June 24, 2024

Laboratory Rat Syndrome, Take One Vaxx, Take all, and receive your Consolation Prize in the Afterlife

A ghoulish approach to prove contagion that never existed

Late this summer, 2023, it was announced that there was a new booster (vaccine) ready, and at the time, was targeting 60 years of age and above. Now, that several people have succumbed to the new killer vaxx, cases are building up again, Bloomberg Owned Newspapers stating that covid cases are on the rise. Do you see it? Did you catch that? That is the prestige of their illusion. People that take the vaxx are getting covid, but in actuality, are victims of vaccine injury. Clever trick, one that they have been pulling with the flu for decades. Get your flu shots here before flu season. But has anyone ever wondered where flu season came from? Kind of like, what came first, the chicken or the egg? A paradox of the unknown, or more like, “I really do not want to know because then, I would have to use my brain and standup and be somebody. I really would rather stay home and watch more indoctrinating TV to make myself feel right again, that I made the right choice and took the vaccine. In short, you took your vaxx, and now, you get a treat of brainwashing to make sure you feel right about your decision from taking the vaxx, one that many doctors are calling to have pulled off the shelf because of it not being safe for human consumption.

Catch the grift? Or do you need it explained in another way, like, a bedtime story? Or do you need the Health Minister or Fauci to pacify you with the old phrase; “the benefits outweigh the known risks”. However, they neglect to tell you the known risks, like nine pages of risks and side effects. This is how stupefied some of the masses are when it comes to the killer vaxx. They take the governments word that it is safe, but in reality, the government is a puppet of the elitists. It is the elitists that want you off the earth. But would they want you off the earth that badly by killing you in cold blood? Premeditated murder? Intubation? Or is it because they are turning the 5G notch up a bit higher and want everyone to think it is a biological virus and not radiation sickness? Big Telecom is laughing their collective butts off when people blame it on a fictitious biological virus because, once you take the vaccine and die, or get sick, or ailments like cancer and serious health conditions accelerate because of the killer vaxx, where is your recourse to get compensation? With an experimentally approved vaxx or boosters, there is absolutely no liability to the manufacturer, which would be Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc, and you are fresh out of luck, so good luck paying for the funeral, health bills, or anything else for that matter. Informed consent has been reduced to a sinister punch line with laughing machines audible, disguising the grief into mimicking mockery of the status quo, or should I say, the simulated, virtual status quo fabricated via bots on Facebook, X (Twitter), or any other elitist controlled media abundantly available to steal your data.

The only difference between the lab rat and the human in this scenario is, the lab rat does not have a choice, and the people of this world do have a choice. So why are you still acting like a “lab rat” by choice? They do not even pay you and use your employer as coercion to keep you running back for more lethality.

Avian Influenza A(H10) Viruses

“Known subtypes of A(H10) viruses include A(H10N3), A(H10N4), A(H10N5), A(H10N6), A(H10N7) and A(H10N8). A(H10N4) was found in a mink in 1984 and A(H10N5) was found in swine (pigs) in 2008. The A(H10) virus subtypes known to have caused human infections include A(H10N3), A(H10N7), and A(H10N8). Egypt reported the first human infections with A(H10N7) virus in 2004, while Australia reported human infections with A(H10N7) virus in March 2010. The first human infections with A(H10N8) virus were reported in China in December 2013. The first human A(H10N3) virus infection was reported in China in June 2021. Most A(H10) virus infections in people have resulted from exposure to infected poultry.”

Sounds confusing, right? They like it that way because most people would have stopped reading this mumbo jumbo after the first sentence. The above paragraph is a fabricated statement and none of these so-called viruses were ever to be found contagious according to the contagion experiments that were performed, dating back to the 1917 Spanish Flu. Viruses are dead matter and produced in the host. Being dead, there would be no way possible to transmit viruses from person to person, or animal to person which was the basis of supposedly how the Sars Covi 2, Covid 19 sprung from via a wet market in Wuhan China, the most saturated city in the world with 5G millimeter waves. This same correlation is made with every electrical change made on the earth, from1917 up to now (Invisible Rainbow). In fact, if the germ theory was correct, there would be no one left alive to believe in this theory, theory being the key word.

In actuality, nothing has really changed since the Spanish Flu, and the elitists and their governments are holding all the cards. This is where the Influenza vaccines became reality. The problem is, since the Spanish flu, they have never proved contagion, ever. Thus, even though they are cock sure that viruses (dead matter) are contagious and can live on surfaces for days, it would be interesting how they would explain how dead material (viruses) could ever have lived in the first place, being they were never a substance that had a nucleus nor a respiratory system, components that distinguish whether something is animate or inanimate.

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