March 2, 2024

A Praetorian Government = Censorship, or C-11

Looking at the last administrations, since Mulrooney, it has been a downhill slide for all Canadians and their rights. Of course, Justin (Frankie) Trudeau, has broken existing records as far as obtrusiveness and corruption goes, nevertheless, the previous administrations set the stage. Mulrooney with his “Free Trade” agreement that still haunts Canadians every time they cross the border to shop, when coming back, are subjected to duties, limits and harassment just because they preferred to save a buck instead of being consistently gouged by Canadian companies, who are by the way, mostly owned by American and foreign companies like, The great “Canadian Superstore” which is just a derivative of Loblaws Canada division, which is a large American Corporation. This is a situation that Jack Layton was going to straighten out after he won epic amounts of seats in parliament just before he died. In my view, Jack Layton’s death was a bit too convenient as far as timing goes, but that would be better served as another story. If he did survive, Canada would have been a far different place, most likely for the better. I have a strong feeling that Jack Layton had far different ideas than Jagmeet Singh (Current Leader of the NDP Party), who is a member of the World Economic Forum and attended the Young Global Leader Program at the WEF. Jean Chrétien did absolutely nothing for Canada and carried on with Mulrooney’s Free Trade agreement. Harper, well he was a major disappointment on many levels, making the Free Trade agreement far worse for the average Canadian, and better for conglomerates, especially the oil and uranium producers of the western provinces, devastating indigenous lands. Pierre Poilievre, who attended the Young Global Leaders program in the WEF, is basing his campaign on ridding the Bill C-11. Most likely he is just using C-11 to gain support and political donations for the Conservative Party. The fact he attended the Young Global Leaders program in the World Economic Forum puts in question his patriotism and where his loyalties truly lie. The fact is, the illusion of left and right is quite apparent for decades, since Piere Trudeau, who was also a closet Globalist. Face the fact that left and right is the same team, politically.

Bill C-11 will make the internet, or at least attempt to make the internet emulate Cable TV back in the 90’s where they had 100% total control over the airwaves. With that, the CRTC will have total control over “content” that will be broadcasted across the internet, at least in Canada. Who will they attack first? Sites like Facebook, Twitter, all the major platforms that are the most popular, filtering out the unwanted broadcasts of the “little guy” in favor of corporate sponsored media and publications. After all, that is where the real money is, not in the ramblings of the average Canadian’s or person’s ideas and complaints about the system and government overreach. This also will control what is broadcasted through the internet as far as Canadian Content, which will show preference overall, even though most Canadian Content is practically a yawn fest of overused actors and personalities, IE: Wayne and Shuster running on CBC for 30 years.

But in reality, there was nothing better than the good old days where Cable TV reigned and there was nothing to compete except for other cable companies that were CRTC approved. Currently, the internet is already a jungle of commercial advertising and proprietary content. Bill C-11 will just be the nails in the coffin, and in that coffin will lay, the once free information highway that has been intubated for the last 13 years.

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