July 23, 2024

Billboard Games? Who was paid to erect this sign and why has it been lying on its back for 2 winters?

Vaccine Choice Billboard sign, that has been lying on its back for two full winters since 2021. Are they still paying for this sign? Whether they are or not, why is it lying there like a pile of trash?

During the pandemic and lockdowns, there were several advocacy entities that were attempting to get the word out that, in Canada, per Canadian law, it is the individual’s choice whether to be vaccinated or not. It is a right of every Canadian.

Of course, there were powers that be, against allowing the common rabble the choice of such a personal decision, and advocated for “no choice”, as in, take the vaccine or else! It was a disturbing sequence of events that stirred every negative emotion that a person could manifest, mostly fear.

Fear was the key word in this monumental government overreach that was intrusively attempting to break legislation upon the vague testimonies of the private, unelected, billionaire funded, World Health Organization, better known as “The WHO”.

The WHO is right, as in, Huh? Of course we are not talking about the rock band, The WHO, but certainly, their music was used on the popular TV series, CSI, as an intro theme song, whereby all you heard was, WHO are You, you, you, you, as similar to the hooting of an owl, and their constant epitome after epitome of DNA testing, and the power there of, as is, don’t worry, trust the science?

But because of induced fear from mainstream media and places like Netflix, who were responsible for covid propaganda documentaries that were aired the very night the lockdowns ensued in March 2020, people bit the lure, hook, line and sinker, and were fighting over purchasing sanitary tissue, as perhaps a test run to show how brainwashed people have become watching mainstream media and entertainment?

Fear was the key word, and for whatever reason, people were afraid of an unproven virus, that was never properly isolated, and used a paper mask to feel safe? Which would have been similar to wearing a cardboard t-shirt in place of a bullet proof vest. Somehow, it cannot work logically.

Talk about a loaded smoking gun, not to mention “Event 201” by the Gates Foundation, that presented a virus simulation and response, just after people were dropping like flies in Wuhan China in the fall of 2019 (September, October). This is when the real, so-called outbreak, started. But because it would have been too obvious that it was related to 5G implementation, whereby Wuhan China was totally blanketed with 5G transceivers, and using frequencies that absorb oxygen (60 gigahertz), people in the saturated areas, dropped from lack of oxygen, similar to “High Altitude Sickness”. Whoops, we better cover this up!

This is all history and on the tips of anyone’s tongue that cared to pay attention and investigate these series of events and coverups, to ensure nothing takes a huge bite out of Big Telecom’s collective asses. We will just come up with a new strain of the “bird flu”, and give it symptoms that match the symptoms people were experiencing in Wuhan, and call it Sars Covi II in order to make it relate to the infamous, Sars Covi 1, and say it really started in December of 2019, and/or January 2020. Nifty, and no one will be the wiser and will think it is biological!

Intubation? Why not use oxygen masks? Why use intubation that has a 66 to 75% survival failure ratio, not to mention, having to use heavy drugs to keep the person unconscious and demobilized so they can be intubated? “Don’t worry about it, just do it!” says the hospital administrators. This statement must have rung in doctors and nurses’ ears for years, and the ones that stood up and blew the whistle, where are they now? Still unemployed and fighting for there jobs, being misguided by their corrupted unions. The ones that did not do anything, are they complicit to man slaughter?

The sad truth of the matter was, the governments of the world provided incentives to hospitals that diagnosed Sars Covi II, which entailed the drugging and intubating of the patient suspected of having Sars Covi II to the tune of approximately $120,000 per patient that was successfully intubated, no matter if they died or not, which, once intubated, they had a 30% chance of survival. It is a wonder why it was adopted as the “standard of care” for Sars Covi II in most hospitals, being the failure ratio, however, perhaps the incentives had something to do with this espousal?

But the truth always seemingly finds its way to light, and these things will surface sooner or later and expose itself. Rightfully so, and soon, they will attempt another stunt to push people back into fear and lockdowns, possibly to evade this backlash? The question would arise naturally that, are people that dumb to fall for the same or similar overreaches again? Hopefully not, and with any luck, they will stand up for their rights the next time and say; “We had Enough!”

Ultimately this led up to the vaccine production, led by Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed” to fabricate this serum that has been proved to be lethal to a great number of people. It only took them 3 months to create, test and package this vaccine, skipping all the animal trials, most likely because the vaccine that was produced for Sars Covi 1 failed all the animal trials, as in, killed all the animals. Candidly, it did not do so well with the short durations of human trials neither, which ultimately produced nine pages of possible side effects that could be experienced if injected with this product. When getting this injection, did anyone provide these pages to anyone that took this product? Good question.

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