten sandwich, care to have a piece?” “Look Yogi, that looks like a funeral Hearse. Do think something happened to the park ranger?” ”I don’t know Boo Boo, I did hear he was depressed and aloof recently; want a piece of half-eaten pie?”

Pun intended, but seriously, even the ancient Indigenous tribes cremated their dead on low platforms, and declared the areas as sacred burial grounds. In some instance, someone up on Parliament Hill might want to give this MAID resonance a second thought as in, desecration of the areas of the living, and the trampling of the areas of where the dead reside as in, Hallowed Ground.  Even ancient civilizations knew the two should not directly intertwine and to think that it could is definitely “ignorant” of the humanitarian essence that has been with us since burial grounds became “consecrated”.

No matter what culture exists, it has hallowed grounds, and ancient sacrificial sites, not in use, that in most cases have monuments to describe the event and a sanctimonious designation for the event, whether it was a group death or a common burial/cremation site that is regarded as sacred grounds, and usually is of such designation, that trampling upon thereof is discouraged and prohibited. In regard to the MAID philosophy of degenerate type suicide, whether assisted or not, is in itself, and encouragement of burial/death desecration, similar to trampling graves in a cemetery. Religious or not, graveyards have always been considered sacred areas, and if someone decides to end their life, it should be done in an acceptable area, where the population as a whole find suitable. This way, people as a whole can decide if assisted suicide should have such “loose” parameters as to whether someone can legally decide to end their life without the proper analysis and scrutiny. Because allowing the mentally compromised this choice, not being of sound mind, might be pushing this agenda forward unfairly in order to save health care dollars that could have been used to abilitate instead of exterminate.

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