November 29, 2022

LGBT, Seems like a SOGI Dream

The picture above is censored excerpts from an actual book available to our little ones in Grade School. The actual book is uncensored. Do you really think children need to know this stuff and whether they should or could elect to have surgeries that will sterilize their sexuality by removal of such organs? Remember, this is not an underground cult or rogue element in the school systems. This is the actual agenda adopted by our school boards across Canada as a mandatory curriculum in Grade School.

Which brings us to LGBT and SOGI. This is a movement that has certainly reached our Gillies School System with little or no debate. Sound familiar? LGBT and SOGI are infiltrating our grade schools, providing limited information to inform parents of what LGBT and SOGI will be teaching our pre-pubescent children. The best way for anyone to see what they have planned for our little ones is to view this PDF. Read and view this publication thoroughly to educate yourself as to where your tax dollars are going and what they have planned for your kids/grandkids. You have a voice, and you can stop this agenda.

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