July 23, 2024

Billboard Games, the Sequel, The Hanged Man, a Symphonic Symbology of Heed, Where Conformists fear to Tread… Where the Propaganda Mill Stone Reforms Freedom into Tyranny…

A closer look at this Vaccine Choice Canada sign, one month after last article, still laying there, on its back.

Yes, after telling the payers of this sign that it is still laying on its back, a month after it was reported, this same sign still lies there, as a symbol of warning and ridicule to never attempt to stand up for your rights again. Are we as a majority, that buffaloed by the government overreach in a society, a society that once celebrated its independence and freedoms? Are we defeated and conned into thinking that we cannot fight this propaganda machine?

We are as a society at a crossroads. We need to really think about our choice of direction and to realize we still have the power to chart our course of freedom, no matter what any politician says. It is not a choice of left or right, because no matter who succeeds in the election, they are all on the same page of globalism.

We as the majority can instruct to our politicians what we really want, and ignore what they want, which is usually more for themselves and less for you, and you can take that to the bank, if you still actually have a bank that you can trust.

Vaccine Choice Canada most likely used donor’s money to have this particular sign erected during 2020 and paid the monthly bursa to keep this sign erected, until, one day it was toppled and buried in snow. However, what actually toppled this sign? Paid dissidents that only choose the side that pays the most? Or was it Mother Nature and the winter winds? Is Vaccine Choice Canada concerned or are they being kept in the dark? Are they still using donor money to pay for a sign that is lying on its back?

It will remain a mystery and no matter what the reason was, why did it remain on its back for two full winters, now approaching the 3rd winter, and why has it not been re-erected, or simply cleaned up by the company that benefited from the rental for this sign? Is it because of fear? Bullied into thinking you cannot disagree with Big Government, or any government, whether municipal, provincial (state) or federal?

Why are people so afraid of standing up or making their owned informed decisions? Is that what the Borish School Room Huddle of Torment taught us all in our educational systems? Were we not taught we were free? Or were we taught to be compliant little serfs and to obey the government, when in fact, the government works for us, paid by our tax dollars. I guess I missed that particular class when they taught us that the government personnel, right on up to the Prime Minister, or the President, are our employees and must remain accountable for their actions.

While this pandemic perpetrated and stole our wealth, there were advocacy organizations that appeared to be on the common man’s side, and attempted to inform the “little guy” of their rights, or was it just more propaganda to control those who saw through the government’s lies, in a vain attempt to keep you polarized to the left or right? Why would that be important? First off, is to keep us divided, and secondly, is to keep us thinking it is just a political issue, instead of a surplus of human liquidation.

There is really no soft way to explain what the powers that be really attempted to accomplish, at your expense. The truth of the matter was, they tried to strip all of the middle class and small businesses of their wealth and capacity to prosper, a wholesale liquidation of your property, assets, dowries, legacies, cash, and most importantly, freedoms.

In layman terms, they sold us out to the globalists and elitists, world banks. Now, we as a society, have to pay these elitists back, because lord forbid, if they would have to lose a solitary red cent due to their pandemic gambling scheme, having 60 % of the Canadian Cabinet to assure these monies will be stripped off the tax payer’s back, sacrificing better education, welfare programs, social services, low cost housing and job creation, all to pay back these greedy elitists that lost their money fair and square, and who better to implement this road back to extortion, but the conservative/republican parties, who are sure to get in to power, now that the population has any faith left in the freedom orientated parties (Democrats/Liberals).

In actuality, we as the masses have to demand accountability from the government as a whole and not allow any government, whether left or right, hide behind polarization, saying it was the opposing Party’s fault, so we cannot do anything. That is just an excuse and we as the people have to demand accountability from whomever is in power. They work for us and they have to produce results or be terminated, like any other employee that fails to do their job.

That is our challenge, to make all governments perform and earn the money they get for the little that the do, while they are in office. Because the payment to work ratio is a bit lop sided and watching these politicians walk away from office with fat pensions for a mere 4 to 8 years of service should be concerning to all constituents of any riding.

Government reform consists of making politicians accountable servants to its ridings and citizens. Politicians should learn their place and constituents must learn that they are in charge. We are their boss and there is no reason why they cannot explain their actions and toe the line. Keep tabs on your local obituaries and you will see countless death after death, more than it ever scribed before, and for the people that get their info online and TV, you will be oblivious to these numbers and stay ignorant, unless they use the internet as a tool and dig for this information. We as the masses are being sold out and eliminated systematically, and they will continue until we all, as the masses, demand accountability. Culpability for their death serums, control schemes and their propagandism flooding the mainstream media, using censorship tactics and the cancel culture to detour one’s inquiry for the truth. 

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