July 23, 2024

The Poisoning of Brainwashed Minds

Warmongers attempt to engage Russia into a world war, and if Russia bites on the bait, life will change drastically, which is what the Globalist’s exactly want, to enable the One World Government to take control and refashion the earth and enforce all governments to lay down their scepters of power and bow and embrace the New World Government, or the New World Corporation. Russia, to its credit, has not retaliated to the war nudges received from the Ukraine other than certain police actions mainly to protect Russian investments in the Ukraine. However, the stage is set and seemingly by script, the sides are to be taken, IE: Syria, Iran, Korea, etc. and Russia, and on the other side, USA, Canada, UK, Europe with the wild card being China. Why China? Because that is the government that the New World Order will fashion itself. What does this mean? It means that no matter which side wins, the model government will emulate China. One World Government, One World Religion, and a One World attitude to serve something greater than ourselves, or “The WEF’s Great Reset“. When those thoughts crash down to earth, it would simply mean a slavery that is inescapable. No ownership, no privacy and no family units other than what the “Gray State” will dictate, and you will fill a certain function in the new establishment that will be soulless and oppressed. The new religion will teach that everyone is a cog on a wheel serving a divine purpose, and you will be expendable by nature to protect this divine dictate, or simply, corporate interests. This will usually be the elitists and their spawn of offspring and relatives who will own everything, have any privacy, and possess all the rights.

People seem to forget that Christianity does not mean that God is watching us from some distant kingdom. God is within our soul and our body. All one has to do is allow God to surface into our consciousness because God is always with you. You do not have to go to a marble church or consult a minister, a priest or put money into a collection plate. It is within all of us. No special connection is needed, only your acceptance. Not a hard concept to believe in and if you are looking for God or good to materialize, all one has to do is look within themselves. As for Satan, or evil, that too is always within all of us, and we have to maintain the balance between good and evil from within. That way, everyone is equally responsible to maintain this balance that will influence all who you encounter. This balance is delicate, and you cannot have good without evil, otherwise there would be no creation possible. Every being in this world has the capacity to produce good and evil, and the choice is yours alone, because it is within you. People that try to influence others to do their bidding are seeking people that do not have a clue of their own inner power. That is the basis of slavery. Others that use your power to their own ends, disregarding that within the person they attempt to dominate, possess their own power. If only all people could recognize their own inner power. Unfortunately, many people don’t and succumb to other’s will. That is the hidden knowledge many people do not see. Every being possesses their own inner power independently, power enough to control their own destiny.

Still, people search for the truth in the weirdest of places and will never find what they need. They will continue to depend on others to make their choices and will never see their own potential bear fruit. People that seemingly know this truth, use this truth to their own ends, and are the culprits that create scenarios like the plandemic, and many other events, to put fear into whomever they can all in the name of control. To allow these people to control you is how they succeed and continue to do their dirty work in order to keep you fearful, complacent and asleep, thinking everything is ok as long as you do not question their authority. Time to wake up and realize that you withhold your own destiny within yourself and there is no need to fear anything.

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