April 22, 2024

The Jubilee of Totalitarianism; Promotional Ignorance and Dogma of the Elimination of Carbon, Hence, Humankind, to Save the Earth

What are they really planning for us. What are they promising? If you look at the Gaza Strip and the accepted inhumanity, where is this all headed? Are we, the masses, next?

If Bill C11 was not enough, the promotion of Bill C-372 really takes the stage, as in, how stupid do they think the Canadian public are, and how much more can they bury their heads in the sand? Net Zero is a total insult to anyone’s intelligence because to have a Zero carbon environment, would mean a Zero life milieu. This is basic grade school science we are talking about. People or any animal, breathe in air, extracts oxygen, and in exchange, breathes out carbon. Plants, foliage, trees, or any plant for that matter, intake air, extract carbon, and produce new oxygen into our atmosphere. Thus to have a zero carbon environment would be similar to the environment we see on the moon, a lifeless terrain of craters and rock.

In fact, whether the use of fossil fuels is eliminated or not, the circular exchange of carbon for oxygen will continue whereby, there could never be a Net Zero environment, or at least one that could sustain life. So what do our trusty governments of the world really have planned for us and our earth? The easiest way to answer that question is, DEPOPULATION. Once they destroy your rights to mobility, and the transportation that accompanies and make it possible for mobility, they will keep you locked into your sectors, being totally dependent upon our lawless governments to provide for us our every need, or more like, usher us into a Totalitarianism and slavery, that is, to anyone who actually survived their DEPOPULATION schemes, that is cloaked as to “save the environment” or save mankind with “untested vaccines” that are designed by AI, simulating the unknowable with unverified viruses (dead material) that is produced virally from your own body to rid itself of the poisons we are forced to live with everyday, like pollution from large conglomerates and nuclear waste radiation that is littering the soil in your back yard because of its half happed burial in areas politicians manipulated the public to accept.

None of this is theory, and nuclear reactors have been with us and around us for half a century, producing an abundance of radioactive nuclear waste being buried everywhere, especially in national parks or government-controlled lands to be more specific. With all this poison emitting its invisible clouds of distain and toxins, they need to create fictitious biological viruses to blame, so you would never think that all that radioactive nuclear waste buried in your community could ever be the blame. No one questions it because they are afraid the government will censor them for protesting against their purposeful poisoning of society. If this is not true, then where are they putting all this nuclear waste, about 50 years’ worth?

However, their argument is. “we need nuclear power because it has low impact on the environment, although they fail to say, “the environment where they live is nuclear waste free, obviously because they do not bury nuclear waste in their own backyards, just in obscure communities like Ignace Ontario, where they figure they can get away with it, ignoring the population that has already said they do not want this garbage in their back yard. Hence, so much for democracy; but when the liberal government is being destroyed from within by globalists like Klaus Schwab, who owns 60% of the cabinet, or better, is this really surprising at all?

It shouldn’t be and if we are to be a globalist society, why would that entail the elimination of our rights to mobility and be stuck in a 15 minute city? What good is globalism if I cannot leave my 800 meter perimeter and “see the world”? It just does not seem like they are inclusive to their visions of grandeur, having a one world government, which is designed to confine people into sectors. Sounds like slavery and imprisonment.

If you watch indoctrinating Television, that features epitome after epitome of propaganda designed to keep you in your sector of controlled thinking, you may not even think this is strange, and would most likely embrace it as a way of life, ignorantly of course, because the last brainwashed session on Netflix said this is the way you should live, within an 800-meter parameter. But like awakening from a night of intoxication, once you realize you have been duped, it will be too late, and that is one hell of a hangover.

Perhaps when Trudeau decided to implement a legal cannabis market, this is the design they were shooting for. A populist of stoned individuals grateful to get their weed, now finally legally, but not free of course, unless you can convince your doctor you need a prescription that your drug plan may in whole or in part cover the expense of your drug habitual, that used to be cheaper from your local, Sons of Anarchy approved dealers in your neighborhood, usually within walking distance to get your dime bag of marijuana.

Be that as it may, and now these dealers are all gone legitimate, working for the governmental approved, Son’s of Anarchy gone Sons of Order, whereby the order to filled is the next customer ordering online to have delivered, or walking into their brick and mortar store for their next dime bag of Cannabis or derivative product.

Thus, Bill-372 that encompasses 0 carbon emissions to prevent global warming that will most certainly entail stripping assets from the common person, has to be stopped. Last time I checked, they still have lavish parties via their oversized yachts, or party on their private jets that, I wager, neither run only off lithium batteries that would most likely exhaust midway, becoming stranded or crashing into the ocean.

Some of the impositions they would like to impose on so called climate offenders are:

“Failure to comply could land individuals in prison for “up to two years.”

“Outlined in the bill is a summary of the penalties that “violators” would face, including:

On conviction on indictment, a producer could face a fine of up to $1,000,000 or imprisonment for up to two years, or both.

On summary conviction, the penalty could be a fine of up to $500,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both.

Producers who engage in false, misleading, or deceptive promotion could, on conviction on indictment, be fined up to $1,500,000 or face up to two years in prison, or both.

On summary conviction, the fine could be up to $750,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both.

Individuals other than producers found guilty of contravening promotion restrictions on summary conviction could face a fine of up to $500,000.”

Canada Moves to Begin Jailing ‘Net Zero’ Critics – Slay News

To make things worse, and to all of you who are asleep, wake up because they openly talk about DEPOPULATION as the key to achieve “Net Zero”.

“We cannot hide away from human population growth,” she told frustrated elites.

“Because it underlies so many of the other problems,” she continued.

“All of these problems that we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of the population that it was 500 years ago.”

These are all quotes from the WEF’s Jane Goodall, who thinks the world would be better if the population were reduced by 90%

Need more proof? What was the population 500 years ago? Approximately 579 million, more or less, way under 90% of today’s population.

WEF Member: Reducing Human Population by 90% Would Help Achieve ‘Net Zero’ – Slay News

So why is our Prime Minister hob knobbing with Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Form again? Geez, could this have anything to do with promoting a deadly unproven vaccine? Talk to your MP and vote against C-372.

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