May 24, 2024

Gillies Starting to Cut Services after Record Breaking Tax Hikes…

It is true that the Gillies residence endured record breaking tax hikes, never dreamt of before, saying it was necessary to balance the budget. It would almost seem like a criminal escapade of embezzlement, however, the provincial government and their inaction to investigate this unprecedented tax hike seemingly validated their tax squeeze. or better put, a legalized community embezzlement. However, because of our inactive governments and their lack of intervention into communities like Gillies, presents a free-for-all escapade of coercive deception. What is needed and what is viewed as necessary creates a major contrast to community members, as they re-budget their lives to accommodate the excessive desires of a council and reeve that have failed to provide any satisfactory explanations as to these hikes and where this money is really going? One could almost suggest that their desire for security is lavish, and their upgrades to their IT and computer system redundant, if not excessive, for a mere 327 households now overburdened by their taxation and levies that spells certain disaster for some, and a major struggle for the rest of us.

Even though the pending unorganized petition is silent, but still lurking in the background, with adequate number of signatures, perhaps the Gillies council and reeve have grown overconfident and hope for a light at the end of the tunnel as far as their mismanagement is concerned, and possibly “sweep” under the rug these transgressions, hoping nobody will notice and go back to sleep until election time. By that time, they would have hoped to have normalized the excessive security and severe constraints on the Gillies Township meetings and go back to their sleepy hallow type of elections that is easily stacked and controlled, usually ensuring the only people that will vote will be that same, less than 30% of the constituency, of “chummy” neighbors. However, even this part of the constituency is growing tired of excuse after excuse, of why money has to be poured into security within this “sleepy hallow” of a constituency, when it is doubtful that any threats have been made at all, short of few possible loud languid suggestions. Even so, it still does not justify the expense entailed to put a security system in the town office seeing that all they really needed was a small gate and a paddle lock.

Now the council and their overconfident wisdom is insulting the intellect of Gillies again and cutting back on essential services, possibly to justify another pending tax hike, is it really necessary to spend thousands and thousands of taxpayer funds on security systems and IT bills for an over redundant computer Network used to govern a mere 327 homes, something that could be accomplished with a small laptop, a wireless connection, sitting in line at McDonalds drive through, waiting for some hokum takeout food? Exaggeration you might comment, however, no more of an exaggeration than the sudden implementation of redundant security and IT networking.

However, road plowing seems to be the target in Gillies; the very roads in Gillies that are not plowed or maintained by the ministry. Thus, if you do not have a 4×4 vehicle, forget getting anywhere in a timely or consistent fashion. And if you do have such a vehicle, prepare for added expense because of the added stress the vehicle will have to endure with deep snow, extra potholes, and especially washboard and treacherous lose gravel. This also adds major liabilities to Gillies because of the added risks involved from under maintained roadways. And if road plowing is to be curtailed, most likely they will chisel out on road maintenance during the spring, summer and fall months. There was also talk about the landfill site as a possible concession imposed on Gillies, however, that has not been a major focus as of yet.

Possibly the provincial government will look into these allegations and put things right, however, if they are not doing anything about the last four years of bankruptcy, loss of employment and the bashing of citizens’ rights across Canada; to fit into the narrow-idealisms of a few elitists’ dreams of an Utopian, top-down control of the municipalities, preventing rights to mobility and the right to refuse vaccines, there are strong signals that they will continue to turn a blind eye to the corruptive manipulation of small communities like Gillies.

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