July 23, 2024

When Big Government says Jump! How High Is Too High? Unprecedented Wuthering Heights

This is a actual document sent to one of Gillies Landowners explaining that the Mining company has purchased the mineral rights of this person’s property from the Ontario Government and their intentions to mine the land they do not own. Remember, even if you only have the surface rights of your land, that mining company has no right to enter your land, unless you give them that right, so be cautious when dealing with these tricksters.

Interestingly, the average Tax Hike for any community is between 1 to 4 % and our Reeve and Council have decided on 34%, which caused an upheaval in the constituency, and rightfully so, were demanding answers. But no clear answers were offered, just lame explanations on how the pandemic was to blame, yet, no other township in this area have been faced with such a ridiculous tax gouge. The  administration then came back with 25.8% which is the latest proposal, but is still in the ludicrous range of the unreasonable. Anyone that has any math skills can figure out the dollars and cents of this maneuver that will rake in an extra $600,000.00 plus of levy that would spell “catastrophe” for many families, farms, and retirees. It also adds a horrendous strain on people with mortgages and if your taxes are built in, your mortgage payment will increase significantly.

Un-organizing our township will put an end to a top heavy administration which would certainly save a sum in excess of an conservative estimated $300,000.00.

This means a direct savings to you, the tax payer. Streamlining our administration to an elected, volunteer committee would ensure we are “taking care of business” in liaison of an accountant or a lawyer, of our choice, that would be entrusted to manage the necessary payments and contractual obligations, only at the discretion of the Committee Body, which would be directly controlled by the constituency, by vote.

Minimum attendance to take these votes would be enforced, ensuring that a small handful of voters would not be dictatorial to the majority of the constituency.

In our present Government, a small handful of voters are dictating to the majority what will happen. Now that we are awake, we can change this effectively by sheer numbers. 

We now see that this disposition is detrimental to our Township and if these ridiculous tax hikes continue, they will unravel our Township, making us vulnerable to land marauders and carpet baggers, entities that are just concerned with turning a profit at your expense, as in, high taxes to discourage growth.

Strip Mining, no matter what type, destroys the natural habitat and foliage, mainly trees. and water.

Trees are our filters that exchange CO2 for oxygen. Strip mining breaks all the rules of the Government’s so called “Green Movement”. Truth is, they do not care because the very government that is telling you not to drive your car because of the CO2 emissions, are funding strip mining with your tax dollars.

We are in “dire straights” as a community, one that has never been seen since Gillies started in the beginning of the 19th century. Being amalgamated in the seventies, Gillies was never led into such a predicament. Until now.

Currently, we have poor management of our township, and now the current administration is trying to cover up this poor management with a huge tax hike, never seen in Ontario, or anywhere for that matter

The fact is, even with poor management, would never justify a 25.8% tax hike, meanwhile, having the Ministry simply sit on their hands and turn a blind eye.

Why would the Ministry allow this abuse to Gillies citizens? Because the Ontario Government, in collaboration with the Federal Government is spending close to a billion dollars on mining exploration in Northern Ontario, mainly Northwestern Ontario.

They would never place a Lithium plant in Thunder Bay unless the lithium was near and easily accessible. And accessible it is, when they commence the strip mining in the Gillies and surrounding areas.

Only 45 clicks or more to truck the raw material to the plant, and it will be very lucrative for the conglomerations and investors, everyone except for the people that live in these areas, watching the beauty and forests turn into canyons, craters and pits of despair.

Most importantly, our water supplies will be contaminated, our wells and water tables be destroyed, forcing our dependency for water from the municipality, if there is one left to speak of, to provide us clean water.

Judging from the zero empathy generated from the Reeve and the council, they will make sure we will pay the price.

Remember, we have the numbers and we can block this mining project before it starts. It is really up to you as constituents. Many have signed already, but to make serious show, we need more concerned citizens in Gillies to help.

The Reeve and her Council are unanimous for this tax hike as seen in the Chronicle Journal, which by the way, excluded our press release from the last two meeting, only mentioning that a few of the landowners in Gillies are looking into becoming unorganized. Truth is, it is not just a few, it is pretty much more than 50% of the constituency supporting the de-amalgamation of Gillies. Help by signing the petitions to stop these damaging activities that are starting to plague the Gillies township and other surrounding areas.

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