July 23, 2024

Activism, Freedom-ism, Euphuism for Terrorism, Or Just Control-ism geared to protect the Elitists and Greed-ism?

Disclaimer: This pic is purely fictitious.

The root of indoctrination, more commonly referred to as brainwashing, as in, the culture of obedience.

There are huge lies being told right now about democracy, to accommodate the lies spread
straight down from our Governments (Puppets of the Elitists). All one has to do is correlate
what is said about the left, right and extremism, as in, what Rich Man’s Trick is about to be
unveiled to trick the masses into stepping back and become fearful, to accommodate the next
maneuver of asset stripping and wealth mongering. It has all been done before, if one looks to
the past during these periods, like the Persian and Roman Empires and how they basically used
fear and violence to make man adhere, allowing the wealth to be amassed to accommodate the
greedy of any civilization. Empires as such, were prime examples of these property heists,
stripping one family or another, taking their wealth and compiling it as a so called common
wealth for the wealthy and their cities, large castles and extravagance suited for Kings and
Queens alike, or Emperors and Empresses of a league of nations that were captured and
conquered collected like heads off beasts in the wilderness and mounted in the royal crests of
the current greed culture.
They say there is a hidden knowledge of control, but once found and realized, it basically boils
down to violence and greed, intimidation and coercion, or in basics, plain robbery and thievery.
Governments are just the strong arm of the elitists, using their armies and police as their thugs
to enforce this greed, even though these paid thugs have no idea why or what they are really
enforcing, only that they do it, as commanded from seemingly invisible sources, each stage of
hierarchy, pointing the finger upward, to untouchable levels, guarded by apathy, red tape, and
barren constituency offices, where the letters of complaints and criticisms pile up, never to be
read, at least not by the actual political representative it was intended for, heat sinking the
complaints or inquiries with hopes the complaints and criticisms just goes array.
Activist groups like Antifa and BLM, Boys in Blue are typical CIA fronts to stir the conspiracy pot
in the direction they want to lead the dissident or rebellious that does not believe a word
uttered out of any politician or person of authority’s mouth.
If you research these so called grass root activist organizations, they all have vague ties to
anyone that may have started these organizations, and possessing no real leadership, as in, a
ghost type operation, with CIA imprints all over these movements, similar to the now proven to
be CIA Anonymous, a supposed grass root internet hacking group, as in, no one has a clue who
or where the lead chapters are or originated or who may be in ultimate control. These empty
shell activist organizations like Antifa, BLM, Boys in Blue and others, purpose is to swallow up
the real grass root protests that may start, to lead into ambiguity and mislead the movements
to represent some generic social injustice that really has nothing to do with the original protest.
The classic grass roots protest that started in 2020, when the governments of the world locked
down people and mainly small business owners, were protesting to get their businesses opened
and go to work again. These protests started out small and were gaining momentum across
North America. Other protests were against the obvious 5G implementation across North
America while people were kept locked down into their homes, where many of these 5G
transceivers were installed near institutions, nursing homes, long care homes, hospitals,
schools, retirement home, churches, colleges, universities, large apartment complexes etc.
causing obvious radiation sickness, that was later camouflaged with the so-called Corona Virus,
Covid 19, Sars Covi 2, distant cousin of Sars Covi 1 or the so-called Bird Flu. As convenient as this
sudden arrival of another unproven virus, was also, the convenient arrival of Antifa and BLM
movements to scatter these protests into a social injustice protest that focused on race
inequality and fascism of the right, and, the Boys in Blue, an obvious attempt to disrupt the left
movement, labeling it as a Marxist movement.
Once all said and done, no one really had a clue why they were protesting and of course,
eventually dissipated and scattered into multiple directions, to places that led absolutely
anywhere but the intended destination. This was artfully done during the 4 years of the
pandemic, and even so-called advocates of gaining the truth, are now standing behind Israel
and their mass murder in the Gaza Strip, while the rest of the world, in closer proximity of
course, call for justice and want Israel to stop its genocide of the Palestinians. Of course, to
want this mass murder to stop, one must be called anti-semantic, an obvious fear tactic to keep
people at bay pulling the race card, similar to the methodology used when forming the CIA
group, BLM, to instill fear of being called a racist, and allow the offending governments to do
basically, anything they want.
If you are not bothered about what happens in the Gaza Strip and the bombing of women and
children, then it is possible you are fearful of being called a racist because you care about the
lives of innocent civilians. This is the classic mind game they are playing and will continue to
play to gain support for the side they want you to stand on, never mind what your conscience is
telling you. If you allow this to happen to yourself, then you are totally lost in fear and need to
confront yourself, in order to help the obvious people in need. It is not a matter of race, but
rather, a matter of self-respect and seeing things as in, right or wrong, and not doing something
out of induced fear.
Motivationally, we all have to decipher these antics for ourselves and if one comes to the
conclusion that they can and will think for themselves, these agents of deception (Gate
Keepers) will have no power over you whatsoever. If you shed the propaganda that is served up
nightly via your TV screen, you have taken a very large step to your own natural path of

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